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Two of pentacles/coins as juggler

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 08 Jun 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

=Eric  08 Jun 2002 
I'm considering using the Rider-Waite two of coins as the basis for the primary image of the 2002 Portland Juggling Festival, and would like to know more about the meaning, implications, symbolism, and associations of this card than can be found in the instructions that come along with the deck. This card seems more purely associated with juggling than variations of the magician (bateleur/cobbler/trickster).

While I'm primarily concerned with the card's literal meaning, almost all of the symbolism seems directly related to juggling as serious jugglers experience it:

The infinity symbol describes the pattern of two balls thrown in a three-ball cascade, and is the second step in learning the most basic juggling pattern. The relationships between earth and air, flight and gravity, skill and obsession, success and failure, etc. The raised foot indicating balance, motion, dance, process, etc. The fact that the juggler looks at his work instead of at the sky, like the Fool. That he connects earth and sky, like the Magician, but has no tools. And so on.

It may be of note that jugglers, especially new ones, commonly experience a kind of euphoria on mastering each of the many thousand skills of this art.

The Rider-Waite card lends itself to line art, and so this image could be easily used on our festival t-shirt, poster, and badge. But I have to speak intelligently about the image and its relevence in the festival program, and so ask for the forum's help with references or direct information. I can offer nothing more than an opportunity to exercise your hard-won information and put it to an unusual use. Ours is the largest regional fest in North America, and brings 400-600 enthusiasts and experts from around the world. This is our 11th year, and we put on a great show:

Thanks for your time and consideration. The festival is the last weekend in September, so responses well before then would be appreciated.


Mojo  08 Jun 2002 

I think the 2 of Pentacles is a good match for your group. In the Waite-Smith image, you have a real "devil may care" attitude being displayed - a storm is brewing in the background and the juggler stands a good chance of ending up in disaster, but he just doesn't seem to care much. The card talks to the ability to handle oneself and one's complicated affairs under pressure and if not with grace, at least without a sense of fatalism.

On the downside, there is an air of carelessness at play here. A tendency to make light of things that might be better dealt with in a more serious manner. 

Pollux  08 Jun 2002 
Dear =Eric, I see you are a new member.
If you intend to linger on this Boards, I suggest writing a brief description and posting it in the "New Members" section, so that we all can welcome you properly! :)

The only appropriate thing I can say now is: WOW!!!
I love your interpretation of this card! It's very original, and you made me pay attention to things I hardly ever noticed before!
What a wonderful idea that you had! Some details never occurred to me!

I think I must thank you. Most Sincerely. :D

P.S. I don't know how deep your interest in Tarot Card is, apart from this festival and your choice of the 2 of Pentacles. But there surely is great skill, no doubt! :) 

zorya  08 Jun 2002 
to me it says, change is never ending, in constant motion. every action has a reaction. it suggests a need for acheiving balance while in this change. that opposites are illusions, what is down will soon be up. sometimes it simply means juggling life. handling all the "stuff" you gotta handle. 

Mermaid  08 Jun 2002 
Eric - have you checked out Thirteen's Tarot basics? She's written a wee article about all of the twos which might be helpful:

Another idea, why don't you look at the websites of Tarot artists - often they'll have a bit of a spiel about why they portrayed each card as they did.

Good luck with your search! 

The Two of pentacles/coins as juggler thread was originally posted on 08 Jun 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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