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court cards

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 12 Jul 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

hyperborea  12 Jul 2002 
Hello to every body,

I have a question regarding court cards. I found a very interesting book in my language (Slovene), which is not always easy. The only problem is that when it comes to court cards it has the meanings for princess, princ, queen and night. The cards I use have images of the page, knight, queen, king.

My question is, can I use this book and if that means that page=princess, knight=prince, queen is queen and king=knight ?!?

Most grateful for the answer, cos otherwise the book is good- gives good explanation of the meaning (not superfiscial) - but deep and spiritual.

I also have a question about Page of Wands. I got him three times recently (all question relating an emotional situtation I am in). I was just wondering how ofthen does this card represent news. I see this card as begging of spiritual or emotional development in me- that things are in the early stage of development. (ps no children in my life !!) Please HELP.


Jenny-Li  12 Jul 2002 

I think you can use that book anyway, if you find the information "feels" relevant to the deck you use. If you want to refer to the deck that the book uses, I think the Thoth has that order for the courts... (Don't have that deck myself, so I could be mistaken, please forgive me if I am!)

Most often I read court cards as personal characteristics or attitudes, not usually as full physical people, since most of us are complex and cover several of the court cards within ourselves. But yes the pages may also bring news, I don't think anyone can answer the question "how often" - noone but yourself will know if that is what the card is trying to tell you in this case! It is probably significant that you have received this card often, so perhaps you could spend some extra time with it, meditate on it or whatever you're comfortable with, try to get close to the card, in order to get a feeling for what it's trying to tell you.

The page of wands can represent everything from a restless seeker, who may not be completely sure of what he/she is looking for, to a person eager to get on with an exciting new project, starting out with this GREAT new idea he/she has had. Pages are like kids, impulsive, act before they think, and follow their heart without always thinking about the consequences. As adults we tend to block ourselves with A LOT of thinking before we dare do anything. Perhaps the Page of Wands is telling you to dare, dare...?! :) To just follow your heart and see where it leads you, and not always let yourself be stopped by mature thinking and responsibilities. A small change can make a big difference, make you feel more free and less trapped.

Now I know nothing about you or the other cards you've been getting, I'm just giving an other perspective of the card, one you were probably aware of already. Maybe it's of some help anyway!

Welcome to the forum by the way!
Light and love,
Jenny :) 

hyperborea  12 Jul 2002 

most helpful answer- yes I had the same feeling- eventhough my mind wanted to get news from far away (good news, kind, calm, reassuring)- someting to sooth me...where deep down I know the only person to get reasurance from is ME and love from me to me...and then to others..

I am like a child in some ways- looking for outside stimulation to satisfy my inner yearing, one who still seeks..

it is nice to be in this forum -among similar people.


Jenny-Li  12 Jul 2002 
Originally posted by hyperborea
...eventhough my mind wanted to get news from far away (good news, kind, calm, reassuring)- someting to sooth me...where deep down I know the only person to get reasurance from is ME...

Don't we all do that, from time to time...?! ;)

Jenny :) 

Sullanciri2002  12 Jul 2002 
based on what you've said, the books seems to follow the lines of a THoth deck ... which replaces pages by princesses, knights with princes, queen - stay queens, and kings become knights. Sounds confusing, doesn't it ... unless you want to switch to a deck that follows those titles.
As to using the book, I guess it's in part up to the way the interpretations and meanings for court cards in the book "feel" to you ... or whether you feel that accepting those interpretations take you too far into the whole concept of Thoth-style decks (believe me, once you go that way - there's a lot of stuff to read through, and most of it's quite "heavy" as well). 

divinerguy  13 Jul 2002 
When making transpositions such as what you suggest, I find it best to think of them in family terms. Father, mother, sister, brother. It may make it easier for you to adapt the book to your deck.


meatbox666  15 Jul 2002 
You want to hear the news from afar because you want to see the person. Some traveling will be involved. You want to see the person at the end of the month early on next month. 

The court cards thread was originally posted on 12 Jul 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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