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pos & neg aspects of major arcana

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 23 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

WillieHewes  23 Sep 2002 
Hi everyone,

OK, so I picked up on this idea that all the cards have both a positive and a negative side, so that no card is completely 'good' or 'bad', and tried to write something on their meanings on both sides. I thought I got pretty far, actually, but I'd like your opinions on it. 1) Is this useful, or does it only complicate matters? 2) Are there any meanings you STRONGLY disagree with? Or do you have anything to add? 3) Do you think this would make a suitable LWB, ie, is it useful for beginners?

Here goes, hope you find it useful.

Positive: enthusiasm, innocence, wanderlust, new beginnings.
Negative: foolishness, naivity, ignorance, danger.

Positive: individual potential, power, taking action.
Negative: weakwilled, abuse of power, egocentric.

Positive: intuition, inner wisdom, hidden talents.
Negative: locked up in yourself, dense, need to know facts.

Positive:creativity, protective, loyalty, attainment.
Negative: decadence, laziness, clinging to others.

Positive:strong leadership, authority, structure, fatherhood.
Negative: tyranny, rigidity, control-freak.

Positive: spiritual teacher, revelation, tradition.
Negative: dogma, false guru, burocracy, spiritual oppression.

Positive: falling in love, attraction, sexuality.
Negative: trouble in paradise, choice, forbidden fruit.

Positive: victory, self-confindence, success, holding in anger.
Negative: ego-centric, losing control, trampling others.

Positive: mental and emotional strength, endurance, patience.
Negative: the beast within, prudish, passive attitude.

Positive: mental or spiritual search, solitude, enlightenment.
Negative: loneliness, social isolation, bizarre beliefs.

Positive: good luck, pleasant surprise, a change for the better.
Meanings: bad luck, unexpected disappointment, accident.

Positive: fairness, order, being balanced, doing the right thing.
Negative: insensitivity, strictness, slave to duty.

Positive: non-conformism, unselfishness, letting go.
Negative: inaction, refusing to surrender, temporary insanity.

Positive: a change, the end of a phase, clearing out the old.
Negative: loss, death, grief, stagnation.

Positive: reflexion or meditation, moderating, compromise.
Negative: inertia, brooding, self-denial.

Positive: earthly pleasure, passion, indulgence, extacy.
Negative: overindulgence, temptation, a slave to passion.

Positive: changes, an opportunity for growth, life-experience.
Negative: trauma, adversity, chaos, loss of security.

Positive: hope, inspiration, finding your way, realisations.
Negative: unrealistic, need for grounding.

Positive: intuition, imagination, visions.
Negative: illusions, doubt, dishonesty, hallucination.

Positive: success, happiness, conciousness, clarity, sincerity.
Negative: blindness to the dark side, unfounded confidence.

Positive: bettering yourself, another chance, absolution.
Negative: bad deeds coming back to you, the reckoning.

Positive: completion, achievement, involvement, synthesis.
Negative: loss of the self, loss of purpose after achievement. 

Laurel  23 Sep 2002 
Those look really nice. I could see it being useful to a beginner. I personally find that individual decks "talk" to me in each their own language so that its hard to pin down a definitive short universal meaning. I think what you've done though is useful.


MeeWah  23 Sep 2002 
WillieHewes: Are you working on an LWB for your deck? Your meanings are well-conceived & indicate understanding of both sides of the coin. They present in key word terms some essential components of each card, suitable for the beginner & other than. (Perhaps you would consider including "appropriate choices" with the positive aspects of VI?) 

WillieHewes  24 Sep 2002 
Ha, thanks. Making a note of that, MeeWah. And, yes, I am working on a LWB. Since they are not very well-loved here, I feel it as quite a responsibility to make something good out of it. :) So, any more suggestions are very welcome. (bring em on...) 

juice  25 Sep 2002 
MeeWah already covered mine fo VI.

XVI p.strong or abrupt chang (since you already have change under X and XIII

XXI.n out of touch, disconnectedness

I want to add something to XVII.n as well but haven't got the word maybe. Lost? Lost goal? Lost sight of goal? Lost hope? Depression? Blindness?

X.p, set course

II.n irresponsible

VII.p good sport

XIII.p healthy mourning

XV.n incorrect beilefs

XVI.p structures breaking down? obstructions removed? Words aren't coming out right on this one.

I will be keeping this too. Feedback welcome. 

The pos & neg aspects of major arcana thread was originally posted on 23 Sep 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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