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Spiral 5 of Cups

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 12 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

midnightmerry  12 Sep 2002 
I didn't know whether to put this here or in 'your readings' but since it involves more of a single card meaning rather than an interpretation of an entire reading, I thought it would go here. If not, please move it where it would best suit.

I did a reading for my hubby this evening with the Spiral and one of the cards that came up was the 5 of Cups. I looked at this card and got the overwhelming sensation that the woman on it had actually tossed the 3 cups before her onto the water. I agree with the traditional meaning of loss/regret associated with this card, but with the Spiral deck I almost feel that this was a willed loss. The LWB (ugh) says that an emotional issue may have to be let go in order to gain something greater- and that's what I feel with this woman on this card- she is actively throwing something away from her - 'letting go' - despite the agitation it is causing whereas with other decks I sometimes feel the loss 'overtook' someone, not that they willingly let go. Or that they have regretted something in retrospect, but didn't will it away at first.

Anyone else who has this deck: any other thoughts on this card? I'd appreciate any input. 

Major Tom  12 Sep 2002 
*singing* Regrets, I've had a few...

Sorry, but the 5 of Cups always has me imagining Frank Sinatra (or Sid Vicious) singing 'I did it my way'. })

In my opinion, the Spiral version of this card has led you to a new depth of understanding behind the meaning. If you buy into the idea that all our actions and intentions lead to the events in our lives, then you soon realise that nothing happens in our lives that we didn't have a hand in creating. For me, the real message behind the 5 of Cups is that having actively (or inactively) discarded something we valued, it's now time to look forward to what we still have and can still do. I feel so strongly about this message that in Major Tom's tarot I show the figure facing the two upright cups.

Magick is not something you do - it is something you are. 

midnightmerry  12 Sep 2002 
Yes, I agree with all that you said. The Spiral card has that beautiful Tree of Life right behind the woman. I like that imagery a great deal. 

Scorpion  13 Sep 2002 
Hi, Midnightmerry!

Yes, I agree too that this is a conscious letting go with the Spiral: the figure is far more active than in most 5 Cups. Unfortunately this is one of the decks I've "lost" at the moment so I haven't got it in front of me and am working from memory.

However, one client fell about laughing when it came up because I interpreted it literally: the reading took place just after Christmas and she confessed that she'd got fed up with her large family's annual row over the lights on the tree so she'd stormed into the middle of it, ripped the lights off the tree and stomped all over them! What she didn't tell them was that it wasn't a spontaneous display of temper - she'd already bought a replacement set of lights knowing she was going to do it. But it had the desired effect at the time. So in this particular reading, there was a real tree involved! 

Pollux  13 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by Major Tom
I feel so strongly about this message that in Major Tom's tarot I show the figure facing the two upright cups.

This is quite a unique way to think of it.
Generally the imagery stresses the incapacity to turn to the cups that are still standing due to the grief of the other three... The other way, that cannot be seen cos our eyes are stuffed with tears and our mind is misty because of the emotional state.
I had never thought about this approach. It really makes a lot of sense. Thank you Major Tom! :) 

DarkElectric  13 Sep 2002 
Hi MidnightMerry!
I am a Spiral deck fan, and one of the things I love about it is the unique ways in which some of the minor arcanna concepts are presented. My take on the 5 of cups is: disappointment and the resulting anger we might feel when we either realise we were wrong about something we feel strongly about, or when things don't go our own way. I see the woman angrily dashing three of the cups to the ground (alluding to the 3 of cups card in general, with it's concommitant meaning) and the 2 remaining cups in the yellow glow above her head(indicating the realm of thought.). When the joyous situation described in the 3 of cups fails to materialise in the condition of union described in the 2 of cups, anger and great frustration can occur. It can indicate a relationship gone sour because the joy either died or failed to materialise, or someone's wishful thinking about a relationship which didn't pan out. And then, the resulting emotion is petulent anger. That's what I see in this particular card. :) 

midnightmerry  13 Sep 2002 
Wow, thanks everybody! Great insights.

And Major Tom, croon away! :D 

juice  18 Sep 2002 
Well Dark Elecitric that leads me to add that the five is the outqrowth of the fours contemplation, rest and reevaluation over the not quite complete or temporary nature of the three.

Hmmm. This makes the six' contemplation and nalstalgia the result of the five's deeds while one realligns themselves with reality. The movement implied could be viewed as getting on with your life after letting go. 

DarkElectric  19 Sep 2002 
Thanks so much for the blast of insight. Reading your post, it's as if somebody just turned on another light in a dim room. Thank you for helping me clarify that concept. It has been lurking around my conciousness, inchoate in form, but you expressed it so well! :)I find the Spiral deck really lends itself to intuitive interpretatation really easily. This makes perfect sense. And Midnightmerry, this is a great thread! Namaste, DE 

The Spiral 5 of Cups thread was originally posted on 12 Sep 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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