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Ten Swords redux

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 20 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

renard  20 Sep 2002 
Hail, Tarot folks!

I have to share this true tale of fortune-telling woo-woo.

I posted several times a while back about Mr. Ten of Swords, a friend who was going through many troubles of the most intricate, ultimately self-inflicted kind. The card turned up every time I threw for him, and it described so perfectly what he was going through mentally and physically (depression, pneumonia with shooting pains in the back) that it got his attention. (An insomniac, he refused to even *look* at the nine of swords, which was also usually on the table.) But, of course, he was still sceptical.

So, I just ran into him after being out of touch for more than a month, and the first thing he did was show me his back -- three inch incision perpendicular to his spine from having a benign tumor removed --a two-hour, non-sedated procedure on Labor Day, no less.

Would you believe it, he wanted to know how his cards were looking now? 

MeeWah  21 Sep 2002 
Renard: Since I have moreorless followed your threads & posts on your Mr. Ten of Swords, I welcome the feedback! I am curious: did he ever mention backpain? I am glad that he is still around; does not surprise me that he is looking for another reading. Does not give up, does he :)

BTW: I have associated 10-Swords with back surgery; on occasion, other Swords cards with surgery. Probably have mentioned this already but it does not hurt to reiterate: 9-Swords with depression; insomnia or sleep disturbance; headache/migraine aside from worries, stress & the like. 

Alex  21 Sep 2002 
but it just occurred to me: has anyone ever associated the three of swords with heart surgery? 

renard  21 Sep 2002 
Dear MeeWah,

Thanks your for your care and counsel. I printed out your summing up of Mr. 10 Swords' situation for him back in August, and it made a definite impression.

Originally posted by MeeWah
Renard: I recall something of the discussion on your friend though not where; however, the relapse was expected based on the impressions at the time. Your friend's health is much debilitated due to exhaustion with depression a basic contributing factor. A vicious cycle only he can break if he has "the mind" to--as referred to by the multiple Swords cards. He uses work as a remedy & an escape. 'Tis likely the conditions are of some standing as are the habits. Besides indicating insomnia/sleep problems &/or depression--9-Swords can be seen as a warning in more ways than one. That is, referring to a need to wake up & smell the roses; to *look* at the self, the life one has created (in the RSW version, the person has the hands over the face, in effect blocking the vision). Also that bedrest is advised--the illness literally knocks one flat (10-Swords). The recurring bouts of pneumonia are dangerous & weaken him further. In risking the health repeatedly (pneumonia can cause scarring of the lungs) there is a point of no return.

It all rang true, and I let him think about it.

He now claims that he's taking steps toward better health -- taking a vacation, bringing his aged mom out to hang out with him for a while, etc. Whether he's really healing, I don't know -- his health cannot be my problem -- but at least he's not in total-denial-yet-complaining mode. It's so great to be able to tell someone, "Look, here's what the Whole Tarot World sees in your cards, you dolt! It's not just me saying, 'You've got to clean up your act and lighten up!'"

To answer your specific 10-S questions: Yes, the tumor on his back did cause him pain -- swelling and inflammation. And the surgery was apparently excruciating -- he's a recovering alcoholic and can't take narcotics. The incision is pretty amazing, from a R-W point of view: A three-or-so-inch scar at right angles to the back bone. He said (jokingly) that he almost called me after the surgery to tell me I was a damn witch. I told him I didn't *do* anything; I only reported what I saw.

As to whether his depression, insomnia, etc., are any better, once again, I don't know. I certainly hope so, since he's been going through a period of the worst luck I've ever seen in my life. (Bad weather-karma, also -- freak storm damage to a vehicle last month. Some people are just snake-bit.)

Anyway, it's one for the annals of unfortunate events. Thanks again, MeeWah, for your help. Blessings.

Namaste, Renard 

MeeWah  22 Sep 2002 
Alex: I have seen 3-Swords to mean heart surgery including triple or more bypass. Heart trouble, especially that related to stress or diet/general health conditions; heart attack; stroke. 

MeeWah  22 Sep 2002 
Renard: The feedback is much appreciated, but most of all, I am glad your friend is coming along. Despite his *mis*fortunes, he is still a very fortunate man--it could have been much worse! Given time, he may implement a different life-style. You might take a look at his Personality, Soul & Year Cards rather than another reading per se. 

meatbox666  28 Sep 2002 
Three of swords as heart surgery!!

WOW!! I love that interpretation.
Should there be wands nearby to reinforce the fact that it is surgery? Rememeber in astrology Leo rules the heart (wands) and Aries (wands) rules surgery. So maybe wands should be near.
I'm loving it!! Anymore insight? 

Scorpion  28 Sep 2002 
Hi, Renard!

Glad to hear you were obviously spot on! Don't put yourself down - you didn't just report what you saw: you could have interpreted it in a different way. The "magic" is in you, not the cards! I'm always flattered if anybody calls me a witch (I'm not) - as I appreciate that it takes years of learning and application to truly earn the title.

Meatbox, you wanted to follow up similar correlations with the Swords and illness. I have related 8 Swords to chest problems and breathing problems like asthma. I recently read for someone who denied anything along those lines before admittin to a stress-related breathing problem in their work environment! 

MeeWah  28 Sep 2002 
LouiQ: I have also seen 8-Swords to indicate breathing problems or asthma but forgot until you mentioned it.

Also 2-Swords for impaired vision (which could be on more than one level) or other condition related to the head. 

meatbox666  28 Sep 2002 
What about STDs?
If the tower comes up and a sword is near, then the penis is infected? What about the vagina? Any ideas? I am being really serious guys. 

Diana  28 Sep 2002 

MeeWah  28 Sep 2002 
Meatbox666: I have not come across any references to STD's per se but I have seen indications of what may be promiscuity or excessive behavior. Offhand, I do not recall the exact cards aside from reversed Wands. With one person who was terminally ill, I saw him as 7-Swords--living on "borrowed" time, almost tip-toeing through life. 

napaea  28 Sep 2002 
Renard! so glad to hear your friend is doing a bit better!
also it sounds as though you are feeling less responsible or in need of taking care of him. good for you! it is obvious he knows you care for him and will seek you out for your valued friendship. i'm really glad to hear more about him.

i'm glad also for the extra info on illnesses, i don't think i'd made any of these correlations.

thanks you all for being so knowledgable!! 

The Ten Swords redux thread was originally posted on 20 Sep 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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