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The Bateleur's Tale (A Tarot story for children)

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 22 Sep 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Diana  22 Sep 2002 

Diana  22 Sep 2002 

Faerie Lin  22 Sep 2002 
Diana! What a beautiful and fun story!! That was so refreshing!! Thankyou for sharing!


RedWood  22 Sep 2002 
Thank you for sharing! :) 

cjtarot  22 Sep 2002 

Thank you verrrry much for posting your story..My daughters are 7 and 3 and I can't wait to share it with them...

Blessings, and keep writing..


Kaz  22 Sep 2002 
yea, me likes it as well :-)


Pollux  22 Sep 2002 
You once said I could be your younger brother... I'd love to hear this story told by your voice!!!

Thank you for sharing!

I really envy your son - I'd prefer to be your elder son rather than your older bro! *LOL*

Goodnight... :* 

fairyhedgehog  22 Sep 2002 

That is a lovely story - thank you for letting us hear the rest of it. It is nearly time for me to 'close my eyes and go to sleep' and I think that when I do I'll have your story in my mind. 

ChrisTheObscure  23 Sep 2002 
That is a great story....not just for kids but for illustrating the major cards to someone new to Tarot :)

Thanks for sharing it...I printed it out.


MeeWah  23 Sep 2002 
(((Diana))): A wonderful Tarot story--I love it!!
I am also printing it out for my Tarot notebook. Thank ye for sharing :) 

zorya  23 Sep 2002 
thank you for sharing your beautiful story diana. i'm going to print it out, and look forward to sharing it with my children. my 6yr. old daughter informed me yesterday, that she was making her own deck. (she started with the queen of wands.) this will be a perfect time to share your story with her. 

Strega  23 Sep 2002 
Lovely! Thanks for sharing. :) 

Major Tom  24 Sep 2002 
A lovely tale Diana - I really enjoyed it. :) 

wavebreaker  24 Sep 2002 
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, Diana! 

Maan  24 Sep 2002 
Love this story Diana. I'm printing it out and save it for the day i have children of my own :) 

WillieHewes  27 Sep 2002 
This is so cool! It makes me want to write my own tarot-fairytale. Hey, maybe we could do a passover story, you know, where everyone writes a bit and then passes it on? That would be fun and useful at the same time. I think the main character should be the fool, though he doesn't have to walk through the tarot in order, necessarily. That way it'd be more surprising, and fun, and educational. Yay! Everything in one!

So, any takers? 

DarkElectric  27 Sep 2002 
What a sweet story! It's a wonderful tale, for kiddies, and adults too :) 

fairyhedgehog  28 Sep 2002 
Originally posted by WillieHewes
Hey, maybe we could do a passover story, you know, where everyone writes a bit and then passes it on?

Good idea. Why not start a new thread with your ideas, and we can decide how to go about it? 

Moonbow*  23 Apr 2004 
Another goodie Bumped......... I have Merc to thank for puting me in touch with these threads (Umbrae's - The Process also) and I'm sure others will enjoy them too.


jmd  23 Apr 2004 
As well as being of the of the first articles on Aeclectic's main site, Diana's Bateleur's Tale also forms part of the contents of one of the Newsletters for the forthcoming (July 2005) International Tarot Conference... 

The The Bateleur's Tale (A Tarot story for children) thread was originally posted on 22 Sep 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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