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Knight of Pentacles

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 23 Nov 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Evelyn  23 Nov 2002 
can someone help me with the Knight of penticals to me it represents health and to look at your health
can anyone expand on this for me please 

StargazerLily  23 Nov 2002 
Try this for starters. I'm sure everyone else will have lots to tell you, also. 

HudsonGray  23 Nov 2002 
Seems like each time I pull this card for others it stands for something very different.

The knight is the steady guy with the money, good breadwinner material.

The knight is sitting on a dead horse, just offering security without growth.

The guy with the money who can sweep you out of your troubles to a new life.

The 'ex' who still holds the appeal of a husband.

The guy in shining armor but he's not moving forward, you have to do all the work.


Expect a lot out of the court cards, they can cover anything from aspects of the person to whatever your intuition is trying to tell you about this card. 

Kazz  24 Nov 2002 
This card if represented as a person.........he is very boring, very slow at doing anything, taking alot of time to consider things, very, very, cautious, doesn't take alot of action, but can be very stable in situations, not easlily rattled.
If it represents a situation........not alot of action here, things are not progressing, nothing is happening at this time, things are at a pause, etc etc,,

All in all, quite a boring and very slow card.
Just my opinion!!:D



Sea Sprite  24 Nov 2002 
Hi Evelyn,

If you're asking about the health meanings of this card. I found some info in Nancy Shavick's Tarot Universe. Possible meanings:
You could replenish your life force by spending time in the country; a pet is healing for you and lifts your spirits; health improves with simple food choices, relaxation techniques and exercise that releases energy in the physical body. :) 

lupo138  25 Nov 2002 
seems as if Kazz was born under a sign dedicated to fire ;)

The knight of pentacles also symbolizes a person with both feet on the ground. An "earthed" person, capable of mantaining oneself, not necessarily on a higher level, but nearly always without debts. A person a little bit sceptical towards "air" things - Tarot for instance.... 

Kazz  25 Nov 2002 
Originally posted by lupo138
seems as if Kazz was born under a sign dedicated to fire ;)

Lupo138....I don't like to disappoint..}) but....NO..I am born under a sign dedicated to water..:P

And yes you are right.......I forgot to mention that this guy does have both his feet well planted on the ground....:D...but he is still BORING...LOL:)



lupo138  25 Nov 2002 
it sounded that much as if it was fire ! I had to write it !

anyway: itīs a matter of your birthchart, and how the elements are balanced there - not merely a question of oneīs sign. But I have to admit, that I am really anything else but an expert on the field of astrology :) 

Mystica  25 Nov 2002 
I was going to say the almost the same thing as Kazz, for me this Knight is a boring guy, stubborn, slow to act. VERY thrifty as far as spending goes! 

JC  25 Nov 2002 
I tend to read courts in different combinations of three ways:

1. If the Knight is Somebody Other than the Querant
They could be a young adult, but not necessarily a teenager. Think early to mid 20's to mid to late 30's.
If they have good cards around them, they may not be rich, but they are good with money and probably comfortable living within or just below their means. If the surrounding cards are negative, they may be just the opposite - troubled financially and/or overly materialistic - trying to fill their lives with objects.
Very levelheaded and cool, not schmaltzy, but care very deeply for issues they consider important and folks they consider close. This is meant well but can sometimes come off stubbornness or as though they're being overbearing.
Very organized, maybe compusively so.
Is a homebody who doesn't mind doing their chores. Not shy, but not really outgoing either. Definitly not the "romantic" loner, just quiet.
Considers spirituality/religion/metaphysics important. However if negative cards are around, they could have corrupt conscience.

2. If the Knight is the Querant
Are they actively trying to increase their wealth or social status?
Are they satisfied with their careers - financially vs. spiritually?
If the surrounding cards are really bad, do they have obsessive-compulsive tendencies?
Are they in a moral quandry over something?
Do they have financial problems?
Are they at odds with an important tradition of some sort?
Are they trying to find fulfillment through ownership?
Are they cheapskates?
Are they contemplating a major purchase like a house, car, boat, airplane, etc.?
Are their taxes in order?

3. If the Knight Signals an Event
Closing the deal on a major purchase.
Declaring bankruptcy.
Getting a nice raise.
Recieving an inheritance.
Returning to tradition - doing something the way mom or grandma always did.
Learning to put a third of the paycheck in the bank.

Pentacles in general talk about how a person relates to his job and what he takes home from that job - money. Knights in general relate to intellectual matters and changes of pace (although this is the slowest and least drastic knight in the deck.) Numerologically, I relate knights to aces, twos and threes- starting out on a balancing act, and using their talents creatively. Astrologically, the Knight of pentacles is linked to Taurus, Virgo and Cparicorn. Major Arcana cards I liken him to are the Empress, Hierophant, Devil, World, Magician, Hermit, and a little less to the High Priestess. 

Major Tom  26 Nov 2002 
Gosh, there's things here I'd never considered. :eek:

When I think of Knights - I think of behaviour types.

Pentacles - defensive
Wands - impulsive/aggressive
Cups - deliberate
Swords - deliberate/aggressive

When I encounter a Knight in a spread I look to the surrounding cards to set the scene and imagine what a person behaving as that Knight would be doing in that setting. It helps me tell the story. }) 

The Knight of Pentacles thread was originally posted on 23 Nov 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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