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The World, Reversed?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 13 Nov 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Demonesse  13 Nov 2002 
The World, Reversed? I have no trouble, generally, with the World card but I wonder how to interpret it if it comes up reversed? 

dangerdork  13 Nov 2002 
I usually don't read reversals, but if I did, I would see this much like The Hanged Man - looking at the World in a whole different way... something turned your world upside down, rocked your world... couldnt see The World card as primarily negative or blocked, even when reversed 

Pollux  13 Nov 2002 
Being restricted. You are stagnating, stalemate. You feel limited in the thigs you do and uneasy for this - you ae tired of boundaries that gave you comfort and confidence in the past.

Or - things are ok yet you don't see things like this, and keep wanting they'd be better and better. You are frustrated by the non-complete and non-utter self-fulfillment...

I hope this helps, at least to make you think of something familoar to your present situation. Try to elaborate more on your sense of the card, and maybe someone else will be able to give a better help. :) 

Isabelle  13 Nov 2002 
Personally, I don't read reversed cards but concerning "the World" I should say it could mean you don't have enough contact with the outside world. You're sort of "cut off" from it for one reason or another. Of course, it depends on the precise situation. For example, if the question concerns the result of an enterprise it could mean a failure. What you could do is put another card on top of it : a minor one to get more information about the field it's dealing with.
I hope this could help and sorry for my English which may be slighty deficient. 

Laurel  13 Nov 2002 
I tend to look at The World as a card about fufillment, completion, things falling as they should, successful endings in the future. If I was going to look at reversal meanings, I might see some kind of inertia or blockage going on (probably expressed by other cards) that was thwarting a natural or necessary process. On the other hand, it might suggest to me the need to move from an objective point of view or set of solutions to a subjective, internalized one- and not necessarily negative.


allibee  13 Nov 2002 
Hi Isabelle, I think your English is beautiful - I'm English and I know many people with much worse English than you :)

I try to avoid reversals, but looking at the World card in a contrary manner speaks to me of trying to find completion and satisfaction, but being frustrated in this to some degree. Like everything is sooooo close to coming together, but not quite there yet.


Diana  13 Nov 2002 

Major Tom  14 Nov 2002 
The World reversed could indicate a serious flaw in planning or a failure to follow something through - perhaps unwillingness to follow through. 

lupo138  15 Nov 2002 
the world means life as such to me, existence so to say. If it is r, I read it as going into the wrong direction or a delay. soemtimes it means a beautiful situation that will not be lasting long. 

The The World, Reversed? thread was originally posted on 13 Nov 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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