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Can the Pentacles have an alternate meaning to money?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 06 Dec 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Dark Maiden  06 Dec 2002 
It seems that a lot of the time, I'll draw a pentacles card (in this case the 6 of Pentacles) and it totally won't fit into my question. It sounds juvenile, but I asked if this man I am interested in is right for me. I drew three cards and the last card a drew was 6 of pentacles and it kind of confused me (the cards before that were Death, then Knight of Wands). I'm asking this forum because sometimes I think the Marsielle decks might have a different meaning than the other decks, but I'm not sure. Can anyone help me? 

Dark Inquisitor  06 Dec 2002 
I don't know anything about meanings particular to Marseilles decks, but pentacles to me can sometimes represent energy. Life energy, or financial energy. Reversed pentacles can be a flowing away of energy, possibly bodily health too, depending on the surrounding cards.


Diana  06 Dec 2002 
Dark Maiden, I think you'll really get more answers to your question in the Using Tarot Cards forum. Hope you don't mind me moving this thread. I'm sure you'll get lots and lots of insight (including from people who use Marseilles decks.)

Oh and by the way, if you'd like some help with interpreting your spread, you're welcome to make a thread in the Your Readings section, detailing the positions of the cards, and there will surely be some people only too happy to help you out.

(Your question is not juvenile, by the way. Relationships are important :) .) 

Diana  06 Dec 2002 
Coins (or pentacles) can indeed often represent money and materiality.

They can also represent the seeds that one plants in order for them to germinate and multiply (like starting new studies, or preparing for a new profession, or quite simply preparing one's vegetable garden in the spring.)

They can represent the first chakra in health spreads.

They can represent how you organise your life.

I have read a few times that they are in relation with Smell, when it comes to the five senses (don't ask me why, though, and I never use this in a Tarot reading.)

They can represent professions which need hand-skills (carpentry, dressmaking, building, ......).

Coins are solid. As they represent the Earth, they can be thought of as akin to what one calls Mother Earth. Gaia. They remind us of our roots. They provide us with structure. 

truthsayer  06 Dec 2002 
for me pentacles reflect anything that has to do with the earth. earth brings images of fertility(as in planting/birth/creativity), abundance or lack in physical needs being met(food, water, shelter, safety), illness or health, occupation or the means to earn a living or learn a trade, poverty or wealth not just of the financially but of the body--the peace of mind when needs are met, and the astrological earth signs of taurus, capricorn or virgo. i hope this is helpful. 

Scorpion  06 Dec 2002 
Hi, Dark Maiden

I think the others have probably said it more eloquently than I can, but I see Pentacles as relating to anything that provides security. While this can certainly be regarded as finances, for a lot of people it is health and can be emotional stability (as opposed to the actual emotions and feelings represented in Cups) as much as anything.

I also see it as being related to "body, mind and spirit" in decks where the representation is the five-pointed pentacle representing Man contained inside the circle. 

meatbox666  06 Dec 2002 
I agree with Pentacles =Money. He seems to be quite generous with it. that King of wands is sort of scary. The reason I say scary because he sounds like he has kids some where. I think of the King of Wands as someones baby's daddy. LOL. So, it seems he is shelling money towards his children. You will find everything out between December 20 to January 19 if you chose to see him.

That is my interpretation. 

lunalafey  06 Dec 2002 
As the EARTH is full of is every being. For some of us it's an incredible gift of gab...... the salesman of the month.....for others it's thier devotion and compassion.....the woman's shelter voulenteer....
To me the suit is ALL about recources: money, abilities and talents, possesions both material and learned.
As the suit of cups is associated with the emotional
swords, the mental
wands, the spiritual
pentacles is the physical

of course some decks can be a bit different. 

Laurel  06 Dec 2002 
Pentacles or disks bring up a lot of topics for me in my readings, all of them related to the material: health, home, finances, environment and over all general well-being.


raeanne  06 Dec 2002 
Hi all,

The suit of Pentacles is more than just money to me. It seems to represent survival skills better. If a wealthy person’s house burns down, they usually will have the financial resources to spend the next few weeks, month, or whatever in a hotel or something. They know that they will be able to have food and shelter. If a poor person’s house burns down, they may have such a strong support network of friends and family that they also know that they will be able to have food and shelter for however long they need it. Both of these are survival skills. I look at Pentacles as the way you use the resources that you have. It doesn’t matter whether those resources are monetary or not. Do you horde your resources as in the 4 of Pentacles? Are you a 6 of Pentacles philanthropist? Are you building a 10 of Pentacles legacy? 

JC  06 Dec 2002 
Hi. I think the six could be good for you, although I wouldn't rule out Meatbox's interpretation. I don't know the guy you're asking about, so I don't know how to interpret the Knight. It could be a change in your situation (which would reinforce Death), or it could refer to you or the person you're interested in.

I personally think that when the six of pents was illustrated, it was meant to show social responsibility and a sharing of resources and stability. Sixes in general have alot to do responsibility - especially familial responsibility. And because they are fertile, earthy cards, pents can sometimes be just as much in the family way as impulsive wands or romantic cups.

Without knowing more about the situation, I would suggest that you expect a sudden change brought about by a rash decision made by yourself or someon close to you. Be willing to ask for or accept an offer of help. I know that sounds like a carnival reading; that's why I usually don't read cards for others! 

Karenwhe  06 Dec 2002 
The only thing I have to add here, as most has been said already.......

I the Knight of Wands - from my experience in readings (I use RW deck), this Knight almost always represented a swift event. For better of for worse this will come and go into ones life at the speed of light.

That was my two cents. 

Umbrae  07 Dec 2002 
Somebody (I do not remember who) wrote: The Pentacles are the suit of practicality, security and material concerns. In Pentacles, we celebrate the beauty of nature, our interactions with plants and animals and our physical experiences in the body. Pentacles also represent prosperity and wealth of all kinds. Sometimes this suit is called the Coins, an obvious symbol of the exchange of goods and services in the physical world.

The Six of Pentacles? There is a risk that the motive of one party in question – are the motives of a manipulator (Gifts that enslave). 

Dark Maiden  07 Dec 2002 
Wow, this is the greatest forum! Everyone here are really great people, and I am so happy that I found this place. Thank-you all very much for you insight! I don't know anyone that reads tarot cards, so sometimes figuring out meanings can be kind of tough, I really appreciate everyone's help! 

Scorpion  07 Dec 2002 
Originally posted by Umbrae
.The Six of Pentacles? There is a risk that the motive of one party in question – are the motives of a manipulator (Gifts that enslave).

Oh yes, sorry Dark Maiden - forgot to pick up on this card. There is, as Umbrae pointed out, the risk of manipulation with this card but I wanted to add (what I believe is referred to in 78 Degrees of Wisdom) that it can also denote a relationship where one is only giving what one can "afford" (thus taking the passion out of the relationship) or what one party perceives the other is capable of receiving 7- the sense of withholding to prevent an overload. I guess this is a form of manipulation too.

Glad to see you're enjoying the feedback! 

Scorpion  07 Dec 2002 
Realised I forgot to say anything at all about your other two cards!

Death - my favourite: I'm a Scorp and I can't get enough of the "Transformation" thing. Is it time to be chucking out the old and bringing in the new? If "what's new" is the Knight of Pentacles, I'd say go for it. My take on this Knight is that he's the type who often gets overlooked due to his steady, level behaviour. Mainly seen more as a friend than an exciting lover and so loses out because - let's face it - we often find the more outgoing Fires, the romantic Waters or the intellectual Air types far more intruiging than than good old solid plodding Earth-bound creatures. And it's such a shame - this Knight will make it to be King of his suit: he's quite likely to consider further study to further his progress and he's probably good with money - although it can be very frustrating to be with someone who's "careful" with finances and watches where it all goes. If you can get past that aspect I think you'd be fine. 

Karenwhe  07 Dec 2002 
LiquiQ, thank you for that insight.

I think that this is the first time that I see the Knight of Pentacles more than a nice reminder that I have do to my duties (laundry or boring petty office work etc.... :-) I always saw him as "boring to death".

You shed some good light on him. Thanks for that. 

Scorpion  08 Dec 2002 
Originally posted by Karenwhe
I think that this is the first time that I see the Knight of Pentacles more than a nice reminder that I have do to my duties ...I always saw him as "boring to death".

Happy to help, Karen!

I always like to look at the horses (where shown) in a deck - you can get a real feel for the nature of the Knights from them. The Knight of Pentacles is often shown with a carthorse. They may not look spectacular but if you've every seen them in action you just have to have respect for the sheer force they embody. In fact, I believe I'm correct in saying that the original war horses were more like carthorses - when you look at the amount of armour they had to carry - not to mention a fully-armoured rider on top - a fragile and temperamental Arab racing horse was not going to be the first choice of any serious horseman.

My current favourite for the depiction of the Knight of Pentacles is in the Crystal Tarot. Hopefully you can find this somewhere - I know Aecletic shows a few from this deck but I doubt he's among them. He is well dressed and his horse is well-turned out in colours that perfectly match his tunic. His true Pentacle is buried well below ground but it putting down roots and already the investment is affecting the Knights everyday interactions but all he carries with him is a very plain shield which is a very poor imitation of the wealth he has hidden: he prefers to travel incognito, sure in the knowledge that anybody with eyes to see will know what he has to offer.

Well, that's my take anyway! 

The Can the Pentacles have an alternate meaning to money? thread was originally posted on 06 Dec 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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