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How do you deal the cards?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 08 Dec 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

neptune  08 Dec 2002 
Hello people. I've gotta question about choosing the cards. Now I know some tarot readers prefer to let their querent cut the deck, choose a pile, and deal the cards from the top.

However, some readers will fan the cards. Then ask the querent to choose X amount of cards (depending on which spread is used.)

E.g. Let's say I choose to do the Celtic Cross spread. The first card the querent chooses from the fan, is that the first card that should be in Position 1 of the Celtic Cross Spread? Or do you let the querent choose X cards, where the last card chosen from the fan is instead put as Position 1 of the CC cross- moreover, do you just deal from the top of their chosen cards. 

lawguy51  09 Dec 2002 
Hey Neptune:

That's a lot of questions! :D. The main rule you will find most forum members espousing is that there is no rule. You do what will give you the confidence to do the best reading you can. That said, there are some conventions most people follow. I personally like to let the querent shuffle the deck then cut it once, then I fan it for them, then they choose, say 10 cards if it's a Celtic Cross reading. The first card they give me is the first card of the reading and the 10th is the 10th. If you prefer to flip the cards off the top, then again, conventionally, the first card is the first card. Whether you fan or flip, shuffle for the querent or let them do it themselves, those are your decisions. If you do a search, you will find lots of threads on this subject. In fact, I think I started one when I first joined. Hang on, I'll find it.....

There it is! I think it was my first post, or one of the first, at least.


HudsonGray  09 Dec 2002 
I don't mind people touching my cards, but I usually don't let them shuffle as they tend to be too hard on the cards & will bend them sometimes. So I shuffle & if they want to cut they can, then I deal them out. The fact they're there is enough to tie the reading to them. If I do a reading here for someone elsewhere, I think of them & their question as I shuffle.

But if they were to pick out cards from a fan, I'd use the first card as card #1 & lay it in the spread, but don't turn any of them over till the last card has been pulled. Then turn over as you read each position. This way if the cards are turned one at a time the person will concentrate on that card and not get sidetracked by, say, the tower that's a few cards down & not hear what you're saying.

But it's all up to you. Like they say, there's no hard & fast rules. 

kreleia  09 Dec 2002 
It depends on the type of reading and the situation. :)

If I'm doing a small one-suit 5-card spread, then I'll let the querent draw the cards.

If I'm doing a larger reading (so far, either celtic cross or "pearl necklace"), then I'll usually deal the cards. However, the other night, I had the querent draw the first card in the celtic cross - it just felt like the right thing to do, and it was.

I'll usually let the querent choose what kind of reading/spread they want, and explain to them the different purposes of the spreads. This helps me learn and interpret each spread a little better each time, too.

For the most part, though, I go with what feels like the appropriate thing to do. If I feel very strongly that the querent needs to pick a card, or even several cards, then I let them do it. 

Khatruman  11 Dec 2002 
I usually get the guys together, make sure we have plenty of beer and cigars, ohh, and potato chips, dip, cheese and pepperoni and Ritz crackers. Then we ante up and take turns dealing....

Oh, whoops.. wrong cards :))

Deal the way you find it comfortable to you.


PS, have you seen that awesome artwork with the dogs playin cards? LOL 

Damien X  11 Dec 2002 
Since I do most of my readings online, I have to shuffle the deck and choose the cards to work with by myself. In which order I execute the procedure depends very much on the situation, the client and the vibes I get. And that's the only real advice I can give you: just be aware of your own feelings - I know how 'mushy' this sounds, and follow your heart. To wear out an already deteriorated cliché: there's no right or wrong when it somes to the Tarots, it's all a matter of your own mind. :o) 

Diana  11 Dec 2002 
Neptune: If I have the person live in front of me, I always let them shuffle, then I fan the cards for them (as most don't know how to, but if they know, I let them do it), and then let them choose the cards. I then take the cards from them as they choose them, and the first card will be position 1, the second position 2, and so-on. I turn the cards as we go along so that we see the picture appearing before our eyes. But normally I only comment when all the cards have been chosen and are laid out, unless something strikes me as particularly meaningful. 

patter  12 Dec 2002 
I simply shuffle the deck myself, have the querent cut the deck into three parts, re-assemble them in reverse order and go to (dealing from the top)... While the querent should touch the cards I don't want their sticky fingers all of them! ;) 

The How do you deal the cards? thread was originally posted on 08 Dec 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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