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Page of Swords

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 16 Dec 2002, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Eponaz  16 Dec 2002 
Hi All.
I am Epona, and I don't post much, but on this occasion would like to ask peoples views on the Page of Swords card, because it keeps cropping up in my readings lately, and thats either coz I am not gettting the message or this 'energy' or situation is around me alot lately.

It popped up again this morning in a three card daily spread that I've started doing; #1 - Page of swords, #2 - The Tower, #3 The Hermit.
I've associated this Page with the idea of distrust, fairly negative I suppose!, and get an impression of being warned about something(?) from this three card spread.

Hope you'll enlighten me here, and thankyou for any and all input (I enjoyed reading about the seven of swords; it says 'greed' to me, alongside theft).

Pollux  16 Dec 2002 
Hi Epona! :)
Welcome here on Aeclectic! :D

I see this Page as a person who tends to keep too much into fantasies and mental views, and is rather disinclined to face facts and real life, someone who would rather withdraw from life to analyse and "understand" it instead of actually living it in first person. He's got sense of discernment, and sees with cold and detatched eyes to scrutinise and be aware of what is going on aroud him.

Personally, I also feel the sword courts as very passionate people, animated by very strong passions, so strong their minds themselves are affected. Not the pasison of Fire, or Water, but that of Air, a mostly mental condition that involves the whole of a person's life and energies anyway - I associate Air to Energy and the breath of life as well. This is a very very personal thing though, and I don't want to confuse you! *LOL*

You meniton the idea of mistrust, and I can see where it could come from: he has got a defensive stance, and he's ready to use is swords not only to cut, divide and analyse but also to strike back and counter-attack if he's provoked. He doesn't trust so he takes distances and tries to gather information to make a decision.

Here's a link to a recent thread about the same court card: hope it helps! :) 

Eponaz  17 Dec 2002 
Hi again Pollux!.
Many thanks for your made alot of sense to me, and I identified with some of your page of swords personality traits.
For instance, I admit that I probably don't like to face facts and reality and prefer to withdraw and intellectualize life instaed of experiencing it.
Funnily enough, the Hermit came up in this three card spread, which immediately speaks to me of withdrawal!.
Perhaps I am living to much on an inner level, rather then getting 'out there', and as the tower also turned up in central position, it may indicate this is a distructive behaviour?.

Sorry, getting all philosophical here LOL! (Hermit again).

Anyhow, many thanks for your insightful words.
Much appreciated!.

BTW: I used the Tarot of the Old Path. 

Trogon  18 Dec 2002 
Hi Epona. I am a little curious as to what the positions of the cards relate to in the spread you're using? Do you feel the Page of Swords relates directly to you and what you're experiencing, or is it someone else or an outside influence?

In general I pretty much agree with Pollux's assesment. I would add that I kind of feel that the Page of Swords is also someone who does not allow herself to make many friends - kind of holds people off at arms length so they can't get close to her (or him).

One thing I found interesting was that your comment that you don't post here very much is somewhat reminiscent of the Page of Swords. She (I tend to think of the Pages as females more often than as males) watches and absorbs and observes the conversations, but seldomly takes part. Reminds me of the "wallflower" at a party. Perhaps this card coming up is, as you mentioned, a suggestion to participate more in life?

I notice that you joined Aeclectic back in May. May I ask how long have you been interested in Tarot? If it hasn't been very long, perhaps the card is suggesting that more participation here can be benificial? Then again, perhaps this is too simplistic an interpretaion? ;)

In any case... I appreciate you bringing up this card. The Swords suit has always fascinated me... 

Eponaz  18 Dec 2002 
Greetings Trogon!.
Thanx for your input :o) I've only recently begun doing a three card spread on a daily basis, because I felt it would help familiarize me better with the cards, as opposed to the CC, which always has so much to take in!.
In this instance, I guess I was thinking 'past,present,future', although I've read here in the forum some alternatives to this.
So the page of swords was card #1 (past), with Tower in #2, and Hermit in #3.

The Page caught my eye because it's been coming up repeatedly for me of late, and I feel that it could well represent 'me', as I do tend to keep people at arms length, especially due to the fact that my best friend whom I thought I knew, betrayed me earlier this year (as well as kept some of my property - theft?) and I've not come to terms with it.
So, yeah, I don't make alot of friends, or make them easiely at any rate.

I also tend to observe and absorb more then participate, perhaps due to a lack in self confidence as much as it being a Virgo trait (my sign).

As for how long I've been interested in Tarot, well for about eight/nine years. For alot of that time, the Tarot was like my private 'counsellor' and I used it for guidance, as I went through some very dark times (manic depression & car accident), and have only now been well enough to consider myself fit for work(got offered a new job awhile back and am waiting for health clearance).
I mainly read the cards for myself (which I've come to find limiting) but have read for others on occasion when asked.

I love the artwork of the Tarot, as I'm an artist, and have illustarted a couple of the cards, though they're not quite finished
Acelectic Tarot has alot to offer, and I've really only got back to the forum now, as my mother has a bad fall and broke her hip and I had to look after her for months(even though I joined in
So, I will try and take the advice of the cards and get more involved here, as y'all seem such a nice bunch and very wise to boot!

Pollux  18 Dec 2002 
Originally posted by Trogon
I would add that I kind of feel that the Page of Swords is also someone who does not allow herself to make many friends - kind of holds people off at arms length so they can't get close to her (or him).
Now this is interesting! :eek: *bling bling* :D *LOL*

Chris Paradis, in his Rock & Roll Tarot, associated the Princess of Guitars (i.e. Page of Swords) to Sheryll Crow, and the quote associated to it is: "If you'd like to REACH me Leave Me ALONE".
It might not be exactly what Trogon meant to say, but it is an effective way to sum up that concept at any rate. (Yeah, I moght read with just a couple of them, but I DO take care and love EACH AND EVERY deck of mine! :D *LOL*).
I can identify with this meaning very well, since air is a rather cold and mental element preaching detatchment and the correct distance from every matter or situation. But at the same time Air is also the social dimension, the element of partnership and other relationships, that of the interaction with the not-myself, especially other people. Rather than absolute and sought-after distance I would think of it as a wise and sensible stance needed when interacting and trying to do it to good effects.

You can see the Sheryll card from the Rock & Roll deck here, it's the first in the top row. And you can read the complete lyrics of the song - "A change would do you good" - here (neat site). :)

Did you know when you go it's the perfect ending, to the bad day I was just beginning... 

The Page of Swords thread was originally posted on 16 Dec 2002 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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