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Just a matter of time

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 22 Jan 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Khatruman  22 Jan 2003 
Here is a question on something I do not see addressed in these forums, unless it is addressed in the readings sections which I have been too chicken to venture into (as well as the historical/iconographic section that Diana has suggested I dive into... "Pssst, Diana, I am afraid to swim in the deep end of the pool" :D):

Does anyone read time frames within their readings? That is, if you are doing a Past/Present/Future reading, for instance, do you get a sense of how far into the future, in terms of days, weeks, months, years, etc. that the possibility hinted at by the cards may come to fruition? I have heard of those who may read a "2" as signifying two weeks, or two years... If one does that in reading for a querent, how do you intuit that? Is there a way to read specific time frames in the cards, and if so, how specifically?


Thirteen  22 Jan 2003 
Originally posted by Khatruman
Does anyone read time frames within their readings?...I have heard of those who may read a "2" as signifying two weeks, or two years... If one does that in reading for a querent, how do you intuit that? Is there a way to read specific time frames in the cards, and if so, how specifically?

Okay, first answer, DO we read time time frames? Not usually. Usually when you do a reading, there's already a time frame of sorts. A calendar reading (12 cards), for example, indicates what each month of the coming year has in store (generally)--and most other readings don't gaze much farther ahead than 30 days--if that. So I'd venture to say that most readers don't usually read time frames.

New question: Are there ways to read specific time frames? Yes, indeed. But there's no AGREED upon way to do it. For example, we've had many a thread on this forum about times of the year (spring, summer, fall, winter). Do pentacles stand for winter or spring? Cups for summer or autumn? Lots of discussion and disagreement on this. The book "Tarot in Ten Minutes" says that certain cards stand for certain times--like the Magician for "New Moon," the High Priestess for "Crescent Moon," the Empress for "Full Moon"--and so on. Lovers is "Spring Equinox," Hermit is "a matter of days."

I honestly don't know if any other book has these designations--or completely different ones. Which leads us to the last question...

How do you intuit? What I think you mean is "when?" and "under what circumstances?" You're doing a reading, when do you decide that the 2-pentacles means 2-weeks (or 2 days, or 2 months) rather than juggling bills? Well, first, where did it show up in the spread? And what what the querent's question? The easiest way to decide to look for a time frame is if you're asked, specifically, by the querent, "When is this going to happen?"

If you don't get that question--or the card doesn't seem to be jumping up and down trying to tell you "It's going to happen in two days! Warning! Warning!" then you don't need to try and search a reading, even a past-present-future reading for a time frame. "Soon," or "Within 30 days" will do just fine. 

Umbrae  23 Jan 2003 
Great question.

And the answer everyone dreads…Journal your cards, and you will find out what YOUR own timeframes are.

Warning…they can change.

Mine have changed drastically in the last year, and I’m still coming to terms with that aspect of my own readings…hey…I’m human. 

lupo138  23 Jan 2003 
most of the time the frame of my readings is between 2 and 6 weeks, except if there are certain cards showing up, e.g. The Hanged Man (not always in the meaning of a delay of course).
From time to time I ask about a certain period like "what will happen within the next 3 months concerning this and that" and so I am confident that the cards relate to that time, too. 

patter  23 Jan 2003 
I normally see readings as going about a month forward and a month back -- unless the symbols suggest otherwise. Sometimes I take into account the new moon which I see as forming a natural barrier in how far forward it should go. 

Khatruman  23 Jan 2003 
Thanks folks,

These are wonderfully thoughtful answers, as they always are. I asked this question as a favor to another who was interested. I gave her similar advice, but thought it might help her to see that advice given by other, more wiser, taroists. And looks like I got responses by two of our big guns here (Thirteen and Umbrae).

I will also add, to the person for whom I posted this, your questions here will be treated with respect so don't be afraid to come out and ask them.

Thanks again to all.


Laurel  23 Jan 2003 
I try to nail down a time frame during the "formulation of a question" phrase while I'm still shuffling the cards and work off that. From there, intuition kicks in and I look at the relationship between cards in the spread, especially for dynamic or sluggish patterns.


Eowyn  23 Jan 2003 
Now this matter is much clear to me. What Thirteen posted has been very usefull to put ideas straight about this subject. Because each day I become much more confident about tarot is an oracle, more than a schedule of what&when is going to happen, and we can understand its this way, but sometimes is hard to make a querent to understand that they command their own paths and destinies, not the cards: that we try to orient, not to rule things for them. 

tarotbear  23 Jan 2003 
I find it somewhat easier to 'frame' the question than to try to 'frame' the answer. If you ask about a certian length of time, it is easier than trying to 'guess' what the symbology is telling you.

For example: asking " Tell me about my job environment for the next 4 weeks" will get a better response than "So, tell me about my job" and then trying to guess if that personality clash with you boss that may get you fired is tomorrow, next week, or next full moon. 

MeeWah  23 Jan 2003 
Khartruman: I roughly correspond seasons to the suit of a card; days, weeks or months on the number of the card but those depend on the moment.

In an extended Celtic Cross that I sometimes use (with 5 additional cards whose last card is a "Timing" card), a Major appearing in that position usually means "when the lesson is learned" or "lesson in progress". A timing aspect may be significant in only certain throws where the query contains same; or may occur within the particular throw.

When I first started using the Celtic Cross, I understood it spans a time period of 6 to 10 days; however, I have seen projections from within a day up to 2 years, subsequently verified by the querents. The intuition is what counts here. Some readers see possibilities or the future being changed by reason of a reading, which in turn could affect timing.

As Thirteen expressed it so well, there is no agreement on what means what. 

The Just a matter of time thread was originally posted on 22 Jan 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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