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The Hierophant in a romance reading

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 07 Jan 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

pozt  07 Jan 2003 
I'd seen some threads already about this card, but I'm curious to know what it means when it keeps coming up in a relationship spread. Lately, I've been getting this card, reversed.

I looked into the LWB from Medieval Scapini, which said, "foolish acts of generosity, overkindess, repeated errors."

Can anyone throw some light on to this matter? Thanks for your time. 

Jenny-Li  07 Jan 2003 
In what type of positions do you get the card? Can you give an example?

Light and love,

(With The Hierophant as both Soul and Personality card!) 

pozt  07 Jan 2003 
I either get that card in the "near future" position or "clarification card" position. 

pozt  07 Jan 2003 
that card always appears whenever I'm doing a relationship spread for my friend and his gf. 

Mojo  07 Jan 2003 

pozt  07 Jan 2003 
Originally posted by Mojo

what do u mean?? 

ihcoyc  07 Jan 2003 
The Hierophant/Pope as "near future" in a romance reading? Yikes! I'd see that as the worst of all possible outcomes --- the one that involves a church or a judge. 

Umbrae  07 Jan 2003 
I'd see it as a good thing.

By being together, a third entity is created (the relationship), which educates both participants. 

lunalafey  07 Jan 2003 
I'd say from the positions of the Hierophant in your readings (and without knowing the other cards and the positions) that your friends have something they need to learn about each other, themselves, or the relationship. I'm speculating that the reason why you did a reading is because there might be a bit of trouble in the romance? 

HudsonGray  07 Jan 2003 
Could also mean 'traditional' thinking--you know, the marriage, home, 2.1 kids and a dog. Maybe someone wants that enough to show it up in the reading. 

Mojo  07 Jan 2003 
As I recall, the majors in the Medieval Scapini deck follow the traditional imagery, so we have the Heirophant and two accolytes at his feet.

When a card keeps recurring, you have to consider a meaning that you haven't considered before because obviously, you just aren't getting the message. That's why the card keeps coming back.

Relationship spread, right? Look at the card... 3 people forming a triangle. Now apply that to the relationship... 3 people, not 2!

This is particularly important because you said the card keeps coming up reversed.... in that case, the focus is on 2 of the 3 with one additional person in the background... hence, there's probably a 3rd person who you're missing in defining the relationship.... either there's someone's ex still in the picture, or one of them isn't being exclusive and there's a 3rd wheel to this relationship lurking in the shadows. 

lili  07 Jan 2003 
My opinion about the Hierophant reversed in a relationship is that one of the two people involved in the relationship is not ready for a commitment because he or she doesn't know what they want or is not sure about their feeling for the other person or some kind of insecurity so if they are thinking about engagement or marriage this is not a wise move at this time. 

Diana  07 Jan 2003 
Broken promises, I would say. Upright, I have seen it to be a marriage. Reversed sounds like a big disappointment. Or hopes dashed. In French, there is an expression when something is fishy. We say "Ce n'est pas très catholique", i.e. "It's not very catholic". I think in English we say "It's not very kosher". The Hierophant is the equivalent to the Pope in the Marseille decks. Here our Hierophant is not very kosher, because he's reversed. See what I mean? 

Alex  07 Jan 2003 
When people marry: the church.

Then, wheyn they divorce, there's the judge.

I'm not sure that's the worst outcome. Many people want to marry. Then, once there, many want to ... divorce.

I can immagine worse things. And as far as I know, it's the best it can get.


Originally posted by ihcoyc
The Hierophant/Pope as "near future" in a romance reading? Yikes! I'd see that as the worst of all possible outcomes --- the one that involves a church or a judge.

pozt  08 Jan 2003 
Originally posted by lunalafey
I'm speculating that the reason why you did a reading is because there might be a bit of trouble in the romance?

Actually, I don't know about their relationship situation 'coz my guy friend's been spending a LOT of time with his gf, so I haven't been talking/seeing him for some time.

As for his recent ex...I'd say that they both avoid each other, but I really don't know whether he still likes her or not. It's a possibility, considering he didn't return her stuff, etc. as he did with his OTHER exes...

...and the fact that his current gf looks quite like his ex... 

magpie9  08 Jan 2003 
What if the Heirophant represents the built-in expectations or history of one or both people? The reversal could indicate that the relationship won't go anywhere as long as its' being seen/perceived/powered by traditional thinking/expecting/actions/roles.........or wretched history......bound to fail if the people don't find their way out of that traditional box.........a lot of peopledon't really know how to do a good relationship, having never had one, or even seen one!
I could also see the Heiro (R) as a clairification card if it is read as looking at things in non-traditional ways. Let me know if this makes any sense to y'all. 

lupo138  08 Jan 2003 
I did not understand the position of the High Priest 100% - but in readings I did for myself years ago he always showed up, and he was the one who got the woman, instead of the Magician (that was me). I do not know whether that fits to your reading but if I got the Magician and the HP in a relationship spread I would be strongly seduced to see it as a 3 person thing with one person "winning" and the other one "loosing".
Maybe that helps. 

allibee  08 Jan 2003 
I personally look at it as the non traditional, living in sin type relationship. Something the stubborn Hierophant would look down on, but is very generally acceptable in today's society.

Just my thoughts


lunalafey  09 Jan 2003 
Originally posted by pozt

...and the fact that his current gf looks quite like his ex...

with this comment, and in following the 'traditional' aspect as well as the lessons I mentioned before......someone is going to get hurt.
I was once a victim look alike. It was quite a shock at times and very painful. 

pozt  09 Jan 2003 
But the thing is, whenever I see my friend and his gf from a distance (since he spends all his time with her and we don't have classes together this semester), I know that's they're "together". He carries her bag and stuff, but I don't know what he's thinking.

I don't even dare go ask 'coz he's such an easily disappointed/emotional guy.

Did a few more readings (regarding different aspects of their relationship) and got the same card, reversed, but this time in the "clarification" or "outcome" position. 

Mojo  09 Jan 2003 

You have a lot of possibilities which have been given here. But to really narrow it down, we need to see the entire spread.

May I suggest if you're so concerned that you go to the "Your Readings" forum and post the entire spread. This will help people give you clearer feedback rather than guessing. 

january  09 Jan 2003 
I got the Hierophant about a month ago when I did a reading for myself on the energies surrounding my relationship with my ex. The Hierophant was in the "hopes and fears" position and above him, as the final outcome, was the Sun. Well, as it turns out we saw each other for the first time in months the other night (on my birthday!!) and it was discovered that we both fear committment. Thus, i can now go back and read it as "the outcome of the situation as it stands it that "light will be shed (Sun) on our fears of committment (Hierophant)".

I generally see the Hieophant as a teacher and he would always appear in education, career path, grad school readings. Its also my card for this year. But in love readings it can be a bit tricky. The best advice I can give is to look at the surounding cards, pay attention to the situation as it unfolds in real life and realize that hindsight is sometimes the best teacher :-) 

juice  10 Jan 2003 
One mroe very subtle suggestion. Try asking different questions about the relationship or other aspects of Friend's life. As my experiences with getting the same cards over and over again, you are probably not asking the right questions to get useful answers. Often Tarot will answer your questions but try to drag you to more important questions. 

WallyTuggs  20 Jan 2003 
I definately see this as more of a good thing depending on how long they have been in the relationship for. A judge or a priest means marriage in my book so possibly inquire or suggest that marriage is in the near future. 

scorpio  20 Jan 2003 
sounds to me as though your friend has had the upper hand in power imbalances in past relationships and as he is more"into" this relationship the tables have turned and his girlfriend has more say because he really wants this one to work out of genuine interest 

tarotbear  20 Jan 2003 
It could be one of the two people's parents stepping in, or even a minister...i.e. - a wedding.

3-way-- NO WAY! The hierophant is there to stop the relationship by standing in the way, or to cement the relationship by acting as the counsellor...not to be a menage a tois. 

The The Hierophant in a romance reading thread was originally posted on 07 Jan 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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