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Not Getting on With Justice

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 11 Mar 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Kiama  11 Mar 2003 
I have never felt very close to the Justice card. Whenever it's come up in readings, I've frozen, and my mind has gone blank... I find it very difficult to read this card at all, and often all I see is... Balance. But there must be something more than that! So, can anybody give me their interpretations of this card, their personal experiences of it in their life, etc...?


Icestorm  11 Mar 2003 
Justice can be just that : balance, but often I read it as "you will be rewarded with what you deserve."
Whether that is good or bad, depends on your personal actions, I suppose... as 'justice' suggests.

In a recent reading I did, for example, a friend of mine had been chasing a girl repeatedly for little over a year, and I read it as he was finally going to get rewarded for his unrelenting pursuit.

As it turned out, the girl's best friend came along as asked him out, and of course he rather quickly turned his attentions to HER.
Isnt justice fickle sometimes?  

Sulis  11 Mar 2003 
Hi Kiama, I think that I used to have the same problem as you with this card but since getting the Thoth deck last week I think that I may be starting to get a handle on it. I think that it`s helped me to give this card its Thoth name of Adjustment.
I think of it now as just that: coming to a decision and making the appropriate adjustment in my life. The Thoth deck shows the scales hanging from thick chains, hence another interpretation of a decision which needs making but is hanging in the balance, or taking the middle ground in an argument or discussion. I`ll go away and see if anything else comes to mind.

Love and light

Crystalmynx xx 

bighairymonster  11 Mar 2003 
to me, "justice" is a bit like get what u deserve.....
i had that in a reading regarding my academic life.....
i wasn't putting in the effort and after the grades came out, the justice card kept cropping up. 

truthsayer  11 Mar 2003 
i see justice as being like the astrological sign of libra. libra is an air sign and can generally see all sides to a story. the problem is choosing a side that is most fair. justice can be stern and judgemental or flighty and unbalanced. i usually look at the cards surrounding justice to decide how balanced the rest of the spread is. if there is no strong pattern, i deduce that the querent's life is in turmoil, chaotic or lacking organization or fairness or balance. if there are patterns of stability, justice is reinforcing card for the q's life being settled or balance or honest or fair. at lot depends on the position and other cards. i know what you mean about justice seeming cold but most air influenced cards will seem that way. this is the intellectual side of justice. just think about what the opposite of justice is--airheaded, chaotic, and lacking order. humanize justice with relating it to the most disorganized person you know or a gambler for the random chances and rewards. 

Diana  11 Mar 2003 
Interesting posts. :)

I would say it's a time to learn to be honest with yourself. To stop pulling the wool over your eyes. Stop lying to yourself. If Justice is number VIII in the deck, it makes a lot of sense. An eight is absolutely symetric - both vertical and horizontal. In the middle is a point that is you. So you have to see all sides - top, bottom, left, right in order to find harmony.

Explore your conscience in order to bring out the things from the shadows into the light.

Only when the truth is known, can true justice be dealt out.

Justice carries scales and weighs things up. So Justice can also point to one's karma. Behaving either as the victim (the accused) or the jury is not necessary here. But sometimes amends need to be made in order for justice to appear. So this card can point to the need for adjustments to be made. 

Macavity  11 Mar 2003 
And justice (in my Marseille) casually and ever so slightly leans on one side of those scales... with that look of innocence. Worth the investment in a Camoin for that alone? :D


O.K. I didn't really notice this first time but... 

Diana  11 Mar 2003 
Macavity: That subject is touched upon in the Historical section in the thread on Justice. Also, the scales are not the same size. (This is the case in many of the Marseilles Tarot decks.)

In the book called "Mythes et Tarots - Le Voyage du Bateleur" byçoise, there is a lovely explanation:

"... the imbalance of the scales upholds life, because the equilibrium of nature is always unstable. Scales on exactly the same level would signify immobility and therefore death." (my translation).

Also, I take it to mean that human justice is never real justice. We all know there is a justice for the privileged and another one for the underprivileged. 

Inana  11 Mar 2003 
Justice is card that its also hard to understand to me sometimes. So a few days ago, i just toke the Justices card of Marseille deck and started to look it for a while.
The feeling was very similar to what Diana had already said.

What i want to point here its just two things. In that deck, justice has in her neck something that looks like a rope and reminds me of the hangued man. So its an indication that things that were waiting, in a stand by mode, need and will be solved now.
Its like if the sword that justice has on the hand had cut off the rope of the hangued. Now she has the wisdom gained before but there's no more sacrifice. Instead of it, what we have its what is deserved.
That sword also points to something that sometimes can hurt, but since its justice, it means that its the better for evolution, even if we cant see it at the moment. The sword also remembers me about the story of King Salomon and the baby.

Well... cant come with anymore now. Maybe it doesnt make any sense, but is what i saw on it. 

Alex  11 Mar 2003 
for so much injustice. My dad being a lawyer, I can't help but get the shivers when I see "justice" in a reading.

If we read the Justice card as "you get what you deserve" we may fail to make justice.

I usually see this card as a need for pondering facts and evidence from a detached standpoint.

As far as fortune telling, I usually feel a bit disgusted when I see this card. The gut reaction I have is "something is gonna catch up with you".

Let's remember that innocent lives have been taken by the hands of Justice. People who "have not to fear" find themselves swallowed by the system and when they least expect their lives have been ruined.



Diana  12 Mar 2003 
Inana: very interesting points you've brought up. Any more of those up your sleeve? I have also noticed the "rope" around her neck, and have also seen it mentioned in a couple of books. (Although I don't see it that she has cut the Hanged Man's rope - he appears later in the Tarot journey. But I also see a connection between these two cards.) After all, people used to be hung by the neck by Justice, and in some countries, still are.

Alex: I also don't get too excited when I see Justice in a fortune-telling reading. I get rather nervous - it has often meant that hopes are going to be dashed (although it can also mean, depending on it's position, that the querant will receive what they want, but often after a fight which can leave one feeling rather bitter). 

cheekyminx  12 Mar 2003 
A useful balance to the preceding success card, the chariot. A reminder of the need for balance & sound judgement. A person must remember that one not only needs material happiness, but spiritual & emotional happiness!

I too struggle with a few cards & justice is one of them :) 

Macavity  12 Mar 2003 
Thanks for the thread reference. Yeah, I worry about all these Marseille variants. ;)
Originally posted by Diana
"... the imbalance of the scales upholds life, because the equilibrium of nature is always unstable. Scales on exactly the same level would signify immobility and therefore death." (my translation).

Sounds good to me :) I started to wonder whether it was an allegory to spontaneous symmetry breaking, beloved of physicists. One can never sure which way a pencil, balanced on it's point, will fall... only perhaps that it (eventually) will? Certainly the direction can only be guaranteed by applying an intial purturbation to the system? And, I suppose also, nothing is ever QUITE at equilibrium rest - there's "zero point energy" and all that good stuff? I can't remember now! But, as in the international arena, (some) MEN talk of natural (obvious?) justice, I did wonder if SHE (sic) was an example of a more pragmatic way - with an implicit (fixed) common-sense result? ;)

The recent thread on "psychopaths" prompted me to read more on the subject. One author produced a list of suitable careers for the "functional psychopath" - Senior judicial ones (apparently!) rated near the top :D


miranda  14 Mar 2003 
ok.. help me with temperance.. i always see that as balance.. & i always see temperance as Libra...

temp & justice feelvery much alike.. just one is more warm 

The Not Getting on With Justice thread was originally posted on 11 Mar 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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