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Tarot for 'diagnosis'

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 27 Mar 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

spunch  27 Mar 2003 
I'm just wondering - Do any of you use the Tarot cards to raise some 'medical' issues? Not to give diagnosis, but merely to determine where a health problem might be? Is that possible, from your experience? Is there a some sort of 'guide' as to which card could be connected with certain body parts? 

wavebreaker  27 Mar 2003 
I've created a health spread which I don't so much use for diagnosis, but more to find out where the root of the problem is. Because sometimes we are causing our health problems ourselves, for example giving ourselves headaches because we're too stressed or other health problems because of an unhealthy diet.
Of course, it will only work for health problems that are the result of not looking after yourself properly. 

skytwig  27 Mar 2003 
a seven card vertical spread can be utilized to indicate areas of need for attention. Each card represents a chakra.

7 Crown
6 Third eye
5 Throat
4 Heart
3 Solar Plexus
2 Belly
1 Root

Once a problem area is noted, more cards can be drawn and placed next to the chakra card.

This primarily points out spiritual 'diagnosis', but many healers believe and have observed that spiritual problems eventually become physical.

Any loving work on chakras and their areas within our being is going to result in better health.

reading authors like Barbara Brennan, Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra, in combination with chakra work can be very revealing and educational.

Hope this helps. skytwig..... 

spunch  27 Mar 2003 
I'm fine with chakras and I know that a lot of illnesses come from the inside, from our spiritual hurt, being then reflected on our physical body.

But what if you deal with people who are not 'into chakras'? Is there a method that you could use the cards to point to particular areas of the physical. For example, you do a certain spread and look at the cards and interpret... five of swords - could be kidneys, five/nine of pentacles - let's say - lungs?

There's a programme on our local tv station, goes every saturday evening, called Tarot readings, where people call the lady who is the host of the program and she offers them free readings. She sounds OK, educated, knows (according to me) what she is talking about, and she does a lot of this 'hospital - health - illnesses' stuff. Of course, she is not a healer, she always stresses out that everything she says is just a guideline, something a coller may want to pay special attention to (with regard to health) 

skytwig  27 Mar 2003 
Some of us feel that the physical is actually the smallest part of our presence, that the body is inside of the spiritual!!

I'm sure there is a way to see specific areas with the cards, but I've never used them that way.

I would ask specific questions about specific areas of the body and see what appears in the cards, but to associate specific cards with specific anything is, to me, creating restrictions.

I tend to approach readings with a 'fresh' head - that way i don't miss anything. whenever I presume a meaning, I interfere with intuition, you know?

Maybe your inner spirit is attempting to guide you into something with your intuition. There are Medical Empaths who can read a person's body. Do you think you may have that ability? 

The Tarot for 'diagnosis' thread was originally posted on 27 Mar 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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