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daily card

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 17 Apr 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

gloria  17 Apr 2003 
On the subject of choosing a daily card, what if the card chosen is reversed?
Please don't say to stay in bed.

The thing is not all reversed cards are negative, some are an improvement on the upright.

Anyhow, any thoughts? 

lawguy51  17 Apr 2003 
I don't read reversed cards but here's my two cents...either...

1. Turn it around, or,
2. Interpret the reversed meaning, or
3. Don't get out of bed! :D

I think you answered your own question in your last sentence.


oceanpoetry  18 Apr 2003 
Like lawguy, I don't read reversed cards either. But if a I reversed card came up, it would depend upon the card. Sometimes it can simply mean "not fully realized or manifested energy". 

Belladonna  18 Apr 2003 
Ask yourself "in what way am I blocking, preventing this energy from arising in my life?" A reversed card can sometimes mean this aspect of your life has been buried in your subconscious and needs to be pulled out into the light of day. 

biddy9  19 Apr 2003 

Reversed cards can mean a range of things. Sometimes it can suggest the meaning of the card is emphasised or lessened. It often means that there is a blockage of energy or an obstacle in relation to the upright meaning of the card. The tricky thing with reversals is that there are so many different interpretations, depending on the situation and the cards drawn around it.

If you are comfortable with all of the upright meanings, then start doing some work with the reversed cards - read some book interpretations, write a tarot journal, research on the internet. However, I would probably recommend not doing reversals if you are not comfortable with upright meanings yet.

Hope this helps!


Trogon  21 Apr 2003 
Hi Gloria, and welcome to Aeclectic Tarot.

Well, for me, with a single card a reversed card has just as much meaning as an upright one. If you're using reversals, go ahead and interpret the card using whatever reversed meaning you would normally use for the card. I do not draw a single card very often, but when I do, if it comes up reversed... I just interpret it as such.

My $0.02 worth (in U.S. currency of course... ;) ) 

punkangelgcm437  03 May 2003 
I agree with Belladonna, sometimes a reversed card means the energy of the card upright is being blocked.

But sometimes a card reversed is better than when it is upright, The Tower, 5 of Pentacles, and 10 of Swords are good examples.


LittleWing  03 May 2003 
hi all, well i think wether or not you read reversed is a personnal thing - as with tarot spreads etc - there is no fixed rule as such. i used to try to read reversed but found over time that it did not work for me.

now there are certain cards that i pay attantion to if reversed - or if i get a strong feeling toward it being reversed - but others i just go with the true meaning of the card.

what does your instinct tell you? what works for you? 

gloria  04 May 2003 
Many thanks to you all for your replies.

The daily card thread was originally posted on 17 Apr 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.


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