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The reversed fools journey.

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 06 Apr 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

HOLMES  06 Apr 2003 
this is the fools journey reversed to show another way one might intreprate the cards. (example some say see a major arcana reversed rather then uprighting itself it could be blocking from going to the next card :O)
(three part of a post i think, one how to mediate towards source, two the journey of the soul towards source, and three how the soul travels back :O)

first the fool within is realized, we see all around us and say to ourselves that isn't all that we are , there must be something mroe and i will seek to find it, i choose to awaken all potential with myself, i shall follow the heart of my spirit.

the world card
first i must realize my connection to the world and see that there is more then this world there is the cosmos itself to understand.
here i shall master my world without me, as i have awaken the world within me.

the judgment.
i shall do this without no judgement but the realization we are all one soul within, i shall awaken to my spirit called my soul that is without me, which the part which i awaken as the fool within me is just but a part of a greater whole.

the sun.
there is much light and love in the universe and it is so great i shall connect to it and reach out to all around me and share with them there is no real judgments, but that which you give others and yourself. our loves shall transcend us togehter.

the moon,
just as opposites attract the light i connected to has attracted night to me or rather darkness,
here i have to face my worst instincts and deceptions i have given myself. though i feel as black as night , all that i have learned shall lead me to the light that remains , the moon, it is a lesser light but still a light to help me see deceptions with myself and the world.

the star
everything is beuty in the night , mystical, almost illusional ..
illusion ? the star that shines above me is possibly an illusion as that light hasnt' shoned for thousands of years but only now is reaching me.
i pour the water out of the bowls into the both the earth and the water itself and notice the difference. the water on the earth strives to return to the water and the water in the water joins freely with it source.
ah the source, there must be a source of the light, and i strive to reach it for the earth is but an illusion as i percieve it.

the tower,
i witiness the tower in my life for i know now that i must shake all foundations that were built on illusions in my life, the people that are falling are attachements.
they do not really die, but are freed, the lighting striking the tower shall burns away the illusions. even the source of life upon earth is helping me with ,, wiat ,, here one see the reflections of all four words ,the air, the fire, the water and even the earth shakes, all to shake my illusions.

the devil
my illusions destroyed i can now face the deepest aspects of myself to fact my ego.
all that i am ,, all that i was, is defined by ,, fear ? fear and attachements. to ways of teachings i not yet understand.
the chest that i am holding,, the good life, how can i let go ,, is there more out there, something greater, ?
i fear this is all there is,, yet still i strive.

the angels are here yet again, they speak, we have never left we come as messengers how to balance yourself out of such a tultmous self growth phrase you have went through
it is a rite of passage as is all things that truly affect us for good or bad for we are constantly learning.
here we teach you that balance of the world is the key to tempering yourself. what does that mean good rapheal ?
to heal yourself you must bring into balance all four aspects of yourself to realzie there is a greater fifth. you must do this to understand the ether . and hence comes death

the death.
hail good son i am aspect of death, i come to transform, to release, to move. i come only when i recieve my orders by predetermination by the soul of those i touch and the source.
know me and know no fear for i am nature itself and there is nothign that can be done to fight nature, it can only be halved but not for long.
i am inevitble. as he embraces me i sense all aspects of my life dying, and seeing new things coming for me in all ways , are they better or worse time will tell

the hanged man.
i wake up hanging upside down when death is done with me, and i see new things but they are old things how is this possible ? nothing unreal exists nothing real can be threatend ?
i recall times in my life when i saw death , chickens with heads cut off, people dying..
still hanging upside down i didnt' see what i needed to see, they say the chicken is serving part of his evoluiton yet how can that be,, does the chicken move on to a new species ? the dodo went extinct, where they do go. ?
i consider hanging upside down feelign the blood rush to my head and thinking how funny thing look upside down.
my inuition says that life isn't what i think it is,, and there are better ways to do things, and into i learn those better ways waste nothing, no time, no resource, no touching of souls.

the justice.
and here i end up at justice, i am the one sitting here with a sword in my hand, and the balances in my other hand.
i know now that all choices i made in life i was responsible for not anyone else, for however they influence me i choose to do so, even if that choice was do it or die, i choose to do it rather then then die, then again that choice gets offered every day , work or get fired, do things for me or leave me, do it or don't do it..

wheel of fortune.
things go up and things do down , they are never contant, that is the lessons they speak of , down to the core is it not ? how i acted during the good times is my choice i made as well as the choices i made during the downtime.
the wheel may spin but i dictate how i act , and so i realize a bit of my own will.

the hermit.
i am the fool realized, but who am i really ? i must seek myself out but i can learn more, then i realize there is a greater aspects to myself then i realized and that there are helpers all over the spirits guides the angels and the source. perhaps the greater helper around is my own brother and my own sister who i turn away from to come seek my inner wisdom.

the strenght.
i won't attack my brothers, i tame my ego and my animal instincts form the moon and realize that my inner strenght is my true strenght not physical strenght. the power to tame one self true true power, not power over others, that is false power and will be taken away when everyone starts their own search.

the chariot
i will go around the world and tell them awaken, i will go and tell them all i know but what shall i do, and where shall i go first, i must plan in order to harness my outer strenght i acquired through inner strenght , it isn't ambition i am using but pure self controll

the lovers.
in my travles i met myself in many lovers and saw they too were souls unrealized but someday too will awaken as i am trying to do. we make the choice to share our intimate self with others, we make the choice to trust in team work. to trust our brothers and sisters as ourselves.

the heirophant
and here i am teaching all i know , i am teaching,, , for it is my calling at this time. the greatest teaching i can give them is that my system is but a key , my life but a way, they must live their own ways, and find their own key.
the book is only a book self experience is living.

the emperor
i seem to be exalted to a place of honor and power, but i turned away from power and my self power and said you can help people through honor and logic,
use all the wisdom you acquired to help goven. to moderate, to lead. but that isn't my true self. it is but a phrase i must work

the emperess,
here i fully come one with the world to know all the laws of deeper nature and know that no emperor can stave of it laws,
here i connect fully with my heart of the world and see that i may love them as the world i can't change them
so here i will just do what i can for the earth to help out the earth angel

the high prietress.
i know everything, but i know nothing, there is still the greater mysteries i must learn and here i will do it by inution and trust , the mysteries can only be found in the greater teachings, which tell you to seek yourself ,

the magican.
i know everything and nothing i know can't be manipulated, do i dare to use my mastership to affect the world through power.
no but i will as a master do what i can through love to affect the world.
the power within me , is just that power, it is not true knowledge or wisdom.

the fool awakened.
and here i am walkign through the world having no followers, having no teachings, for there is nothing to teach but just to be and follow one spirit.
it is hard for some to do , and i know the paths they will have to take for i been there.
here i am just being, one with my creator and myself and my guide friends. where to go only the fool knows

(post two for the journey home) hopefully tomorrow 

Kiama  07 Apr 2003 
Hi HOLMES! Cool insights!

Did you know that Kabbalists do the Fool's Journey this way, based on the Tree of Life? I'll see if I can find what I postd about it... *Kiama searches*



HOLMES  07 Apr 2003 
hi kiama,

diana pointed me to the thread, i skimmed it, and that part i skimmed over, and i thought it was a little differnt then what i pictured in my mind. so i said to myself as let it flow
(surpised it came turned into i statements instead of the fool but felt natural as i just typed away.)

(i never knew that calabists do the fool journey backwards least i didn't think i read in the tarot and tree of life everday wisdom in minor arcana. i didn't see it in the qabalistic tarot.
then again when i read a book i remember the parts that interest me eheh.
in 78 degrees she shows you the minors backwards but the majors go forward )

edited to add. on second thought , some of it is similar but siad differntly and example for the emperess i didn't understand the binah and gestate
ohh and no fool in your jouney ? it is expected he is at the beginning and ending as well ? 

Minos  07 Apr 2003 
Originally posted by Kiama

Did you know that Kabbalists do the Fool's Journey this way, based on the Tree of Life? I'll see if I can find what I postd about it... *Kiama searches*

I've never like the fools journey metaphor all that much, but it's definitely true that the way up the tree starts from Tau and winds up to Aleph, rather than the other way around.

Unless you use Frater Achad's reversed tree, but that complicates things more, and a lot of people think Achad was nutso anyways. ;) 

Melvis  07 Apr 2003 
Nicely done, Holmes! I really like your idea. I liked how on your Fool's Journey you actually become the archetypes for each card. On most Fool's Journeys one simply interacts with the archetypal figure from the card. Your way makes for a much more personal journey, IMHO.

I always read something that makes me think when I open one of your threads, Holmes! ;) I like that! :D



Kiama  08 Apr 2003 
I'll talk to my Qabalist friend when I see him tomorrow night, and fill in the gaps in the version I posted...


azuremariposa  08 Apr 2003 
btw, when you asked, i meant to tell you that this read like poetry to me...if you aren't a poet, you should be one :D and it makes better sense this least to Melvis indicated, your way definitely makes it more personal to the they proceed on their journey...:)
many blessings to all! 

HOLMES  09 Apr 2003 
*aye i did write poety when i was younger, it was like i would hear someone singing or feel a song in me and i had to get the words out on paper :O)*

here is the journey back to the soul source when we are freed from the mortal coil.

the fool.
what am i doing here, where am i , the dog speaks "good heart.
you are freed from your mortal self. and are now your true are free to fly to sing and dance and be your fool self once more. " and so the soul plays a bit. the fool soul doesn't know know why no one talks to him, or know he is there. but all he does is do his best to send his love.

the world
here is where many get stuck due to their attachement to the world be it loved ones, work left unfinished, or even items, some simply don't know they are dead due to the fact they dont' want to face it..
the soul hasn't let go of its ego yet as that is the hardest part to deal with , to let the ego go and move forward for what part of the ego do we take with us. how much of the world that was us do we take with us ?. some souls go and play with their fairies friends, and dragons, and the nature spirits. the nature spiriits play with them as well , knowing they are will soon awaken and so they will play for the moment.

the judgement.
the soul is released from the ego self they were still carrying, and they have judged themselves by reliving every mistake, and every consquence. there is much rejoicing as friends they had, in many life times reveal themselves and the soul cries not out of sadness but a return back to home.

the sun.
here the soul heals themselves in the light of the creator and plays, and learns, and simply be in the light. they are once again as children, it is a sort of reward for their travels they did.
they return as well to send light and love to the world, their loved ones, and to watch over them, not as guides but as simply loved one there to support their soul friends. for not only loved ones in terms of the heart are loved, but those who were connected to us and we had trouble with them in the ego filled world we return to give them hope and love, and to help them heal as on the soul level how can we not ?
those that choose to return as a incarnation do .. other move on.

the moon.
it is a great task you have choosen to return to the source great soul are you ready ?
for to return to source and grow as a soul you must take these lesson at the soul level to strenghten you in the light.
and so we enter the dark night of the soul.
here the soul travels the universe seeing truth in deceptions, visting many worlds many universed , never in judgement for they have moved past that stage but to seek truth by sifting through deception caused by instinct.
here the soul can cry as a wolf when against all instincts they have acquired in their life times, the cosmics laws of the universe are furfilled. one seeks to influence the worlds if they werent' prepared through many lifetimes.
here they only seek to watch , to discern to move on down the road, for the dark forces are trying to cloud the truth , and put many worlds in tests,
why must it be ?

the star,
refuge is sought during this time by seeking the light, oh source why have it been so. ?
"it is so for they have to seek the light within themselves, and sometimes they must seek the light outside in order to know there is a divine light inside themselves and every living creature."
and so the stars are put into the night to serve a purpose.
seek now the light in the universe and know that you are not alone but happiness and hope is there for you to witiness in the continuing creation of the univese, witiness the birth of a star and know that too is a soul, perhaps even a past incarnated star that was one on earth many moon , lifetimes eons ago.

the tower,
hope given from the star , the soul travels to the tower energies, and sees before i was shocked by the instincts of living creature and partial truths and now i see destruction for a purpose, is this so ? "it is , to destroy the partial truths so whole truths can be seen " i knew this,, long ago, the soul says but then it was only a moment ago wassn't it.
what can i do ? that is the soul teaching good heart, when the tower begins to fall , one can let it,, to see what remains, and then send love and light for them to rebuild. for see if they seek to help the destruction they might help the destruction go too far, or if they seek to halve it, it may not go far enough.
it is their choice, for sometimes their souls shrouded in their egos seek to take only as much truth as they can hanlde. for in their lives, their worlds too much truth sometiems can destroy one soul
what do you mean ,?
"move on ward and see good heart "

the devil.
too much truth about their attachements, their fears, their dark desires, and they give up the fight, too weak to see their truths, it is a strong will, heart, and mind and soul to face one own devil.
and now you watching this see the "devil of the universe" do you see a figure ?
"i do not ,, is that good ?"
"there isn't a devil, but there is .. the darkness that resides every living thing, that isn't freed from their attachments, and their judgements, and their instincts, is the devil.
long ago lucifer was sent to direct the dark light in order to harness these forces and direct them to speed up the evolution of men.

here i see angels, is that correct ? "it is "
why are they here and what purpose do they seek,
"they were always there, it is only when a soul seek to moderate themselves that they seek a voice that is from the source, and that is the message, seek and ye shall find, live true and you shall live well. keep your live balance, and you will be strong "
so the message of balance, is a matter of being strong ?
"yes for previously fears, of one level of being made one weak, now the fears have been faced, all levels of being can be harmonzied and peace found. for now on consider temperance peace of being from balance from harmony "

"on your world did not death come it is so in the universe why do star die ? good heart a soul doesnt' want to be a star forever so allowances are made for transformations. it is so on the planet you came from, . it is my time , let me be , i am tired, i am ready to be renewed.
this is truely a cosmic law, and why souls go to earth, to know that nothing is eternal but the love of the universe and so they go to see what they can do in that amount of time "
do souls truly die ?
"nay i say to you they do not, they transform eventually to angels, some of said i created only a number of angels, and that is it, why would i limit myself to a number derived by man when i am infinite, and so the lesson of death is learned "

hanged man.
what is the purpose of the hanged man ? i can see no view here at the universed level.
" after the realization of lesson of death, the souls who want to move closer now have to pass the hanged man, to totally reversed their view of the world, comos and knowing, and they at this level begin to truly know, in all incarnations, should they wish to go back,
what do they know ?
"they know that they can limit , and now they know they can see truly, and so some souls who go back ,, this procedure forward isn't always stright good heart sometiems a step back to strenght one self is the key "
so the hanged man knows there isn't a set order in the universe but there is a universal order and that can not be manipulated , ?
"that is so"

so now we are at justice, hey shouldn't this be sooner ?
"it is here for only at this levle is true responsibility for a being a of light is taken at this level, the responsibility not to try to manipulate but to be and send love and let the evolution take its course. "
so here the soul learns that through it all they were trying to deny their responsibility as a denizen of the universe and furthermore trying to block it ?
"it is so , the blind fool is a deep lesson here, but the fool is never truly blind at the soul level. and so the soul takes responsilbity for their actions, all their actions, it is a big step off the road of karma. where one says you did to me so i shall pay you back in the next live.
here the soul says i choose to forgive you and let you go,
and it is necessary here to move on "
who would of thought.

the wheel of fortune.
the ups and down of the universe, a higher perfection of the judgement card.
in the judgment card one was judging themselves in their spiritual awakenings how is this a move up ?
" it is a move up for they are now judging what they attracted to themselves, all the good things and all the bad things, this is the outer reflection of their inner reflections lived in the judgement card"
so the universe truly doens't work from chaos
" in the matters where it affects individual souls no, they choose to be there , for what ever lessons they may of choosen, that is up to them. " 

HOLMES  09 Apr 2003 
the hermit card.
why then are they turning away from you at this card ?
"they are not turning away from the source, they are returning to their source of themselves and reflecting all they have learned,
they have returned from their journey of the universe and now are seeking their inner masters. "
the hermit ideal isn't something to be feared then ?
"to be alone is impossible, for there are angels abound, guides near, and a call to the universe possible should one need it.. but how many really make that choice ?
the hermit is a letting of inner power and a realization of true inner power

the strenght card.
i know this from my lessons this is innerstrenght right ?
"that is but an aspect , this card speaks of spiritual strenght, of soul strenght .
the lion at the normal levels is one own animals desires,
here at the soul level they are the universe. and all that affects us, we have mastered them. not through manipulation , but through acceptance and working with the results of the movement of the stars in the cosmos.

the chariot card.
what does amibition have to do here ?
"it isn't ambition that this card means , but traveling to share, to teach, to show.
a traveling guide if you will moving through the world , through the cosmos helping other to learn.
this isn't yet heiropahnt energies, but it is a matter of sharing simple sharing.
control and ambition is earthy aspects of it "

love the brother as yourself, ?
"love the cosmos as yourself by choosing to be one with it. love its nature, love its weakness and its strenght unconditionaly.
and you will strenghten your own light ten fold, be it threefold however as much as you can envision is how much you shall raise, "
what about soul mates ?
"every soul one meets is a soul mate, be it old man, child who was just born, a forgiven brother, a lost love.
here at this level of the soul , this close to the source, there is not attachments for one soul mate, the whole cosmos is your soul mate "

the heirophant.
why do so many hate this card, and feel opressed.
"that be earth religions which i have nothign to do with, that is the teachings of society accepted beliefs and they wish to enstill into their young, it is a good thing at times, but like life not always."
what is your teachings of the hierophant ?
"at this level of the soul , we seek to understand all the teachings of the world, to see what true truths are in there and to share them. recall the lesson of the devil, and tower, one can not handle too much truth. so in these instances the guides seek to give truth as much as other can handle.
through this method souls evolve and learn. "
what is the truth of the heirophant
"good heart that is decided by the heart of the individual soul on their way to the source, know this though, eventually the teachings of the cosmos will be learned, and so a book written by man however inspired may seem limiting. and so teachings are limiting, but also help one to move on the next level "

the emperor
the logic of the mind ?
"the logic of the soul here we have moved on past the teachings, and the lessons, for now and we are govening our soul essence at this time. "
does this rule then ? like the mind rules the body ?
"the emperor isn't about ruling one self, at the soul level but instead truth through living, it is moment rest at the true level , the peace sought in temperance, is truly found.
so this is the beginning of peace of the mind ?
"what mind at the soul level is there but the universal mind and that is always at peace and to be one with it is simply to live at the soul level in the moment. "

the emperess
the universal heart ?
"you bring much mirth and joy, all hearts are one when they are joined, that is the teaching of the circle, the triangle, the square, they are a version of a circle, for they are all connected. "
love the cosmos as gia loves the earth ?
"for those enlightened souls at the soul level they do love the cosmos, yet they have enough level of love to love everyone as individuals. just as there one never runs out of room in their hearts for their children and brothers, so to is with the soul and the cosmos "

the high priestress.
the secrets of silent knowing and inuiton eh ?
"the final aspects of the darkness that one has accepted as their travel of path. no one is alone, no one is seperate and so the abysss isn't seperate as well the highpriestress sends light into the dark light to help it evolve as the last lesson of the free enlighted soul. here in the soul level of knowing there is nothing left to reflect, to consider, or even be for one just knows. "

the magican.
"and so the co creation has begun, the lessons of been learned, one now begins to create the universe with me, it is much love and wisdom here to be found "
what about the microcosms of the universe can we use these principles of the divine will of the magican to help us on the mortal plane ?
"surely it is so, should one seek the lessons of the ascended masters of the travel upward it is so. "
my mind says it has the power to affect the world ...
"the ego mind is limited the mind becoming the universal mind is a free mind. "

a return to fool
"so now one has become the true fool all the unrealized potential of the soul. has anyone ever reached this level, ? everyone has come from this level and has never left know this in your travels the retun to the fool, is simply to awaken and recall your true innerchild who knew joy in all moments before desires and attachment were taught and fear, recall that as your true self. "

and now awaken, 

Celtic_Dragon  10 Apr 2003 
Originally posted by Minos
I've never like the fools journey metaphor all that much, but it's definitely true that the way up the tree starts from Tau and winds up to Aleph, rather than the other way around.

Unless you use Frater Achad's reversed tree, but that complicates things more, and a lot of people think Achad was nutso anyways. ;)

I've never heard of this tree before, how does this apply to tarot and most importantly what is it? 

Mysti  10 Apr 2003 
This is wonderful. Thank you.


Umbrae  10 Apr 2003 
VERY cool. 

NeXoRiouS  11 Apr 2003 
HOLMES, I believe you have put in much effort to think of it. :) 

HOLMES  12 Apr 2003 
the journey of the soul to birth.

the fool
the soul chooses to come back to earth of all places in order to experience more on the earth planes, the drama, the heart break but oh the joy as well. here the soul has no preconceieved judgements but decides on the soul levle i will travel to earth for i feel it in my whole being. that is what i remember choosing to come back to earth with my whole being.

the world
as i approach the earth i choose the purpose for why i have come, to set my plans in my motions for we spiritual beings have a purpose for everything. i choose loved, i choose peace, i choose war, in many life times. here i choose knowledge.

the judgements.
i choose the beliefs to work on, the ones i carried life times over lifetimes which i am working to clear so i can come closer to my soul and fully achieved my spiritual awakening. the rebirth i seek is the goal of this card, to take all my spiritual knowledge and bring it into the limititions of the physical world in my manifestation. here i will strive to let the knowledge come out in the world as i live, and let the knowledge purify the deep seated beliefs that needs tranformations.

the sun.
here i choose my guides and my angels and the connection to the source i will have. for the light is within me and it can't be hidden and so to put the light within a construct is a time consuming process. it is why we can not just incarnate.

the moon.
with my deep seated beliefs i had in my past lives, here i deal with the actual illusions i will face in the life ahead, i plan them out to prepare my life enougth to handle them. i know ever deception and instinct decision i face despite the outcome is not a failure for it is the experience, and the choices made for why i have come. to do the best is what all we can do. it will be fun.

the star.
here i set up my birthdate , my location, all my coding for my life ahead. this coding will give a hints of my actual soul level and my purposes set ahead so i dont' lose my way. still hope will come in other matters i know in actual life that i will face.

the tower.
we all strive to build something in life, and life is full of falls and falling of creations we have made. i choose the creations i will make and hope i will attempt to do so given the fears i will face in actual life.

the devil.
all my long time fears that i have endured in many life times and fears i havent' faced yet i choose to face in this life time. be it a renactment of drowning, or a fear of burning, i will face them and i hope i will get past it. i know fears of love, and of source , and even of myself , mostly my dark desires that i take on to make me stronger will be hard but well worth it.

the temperance.
here i decide how much balance my life will have and necessary steps that will be given to me as choice to keep my life balance. in my time to come i hope i will make the choices , sometiems it will be hard when extremes are presented to walk in two worlds is hard.

the time of my death isn't as set as some think it is. i choose back ups upon back ups. example i give in to my fears and make mistakes and die by accident. or by anger of the devil or by hopelessness of the stars. there is many choices to be set out here. the choice to accept death or fight it with all my might will be exciting to see what choices will be done.

the hanged man.
the new ideas and new views i will learn in this life times i choose, however at the time of this card i can only choose if i will sucessufully hange upside down or if i will refuse.
it is getting exciting the paths set out for myself.

how well will i affect soul choices compared to personal choices, it is hard to say, much will depend on what i have come here to do, to learn, and here the plan is not actual incarnation though that could be a learning process inself should one choose it and all its pros and cons. instead it is about actual acceptance of responsiblities i do my best to choose according to my soul level the choices i will endure.

wheel of fortune.
here the die is cast according to the choices made so far on the lifetime grid. how well everthing fits into place like the choosen of the parents, all the soul friends i meet and every big detail in my life then a further cast is set for the little details.
then a test is done by the council of guides who help us to make these decisions. how much can i actually take on. according to soul level. life work , life purpose, and soul direction.
then the die is finally cast good luck soul.

the hermit.
i am in the room now, seeking inner power , to determine my actual characteristics, it is a finally honed procedure. to which the guides come and say you didn't think we would leave you alone. ? you may of forgotten much of what you have done, who you were in order to move forward to what you have planed.
but we are with you , to help you , seek not to be lost for you are not.

strength card.
here i am planning out my phyisical strenght and the inner strength based on the physical strenght. sometimes the weakest person can be the strongest inner person in the world and vice versal... it is my ideal to strive to be both. i start to learn to deal with instincts here, food ,(pulls umbrical chord pass down some apple juice)

i start to move and be active here. little by little ever so slowly i move a tiny bit to set out my new body , are we moving, wow
my soul is visiting me in my dreams forget not our ambitions we have choosen, to be who we want to be.

the lovers.
ever wonder why those people we meet have those mystic eye contacts ? here in our development we get visited by the souls of the people we will meet especially our lovers, and we see images of what they look like, who they will be, and the choices present to us. example a choice will be to acknowledge the connection when we face each other or to walk way.
here is where we decide to hightail it if it gets too hard for us, to be born is a scary thing when we are cut off from the source.
also mother choices, or accident can happen that may have to happen due to her chosen lesson, and we accept that for we have a back up plan to be incarnated elsewhere if it must be.
even if we leave, we still have a love for the mother who almost was for us. it is a great deal of love to bore us and to be bore on the soul level for even that amount of time.

the hierophant.
here is where we start to form our subsconsicous beliefs that we will deal with it. these are teachings that we learned in many life times, and the best and worst are in our heart. when we listen to our heart it is good, but when we act out of fear and anger, it is bad. here we also learn about teachings, for the teachings we have choose for us are reviewed in our sleeps.
we know subsconsicouly who we are , and who we can't be due to our plans, but oh how those plans are flexible.
should we transcend our plans which we is our ideal goal we can become greater and break free of the teachings we have instilled in us.
it becomes necessary to do that at sometimes. as we work on the optinum level. and so to be a bit better sometimes we bust free and say we are not defined by society views, or the teachings defination of us. it is our soul light shining through in such cases. even if it is to only face our own beliefs and stand alone. to speak of this as anger is not the key but as a self belief i can do better.

the emperor
to develop logic, and subsconscious knowledge start to happen here. how much logic of the mind we fine tune. here is where we decide if we should be born a little mentally deficent or a little extra oxygen making us smarter then the average little fellow. this doesn't dictate our life , but how we apply our plans to our life and transcend or live up to our potential.

the empress.
here is where emotional connection is made, on all levels between us and mother and father on the soul level, i have come so far , it is time for us to truly get to know each other, that is why mothers and father begin a lot of soul searching about their place as a parent at this time for the child in the dream world does the same. to get off to a good beginning is the ideal key on both ends. and the connection to mother earth is made as well the finall root charkas is fully developed as much as can be done in the womb.

the high priestress.
here we begin to connect to the universe again, but from a body sense, where inution begins and we fully decide what abilities we pick according to the plans we have choosen. and also physical defiencies that may develop those abilities better. i.e. being blind blind to some. to wearing a "viel" defining birth marks.

IT IS TIME TO BE BORN. it is our will that we use to endure labour and to set the exact moment of our birth. and finally , some of us decide that when we get born ,, it is too scary and we are not ready and leave back to earth one of the back up plans chosen at the death stage. see we know instinctly we make our worlds at this time. and so we have the power , even if it is just infant power at this stage.

the fool.
and so i have been reborn the soul self as a physical self with a soul self hidden inside. i will learn lots. and lots, and expereince new things and old things. will it be a good life ? at this stage i am the fool and i can't say for the choices that are present to me will be in the now, and much will be based on fast decisions. yet sometimes i can reversed those decisions and that is a good thing for the fool knows only the fool ways and the innerchild who is the soul. 

Faerie Lin  12 Apr 2003 
Very cool indeed! I REALLY like the fool's journey reversed. My fav part is the hanged man awakening from death in the first part! 

Cerulean  15 Apr 2003 
I really enjoyed these posts..

The first time I saw the backwards journey was the Navigators of the Mystic Sea book and deck. I thought it was a very intriguing idea. I believe Julia Turk helped influence the artist/writer who did the Roots of Asia Tarot, but he didn't do anything with that intriguing backwards ordering system---I seem to remember Julia Turk studied BOTA/Kabbalah or Golden Dawn systems and that did influence her.

The strange and old Etteilla 1-78 structure is unique unto itself, doesn't make sense to me. However the archetype walks written here is very interesting to read.

What fun you must have looking at the Tarot order in different ways.

Mari H> 

Rusty Neon  15 Apr 2003 
Originally posted by Mari_Hoshizaki

The strange and old Etteilla 1-78 structure is unique unto itself, doesn't make sense to me. However the archetype walks written here is very interesting to read.

Continental tarotists have often placed the Fool at the end, rather than the beginning, of the major arcana. (Recall that in the TdM deck, the Fool card is unnumbered, rather than being numbered 0.) Thus, Etteilla's idea of placing the Fool at the very end of the deck, as the 78th card, isn't that much of an extra leap. 

Two of Wands  22 Apr 2003 
I read though this using one of my brightest decks out in the sun today. It was very enjoyable, thanks for taking the time over it Holmes. 

The The reversed fools journey. thread was originally posted on 06 Apr 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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