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Gift card becomes signifier?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 15 May 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

renard  15 May 2003 
Hi, all.

I broke a new deck and gave several encouraging cards to a friend when he was low --
World, Ace Cups, Queen Cups, Temperance, the Empress, the Sun (RWS). He loved the World and put it on his desk where he sees it constantly. (I may be nuts, but I think this is good for him.)

Here's the interesting part: Since then, throws concerning him contain the World well over half the time.

So, whatcha think? Is there some sort of energy coming out of me when I throw that pulls up this card? Or has the card somehow associated itself with him (or vice versa) so that it summons (or *something*) the same card in the deck I use? (also RWS) I'm not usually one to worry about how the cards work -- they do, and that's good enough -- but the way this card is connected with him is so striking that I wondered if anybody could throw some light.

I'm also interested in whether other tarotistas give cards to people as "therapy," or as a blessing? They're such powerful images that it seems a shame to keep them under wraps.

Namaste -- renard 

Astraea  15 May 2003 
What a beautiful post, renard. It seems to me that there must be a potent resonance between you and your friend, carried and conveyed by the World card as both a symbol, and the actual presence, of love. Giving your friend those cards was a beautiful affirmation of hope and faith.

Once, a friend of mine was in a very low place, feeling powerless and despairing. I gave her the High Priestess card from the One World deck -- one of the loveliest and most evocative images of the HP I have ever seen, the image of a woman with her arms outspread and chakras lit from within. I bought a second deck and placed the HP card on my desk. Now she and I both think of one another, and send each other love, whenever we look at those cards.

If people are open to the messages conveyed by the cards, it seems to me that they truly can be therapeutic -- symbols transmit meaning, and the love behind the gift of a card (or cards) is the most healing therapy of all.

Tarotistas -- I love it! :laugh: 

sagitarian  16 May 2003 
To answer the easiest question first, no, i've never given my cards to someone for a while to help them, mainly due to I don't want to chance loosing a card in my deck. I don't see my friends very often at all, so it would be weeks literally before i got back the card, I couldn't go that long without my deck being a complete deck. However, I have used crystals for this, very similar in concept, and sometimes, they permanately adopted the crystal (that is, the crystal wanted to stay with them).

On to the more complex answer about the card becoming his signifacator.

Obviously both of you were doing a lot of work with this card, and in your own way, casting tarot magic (to a small degree and that's only in my humble opinion). You said that he was very drawn to this card anyways. Often I have found that when a certain card is attracting me to it, there is an important message of a life lesson that I need to learn through the message of this card. Him keeping it close and near to him I'm sure has definitely helped him in his life right now. What ever the inner personal message is to this card for him is why he draws it out in almost every reading. Mostly b/c he's not getting the message and/or he's not acting upon what he needs to in order to get over this hurdle in his life.

Now, I'm horrible with RW (Rw clone) decks. But I did read with a RW clone deck for ten yrs, so from what I remember in my experiences from using that deck.

The World ~ Is about using all that you are in order to move forward in life. However this moving forward is requiring much heavy work for you to do. The karmic forces that be can't do this if you don't help yourself.

Now, with my empathy (and this isn't always reliable) I get that he's in school, college, and that he's taken on a heavier load then normal, and his regular load is a lot for most people to handle anyways. He's taken on too much and it's catching up with him. He's loosing sight of the importance of college, and questioning why he's putting himself through all of this right now, getting disgruntled in his slow progress. This anger is also reflected in his friendships and other relationships (family). There's a slight slight hostility towards his father, like his father pushed him into this, when really what I feel is that his father encouraged him. He's loosing focus and fast.

How the world card is playing into his life (IF this is correct) ~ He needs to concentrate on his studies, put all of himself into it, or nothing will be gained. Education is one of those all or nothing deals. He needs to find his strength, courage, and endurance to continue through what he started in order to reap the rewards of what his hard work will create for him later (this is represented by the dancing figure in the middle). He needs to pull together everything he has (represented by the four different forms of strength, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and will power represented by the four animals in the corners of the card) in order to really pull through this semester.

Also, I have a feeling that if he can make it through his finals this semester, then next semester will be much more easier for him, and there is one or two classes (the second is shadey like he's still debating wether or not taking it) that he really will enjoy taking. It will be a more relaxed semester for him, and over the summer, he will gain back (through resting) his reasons and sight of why he started on this path of education.

I'm not sure if this is helpful or even correct at all, but regardless, I hope this might help you and your friend out. The card won't go until he realizes and excepts the message of the card and pulls through with it.

Our signifactors change through out our lives, as our lives change in order to continue to better ourselves and grow. For some reason, I felt it necessary to state that. 

Thirteen  16 May 2003 
Almost any Major arcana or court card can be a signifier, and most certainly if your friend is drawn to that card, it can signify them--forever or only at this time in life.

And yes, I've had this happen to me with querents, where a card they designated for themselves always turned up, standing for them, anytime I read for them. The most memorable was one friend who always got The Star. So uncanny was its appearence that I knew right away if I hadn't shuffled/cleansed the deck enough when reading for the next person. The Star would show up in such a way to tell me that the deck was still under the previous (Star) friend's power.

So yes, absolutely, this can happen, and it's really cool when it does. There's an ease and comfort in readings that happen with such people, as if the deck is in tune with them.

As for what the World signifies: it might indicate all the things Sag suggests about your friend--certainly in how, as a card of advice, meditation, spiritual guidance, the World might help him to open his focus, turn from pressing problems, and find a way to his larger self.

Or perhaps it just indicates who he is: someone at home anywhere in the world, someone completing something and moving up to a higher plane in their profession or being. Someone who looks out, rather than in, seeing the world.

Great story, by the way. Neat how the cards sometimes work, isn't it? 

renard  16 May 2003 
Astraea, Sagitarian, Thirteen:

Thank you so much!

Astraea -- thanks for you lovely compliments, and for the story about the HP, you, and your friend. A card as a conduit for thoughts and feelings between two people -- that's cool! Your point about cards as therapy only working for people who respond to the cards to begin with is, I'm sure, true. My friend is hardly a devotee, but he's open to the tarot.

Sagitarian -- My friend isn't a formal student (he's Too Darn Old), but he is going through a period of intense growth and inner learning. *And* many of his troubles in life go back to his relationship with his drunken, abusive father who left the family high and dry when he was a kid. (And maybe to his relationship to Uncle Sam -- he's a Vietnam vet.) Your observation that he's working extra hard and that his normal load is too much for most people is exactly on the money -- he's a workaholic, can't stay still type who seems to need to justify his existence on earth by working like a dog. He's also sick and exhausted and needs to lighten up (ah, that floating figure.)

Thirteen -- First, thanks for so generously giving to all of us.

Thanks, too, for the story about The Star. That's just how I feel reading for my friend when the World appears -- relaxed and totally confident that the cards are really speaking to and about him. (And that I can read them.)

And, yes, he is a very expansive, vivid, curious sort of person, attentive to others and to the world -- nature, the news, whatever's there. He is currently very focused on how his life might be larger: I think he used those very words a couple months ago, telling me about sitting and thinking late at night.

What an awesome thing the tarot is! I'm so glad that you think that giving him the card was helpful.

Namaste and a deep bow to each of you! -- renard 

Verna  16 May 2003 
I am not sure this is similar, as I am quite new at this, but, I have cards designated for my child and myself. Recently, I did a reading for her regarding this lifetime. It was quite a beautiful reading, very affirming. One of the things that made it so is that the cards that represent us, The Queen of Cups and the Page of Cups showed up in the reading without having been purposely singled out.

As I was driving around today, (Tarot Card shopping) I thought about the mathematic probability of those two cards showing up in the spread, and being the appallingly awful mathematician I am, I had no idea what the odds would be. But, I do know this, the odds large and the fact that those two cards showed up in that reading were to me, a beautiful thing.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that this Web Forum is lovely. The people who belong to it and share their thoughts and experience with newbies like me is an invaluable gift that I will try to give to others in turn, one day, when I know what I am doing!!!

Thanks for reading my post! 

renard  18 May 2003 
. . . having cards specifically painted for you and your child!

The odds, I think, would be 78 x 77 / 10 (for a celtic cross), which is about 1 in 600. I could *very* easily be wrong.

I agree with you entirely -- Aeclectic Tarot is just about the kindest, smartest, most thoughtful group of people anywhere. As a pretty-much newbie (going on two years in tarot), I still can't believe my luck!

Nice to meet you, and thank you for replying.

Namaste, renard 

The Gift card becomes signifier? thread was originally posted on 15 May 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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