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The Moon's Journey Stage One: From Fear to Fool

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 06 May 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
(This journey will be posted in three threads. This is stage one):

Upon the corner of the moon
There hangs a vaporous drop profound;
I'll catch it ere it come to ground:
And that distill'd by magic sleights
Shall raise such artificial sprites
As by the strength of their illusion
Shall draw him on to his confusion:

And you all know, security
Is mortals' chiefest enemy.
--Macbeth Act III sc. v

Selene crouches, haunted beneath the Moon, her tortured face cast in shadows that deepen her eye sockets, hollow her cheeks in the ghost light reflected. This moon she gazes upon is the essence of illusion, illumination by second light, a pale mockery of true brillance. Selene’s deepest fears haunt her in the night, when this illumine glows brightly, makes monsters of her thoughts, grotesque distortions of reality. The warm golden glow of the day has long sunk and this Moon’s shadow light drains the color from day’s citizens, elongates their shadows into night’s denizens. The white wolf howls balefully at the moon’s full cast, baying in drawn moans like wind through fallen hollow decaying trunks. Yet, the very waters stir and rise to the moon’s full cast, even those waters flowing within Selene’s body, the 70 percent of her being pulled to the light that drains the life’s color to pallor and from that comforting existence we are familiar with by day and casts the world as a corpse drained of blood.

This is the world in which I see Selene, the consciousness of the Moon trump I have envisioned, living. On what kind of journey would she emerge from her fearful world? Tarotists often turn the sequence of the Major Arcana into the story of as the Journey of the Fool. Yet, why not relate the journey of other trumps? Being myself a storyteller, I was intrigued when I was suggested the possibility of other journeys through the Trumps by Rachel Pollack’s Forest of Souls. Why not tell stories of other journeys? After all, in some of the earliest known tarot decks, the trumps weren’t assigned numbers anyway. What if the order were mixed in a different sequence? What then would the journey be?

I decided to see what journey would unfold to me. One night on a whim, I chose to use the Portal Tarot to create a new journey and mixed the cards on my table and drew. The card whose journey I became entrusted with was The Moon. At first, I thought this might not work. It would be easy if I had drawn another person trump, such as the Magician, the Empress, to see the journey of a human trump. But the Moon? My temptation was to consciously choose one, but, in the true spirit of tarot, I knew that trusting my intuition was the proper way to make the journey.

It occurred to me that the Moon, Trump XVIII, is not a representation of the planet itself, but its effects on us who are beneath it, as the Renaissance contemporaries would call, we sublunary creatures, spirits enslaved under the orb of the Moon’s path. As tarotists who have in the past assigned astrological designations to the Major Arcana point out, Trump XVIII does not represent the Moon sign itself (Trump II bears that designation), but the effects of this entity’s reflected light. Two key words crop up quite often in interpretations of Trump XVIII: illusion and fear. Therefore the journey would be a journey of one of these sublunary beings, whom I have decided to name Selene, after a Moon goddess. This is her journey. 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
The moon methinks looks with a watery eye;
And when she weeps, weeps every little flower,
Lamenting some enforced chastity.
---A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act III sc i

I have described the world in which Selene finds herself, and if she it is whom we journey with, we need to know what aspect she represents in us. As I have said, it is illusion and fear that are the keywords often associated with this card. What are our most primal fears when we were young? They came in the night, when the Sun’s life giving rays had gone. But it wasn’t just the darkness that scared us; it was what lurked in shadows cast by the secondary light of the moon. The moon’s light, we know, comes from the sun, but what does it do with that light? It pales it and makes the things we see into something no longer comforting and familiar, but in many ways distorted. There is the horror and fear that those things we have depended upon as being full of life have become bloodless versions of themselves. Color has been washed away, as if we look on the corpse of that which we knew. Shadows deepen small hollows into yawning chasms, stretch nominally tall structures into looming towering monoliths. All is ready to devour the life we cling to, and we cower. Even as we sleep, dreams distort what it was we experienced by day into illogical monsters of reality, a reality we often feel trapped in. Selene is trapped, as the creature of the moon. She only has these illusions of what we know as harmless in the sun. Everything is caught in the light of projection. Inwardly she reflects this through her own projections of reality. Shadows obscure and force the mind to fill in what’s missing, and what she often fills it in with is that which she most fears is there. Selene’s life is a projection of what is cast in the pale moonlight, filled in by the Moon’s most horrible suggestions.

Yet there is something even more horrible that I have deferred speaking of, which in most tarots involves that sea creature represented by a crab, or lobster, or crayfish rising from the depths of the water. For the Moon pulls at the very waters of the sublunary world, even at the waters which make up the greatest part of our being, in fact the origin of our life. A human embryo, scientists say, resembles each stage of evolution in its very growth to a fetus, and in its very beginnings it is quite fishlike. In fact, the unborn child swims in fluid until its birth into the world. Thus the seas are an essential part of who we are. And the moon, as we know, exerts a great pull at our seas.

At its fullest, the Moon pulls the very rationality out of many. Ask schoolteachers, or bartenders, and they will tell you exactly when it is full moon without even a cursory glance at the sky, or at a calendar. It is revealed in the behavior of students breaking out into fights or hyperactivity, in the appearance of the odd drunk who only emerges during this time of the month. This is when the red beast who normally scuttles upon the floors of sunless seas rises to the very break of the waves upon the shore.

Selene huddles in fear upon the shore seeing the emergence of the red creature from the depths, feels it in her own body and that which was normal becomes a horrific projection. She sees the white wolf, hears its howl as if it comes from the depths of herself. For us, we can dismiss this once a month oddness as just that, a freak of the cycle of rise and fall, just a nightmare that will pass and be fine for the next 27 days; but for Selene, this is all that there is in her reality. Before you dismiss her as a silly girl, just deluded by a bad dream, think about what projections you put on life yourself. What angers you in people? Did their action in that moment justify your contempt, your anger, your vilification? Or might you have projected on that simple innocent action the illumination of a past horror, a nightmare from your own experience, lengthened into a bloodless elongated monster that shadows that event, wells up your fear into deep red rage or fear?

So it is established that Selene fears this bloodless illusory world, and thus is held back from journeying upon it, and out of it. A common element of the XVIII Moon card is the path that runs down the center of it, yet it is the red creature from the depths of the sea that emerges on the beginning of this road. If that is her deepest fear, what is it that will prompt Selene to begin the journey? This is where the explanation of my path on the assignment of this Moon’s Journey begins. I chose first what deck I would use t o take this journey, and I chose to use the Portal Tarot. In retrospect, it seems more that the deck chose me. I say this not to promote the idea that a tarot deck is a sentient thing, but that the choices that I made from that point on were done in the random fashions and routines of tarot reading, that is, I mixed the cards face down and chose them from a pile with no ability to know which card I chose to put where, and to say I made a conscious choice would be wrong, but to see the results of these random acts as pure chance would be missing something else going on here that I would prefer not to see as the pure dumb luck of a universe without consciousness; so therefore to suggest the idea of some sentient control I will attribute the choices to the object closest to the controlling force, the tarot deck. I will be giving links to the cards I am working with along this journey so that you can see what images I am being inspired by.

The first aspect that I look at in retrospect as a demonstration of the cards choosing me is that, as I have described above, the Moon’s Journey must necessarily be an internal journey in nature. It is Selene’s illusory vision of the reality of the world that she must walk through. Traci Darin, in her biography on her web page, relates the creation of the Portal out of a use of tarot to walk her out of a nightmarish illusory reality, a feeling like she is breathing with the fish. So therefore, my choice of the Portal for the Moon’s Journey, though the choice for the deck preceded the choice of the journey, was a synchronistically proper choice. The Portal deck uses portals, through which the tarot user journeys, by using meditation.

Our first question becomes then: How do we get Selene to begin the journey? The sea deep creature blocks the path and the canines guard it further on. Look at it even more clearly on the Portal Moon. The creature becomes a menacing red mass, spreading out from a squeezed center. And the white wolves face inward, seemingly ready to strike if she moves! I mentioned earlier seeing a connection between Selene and ourselves. She is obviously delusional in her vision of reality: the Moon has distorted it. However, how many of us can honestly say that our reality is one of total objectivity and truth? How many of us have been diagnosed with some form of mania, severe or mild? Manic depressive, bi-polar, anxiety-ridden, deficient in attention, hyper-active, depressive, addictive, and on and on? How many of us have had to dissolve a partnership because we couldn’t work it out, because though in our rational minds, we realize the sense in working out simple problems, but in the heat of argument, some part of our rationality switched off and we flew into red rage, even as a piece of our minds deep down said, “Wait, this is ridiculous! Stop!” We all know what the solutions is, but how do we get it? How do we begin the journey and who is our first guide? Look again at the Portal Moon. The red crustacean has become a red growing membrane. The resemblance to the female genitalia is unmistakable. And this red and full moon association is clear: menstruation, the blood flow, the irrational and uncontrollable behavior. Yet, in the center is the Portal, the path, clear with a golden archway within and a shining white orb waiting beyond that. What is it that will convince Selene to step through the arch, surrounded by all that fear and irrationality? 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
If I were to first ask this question myself, I might try to look for a friendly, assuring guide to lead me through. Maybe the motherly Empress or the carefree Fool. The Portal has chosen for the first guide: Temperance. Reflection tells me this is the right choice. Think of the essence of Selene to be the frightened child, projecting on the reality of the situation the most monstrous fear. Perhaps a child going to the dentist, hearing the whir of drills, the vague knowledge that she will be probed, the very aura of pain that vibrates through the walls. Many times, parents, dental assistants, dentists, try to play the smiling, nothing-is-wrong, friendly guides. “Honey, this won’t hurt a bit.” “Everything will be fine, little girl.” “I’m not going to hurt you at all.” The first moment the hook comes out and begins to pinch through gums or probes an exposed nerve, not only does the child’s body jump, but something in her spirit jumps, something in the child feels betrayed. Her parents she been born to trust, these strangers she has been asked to trust on sight, have just lied to her. THAT HURT! EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE! THIS IS PAINFUL! Is this supposed to get Selene out of her illusory sense of reality, that the true pain she feels is wrong when she knows she feels it? More likely the guide will not be trusted. Look at the familiar XIV Temperance card from Coleman/Waite’s deck, or any other tarot that uses a similar vision. An angel, straight and tall, with wings beyond the confines of the cards pours water from cup to cup, not even looking at the reader, not even smiling, not a cutesy little cherubic angel, but a tall, stalwart one dispassionately pouring. One cup is below the other, and the water runs calmly and evenly, even at an unreal angle to the other. The vision accepts that reality is different, the wings stretching beyond accept that all cannot be contained. In a calming way, the Temperance angel accepts that reality cannot be confined, that it is in a way disturbing. There is pain. It will hurt, but it just happens and you will get through it. The water won’t spill, though you may fear that it easily could. Things will flow steadily from one to the other. There is order here.

Now look at the Portal Temperance. The water flows in a calm blue green stream onward: hills of lush green on one side, hills of barren brown on the other. Two rings conjoin in the center of the stream. They are black and red, the monstrous and chaotic blacks and red of the moon card have been organized into perfect circles, given rigid order, but they are not shown complete. In Selene’s world, that which isn’t seen is left to horrifyingly chaotic terror. Here, that which isn’t seen in the rings, in the red and black, is simply the rest of the rings. The unknown is no longer scary because it has been set in place, has been ordered. Water flows calmly through. And beyond is a huge red ring, with a Golden ring woven through it, creating a portal through which is a crystal obelisk that magnifies the beauty of the brilliant white orb that lies beyond. Yes, it says, your barren landscapes, your reds and blacks are there, and you must climb over and through, but they are not as fearsome as you might suppose, and the rewards are wonderful for pressing through!

So the Temperance card has allayed Selene’s fears through steady assurance that, though these things exist, though there is pain, it is manageable. Temperance has affirmed her trepidations, not sugar-coated them, and given her something manageable. An angel is the sign of perfection, which portrays the Portal as the perfect towering rings, beyond which lie the view of the pure white light. Temperance shows her the path she can take, but now she must act upon it. 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
The Chariot is most often representative of the force of Will. The focus of the VII Chariot card is the driver who often holds reign over the forces and drives it forward. The essence of a Chariot is movement, taking the forces of nature, harnessing them and driving. In the Portal Chariot, we see the Wheels of the Chariot laid out before us, the portal is a golden archway, the river is now a path of gold and the destination has transformed from a crystal obelisk to an inverted triangle pointing to the end of the path. It seems to say, “Here is the path, here are your wheels, here is the destination, now Drive!” The very atmosphere of the card is golden, light surrounds the entrance, and nothing is shadowed or chaotic. In the place where once loomed the pale moon, now looms a golden circle, almost a mechanized representation of The Sun, the source of the moon’s illusory light. All seems to represent this path, the Golden Path. The steps don’t necessarily say it will be easy, but a goal is apparent and a hopeful path lies ahead. With the assurances of Temperance, and now the tools of movement in the Chariot, Selene is prepared to move ahead. 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
The issue of the journey’s beginnings have been established, chaotic nightmares have been ordered into manageable goals, the path and the method of movement have been given. Now Selene must set the wheels in motion. But she is, after all the moonchild and knows only how to react to the moon’s ebb and flow tide. She steps along the yellow brick road but, as Dorothy noted as she stepped into the Technicolor Oz, she is not in Kansas anymore. As with Dorothy’s trip down the golden path, she encounters the unexpected, and the paradoxical: a reverse man suspended: the XII Hanged Man. For Dorothy it was the riddle of a scarecrow, a straw filled man suspended who aspires for a brain. But if he has the intelligence to know what a brain is and what one can do with it, how is it that he doesn’t have a brain? In order for Selene to break from her reality that has been controlled by the sublunary forces of the Moon, the emotional, primal, sensual pulls, she must turn it around and send the blood flow to that rational but unused brain. Thus she is not Dorothy, but she is the scarecrow and must be suspended upside down. As practitioners of yoga can attest, standing on one’s head increases the flow of blood to the brain, brings her closer to rational thought. It is a paradox in a way, since the last guide encouraged the will to move, to take the wheel and control, and now the next guide seems to encourage surrender to suspension of control, but in this journey of the inner spirit, it is thought itself that must take the ride. In the Portal Tarot, the Hanged Man is a curiosity. There is the archway, the seeming path forward, but it looks cluttered, blocked by a series of spheres arches, eggs, bubbles. Yet turn it and below you see an archway in the reflection on the bottom, now the top, surface. The top of the egg object, then the red ball, then the smaller blue ball progress through an archway, a portal, that one can see only if they surrender their usual way of looking at things and reverse it. And why is it that half this surface is covered in a golden film? What has become of the golden path? Selene must simply enter to find what lies inside. 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
Selene is now confronted with another card of Will: The Magus, or more commonly, II The Magician. Though I have used the Coleman/Waite images for demonstration, the Harris/Crowley designation of Magus is more appropriate with its connotations of something more spiritual and thus mystical, in a way relating more closely to Selene’s own path of mystery with which the Moon is often associated. Darin used the Thoth as a basis for her own deck, as a matter of fact. The paradox of the message of the two previous guides is now clear. She must use her will to move, but this movement is from inside, it is a movement towards seeing her own mind and being able to transform it, to know the tools that reside within her. The Portal Magus stands flanked by golden walls that reflect his being. He holds the golden staff in his right hand and the image of a golden blade strikes out at his left. The arch that radiates from his head echoes curiously the red creature that threatened to swallow her in the Moon card, but it is controlled here, and the red has softened to pink and now a blue emanates from the center. I clear red tube becomes the Magus’ central spine, aligning all the spheres of his body. At the bottom is the gun-metal gray disc, above is a golden funnel, and at his heart is the portal. The passage within, he says, lies in your heart. To me, what makes the crisis is that Selene hoped the journey from her nightmare world could be found by outside forces, by these guides who bring her out. The Chariot seemed to promise a vehicle. However, the vehicle is within her, and her alone, and that is where she must transform. She knows this instinctively, though she hoped for an easier answer. Something inside herself must be broken down, exposed. 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
Selene meets the crisis in knowing that she must wield the tools she has within. Though a seemingly simple answer, it means breaking down that which she has built around her, the solid structure of her being, though built around the dream fear, has been her only foundation. Through the will, she must break through it. In the Coleman/Waite XVI Tower, one can see the striking down of a tower that, if compared to the towers in the XVIII Moon card, there is a striking similarity. It is the towers she built herself that must be destroyed. The Portal Tower shows just such a break. The lightning from the air, a rainless sky, her mind and will, tears at the stone blocks and shatters them from her being. I am reminded of Pink Floyd’s album The Wall, which uses the metaphor of building a brick wall around oneself to shield oneself from the hurts of his world. The main character spends the album building a wall brick by brick against the loss a father killed in war, an smothering mother obese in her attempts at shielding her baby, scornful teachers who take pains to degrade students rather than teach them, and a wife whom he cannot connect with, has shut gradually shut himself off from, and who finally leaves him for another man and triggers his sense of being betrayed. He must, in the ending Trial scene, face these significant people in his life whom he has walled himself against, face his own complicity in his becoming an inhuman, unfeeling monster, and finally have his wall torn down around him. The bricks in the Portal Tower crumble and fall and revealed is the true archway, an orange red color similar to the skin revealed when a scab is forced away, tender, yet in some way wonderfully sensitive. Golden light shines on the very peak of the arch and beyond is the Portal of passage, the white light of the sun visible beyond. Newly broken of the scab that has served a purpose, but has also served beyond its time, Selene is ready to see the results of this first challenge. 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
I find it significant here that the card for the Portal Tarot is Fortune, rather than the Wheel of Fortune. X The Wheel of Fortune has come to signify life as more of a crap shoot, a gamble. The wheel spins and stops at random, and you may be at the top, or you may be at the bottom. Or perhaps it says that there may be high points in your life, where you are on top of the wheel, but, assuredly, the wheel you are tied to will send you down again. To see the image as this wouldn’t be helpful to Selene at this time. Selene is well aware that the wheel will send her down to the depths, and even a trip to the top only made her afraid of heights, since in meant the crash downwards would be all the more painful. The Portal Fortune does indeed show a wheel, but it is one that signifies Fortune to be a wheel of Golden opportunity. It says to Selene, “Now that you have broken through, see all the possibilities that lie before you.” Golden balls hover everywhere, the Portal to the next step is filled with this Golden wheel, even a likeness of the sun is present and through the center, the white orb of the sun lies over the horizon of a clear blue ocean. The archway itself is crystal clear, a perfect prismatic pyramid lies at the base of the archway, the waters run in smooth, wavy lines to the horizon in the distance. “Step through,” Fortune says, “and be ready for this wonderful journey, to see what you have become as a result of this stage.” 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
Thus Selene fulfills the first stage of this journey, the stage she must breakthrough in order to truly make the journey completely through to her soul. The guide who waits her at the culmination of this stage is The Fool. The Fool is the classic journeyman, always looking forward to the next stage. He is looked at as the fool because he steps into a journey where he truly doesn’t know the implications, yet he smiles, looks up to the sun and steps out. Fortune has shown Selene that there are many golden opportunities that await her for taking these steps, and now the Fool tells her it is time to leap, but there seems nothing stable to leap into. It might seem logical, at first, if the Fool were there at the beginning of her journey, to take her out of her illusory world, but at that point, the Fool would only have frightened her. Seeing an abyss, a cliff’s edge as usually the Fool is seen stepping off of would only have triggered Selene’s darkest nightmares, sent her gaze down the cavernous depths, into the dark, sent her reeling back, dizzy, to cling even more tightly to her moonlit world. Yet now, having been guided to taking her first steps, using her will to move her beyond what her fears have locked her into, and getting the strength to break that which she had built to protect her, she now can see the unknown as something with reward, something to anticipate and be curious about. The Portal Fool is portrayed as on an island, not a scary cliff’s edge, in the middle of a calm sea, with a sky lit lavender and blue. Rings of orbs float down to the island as steps, possibilities. The Fool is robed with a pack on her(?) back, looking away to the horizon, to the edge of the island and the journey across the serene sea. The sun is setting, and the cover of clouds suggest the coming darkness, as do the rippling waters that there may be some roughness, but there is no threat here. Selene is invited to step in the Portal, a fellow traveler, to find out what lies where the sun is setting.

Thus Selene negotiates the first day and stage of her journey, from one who is immersed in the depths of the waters, afraid to venture upon the path, to one ready to step into the unknown, to find what Fortune awaits her with the next seven guides to her journey, the beginning of her transforming stage.

Stage Two continues here: The Moon's Journey Part Two 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
I would appreciate any feedback you can give me, and will take it in the spirit it was given. I would like to write the second and third stage of this journey. It is fascinating to do, but with my little bit of free time, I wouldn't want to do it if it is simply an annoyance. Also, I don't want to make a total 0 Fool of myself.. :D 

skytwig  06 May 2003 
Love it!!!

didn't know if you wanted us posting here or PMing. I have only read the 1st part of the 1st part and shall return.

Comments: Moon energy is very emotional. Also, the Moon appropriately represents the unknown depths of ourselves. any of us who are into Transpersonal Psychology come to embrace those depths; schizophrenia is not to be feared; rather, it is a portal to worlds unknown that must be honored and learned. In other words, Selene's journey, for some of us, is learning how to live with schizophrenia or mania or personality disorders rather than working to suppress them or 'become normal'. (I say this only from a Transpersonal - Dr. John Nelson/Healing the Split type of view. It is an option, a proposal, a theory.)

The Moon is also a Cancer card; yes, the intuition represented by HP. Do we fear our Intuition? Or do we fear what we cannot see?

The Moon reflects Light into the Unconscious, into the Unknown, revealing what resides there, revealing those things that are no longer unknown! The Light could be the gift of Intuition or it could be revealing Intuition.......

The Moon is about living with our darkness in a way that makes it not only palatable, but necessary. We come to find a Resource that shall carry us through and into the Journey.

The Moon, then, is it about fears being assuaged? Is it, again, a tool for Selene to finally escape her fears?

I shall read on and see where she travels....... 

Khatruman  06 May 2003 
Won't give away her entire journey...yet... but her outcome is truly amazing... and what you say is true... Selene is just beginning to know it ;) 

azuremariposa  06 May 2003 
well, all i can honestly say is that it is try and give you feedback on something that is beyond my realm would certainly make me look 0 The Fool ;) so, all i can offer you is an amazed, "wow!" :D and i'd love to read more (whenever you find the time to write more that is)...

many blessings...


Khatruman  06 May 2003 
Thank you both azure and skytwig... just feeling a bit drained in everything I am doing. I really want to continue to explore this, and there are still some amazing things I need to say on the journey, but I think I needed a little encouragement to make it through.

azure, it is certainly not beyond you, and it takes a bit of a fool in any of us to go for something....thank you... 

skytwig  06 May 2003 
OK, I got to the end of Selene's Beginning Journey.

I LOVE IT!!!! Khat, you got goooooood brain!

I am very Towerish in my thinking. I love to challenge the traditional, even though, at the same time, I truly honor the sacredness of Tradition. But, when we dare to break the mold, we can discover wondrous things; like cracking open a geode, rather than keeping it in it's holy orb shape........

I kept seeing Selene learning how to deal with her schizophrenia. It was the Story that appeared to me. and with that, all the Tools, all of the Portals of her journey made sense.

Temperance..... the introduction of the Creative in her 'illness'. (John Nelson argues that it is not necessarily an illness, so much as a psychic dilemma we need to teach the schizophrenic how to work WITH! Kind of like misunderstood genius!)

Anyway, she finds as she accepts the Moonlight and starts really LOOKING at what she has feared, that there is actually an Alchemy of Spirit available to her. She begins to explore the possibilites and, as a result, begins to move.

That is her Inner Chariot, as ??? posted in a thread today (I'll return with her name). She is reigning the forces that once terrified her, she begins to realize that she can discover incredible things, that schizophrenia offers her a different and powerful PERSPECTIVE.

Thus, the Hanged One - looking at things from another vantage point. Openmindedness. Considering other options. Seeing that her perspective is not necessarily wrong, just different, and possibly, informative....!

And in so doing, she begins to tear down her olde attitudes, that she is different, not well enough, not normal. She starts to attack the prejudices so rampant in Society. She sees differently, accepting that she is who she is. She has Schizophrenia and that is a wealth, not a deficiency.

She begins to see that abundant Beauty awaits her, not depravity and fear. The Wheel has become actualized for her.

Then, with that discovery and that exquisite Acceptance, she becomes the Fool. As a recent, Diana's Theory to the Bateleur's Journey, I was stunned when Selene's Part I ended at the Fool!!!
Wuhoo! that is IT.

Total Acceptance. Openmindedness. Willingness to explore whatever greets her. She is the Fool. Full self acceptance enabling her to forge on to create the 2nd part of her "Story".

Grand stuff, Khat. Hats off to you! :laugh: ;) 

azuremariposa  06 May 2003 
well, if it makes you feel better (or gives you some sort of impetus to continue), i plan on printing this out later (after my son falls asleep...he has a tendency to get excited over the printer...gotta love [almost] 3 yr olds...they get excited over the smallest things!) for further reading...
and it's not beyond me in the fact that i can read and comprehend English, however it is beyond me in that i could never write something as brilliant...:)
i'll be back w/more after i have a chance to give it my full kiddies are quite "active" after dinner ;)

many blessings...


p.s. i just received Forest of the Souls yesterday, btw! along w/The Fey! :D 

Mimers  06 May 2003 

I too have printed it out. I was actually thinking of bringing it to work tomorrow to read on my lunch break.

I will say, sometimes I do wish I had more of a creative mind. To write like that.

I will get back to you with my impressions.

Take care,

Hedera  07 May 2003 
Hi Khatruman,

I've printed it out, too, and I will sit down to read and ponder it tonight....
From what Ive read so far, I think it is great!

And Azuremariposa:
i plan on printing this out later (after my son falls asleep...he has a tendency to get excited over the printer...gotta love [almost] 3 yr olds...they get excited over the smallest things!)

That's *so* sweet!!
Makes me look at my printer a little differently, too.... :) 

Mimers  14 May 2003 
Finally, I found some quiet time to read and reflect on the Journey of Selene!

I can see how this creative burst may have drained you, but I implore you not to leave us hanging. This is a great way to explore the cards and by reading Selene's journey, I got so many new insights into the cards. I would love to see more. Perhaps you will have more time once school is out.

The first thing I must say is how I was able to identify with Selene in so many ways. We have all been where she is at one point in our lives. I am no exception. I thought of how we all sometimes want to change ourselves or our circumstances but we don't. Why? because we feel stuck and it is our own fears that hold us back.

The order of the cards you drew also amazed me! The way you described Temperance, both the traditional and the Portal, brought out things that I had never noticed before. The way the wings expand beyond the card and the serious expression. It shows how the the first step out of our self made prisson is serious reavaluation. No sugar coating. To admit we are scared and that change is needed. We must prepare ourselves by putting things into perspective in order to give us the hope necessary to take the next step.

The Chariot made me think of the courage that she must have developed with Temperance and the determination she now has as a result of her hope.

Ahhh, but no ride is without bumps and perhaps the wheels are a little rusty or the hoarses need to rest. Time out is necessary. This is where our minds start to wander again. We want to know what we can't see. That is what the cluttered archway seems to me. The need to take that leap of faith and face the unknown.

What do we discover? That it was in us all along. Like you said the Magus tells us the tools are in our hearts.

Knowing we have the tools and having the confidence we know how to use them are 2 different things. How do we learn how to use our tools??? THE TOWER. There is no better way to learn how competant you can be until you meet that crisis and have to survive. You learn real quick. Your comparison to the newly broken scab was brilliant. We are a little raw when it is all over, but the healing has been done.

How amazing the Fortune card. You mentioned that the deck chose you. I think this card is one of the reasons why. It truely looks like an invatation to possibilities.

And then we end with the Fool. Selene is free at last!

Khat, this was truely amazing. I must compliment you. When you write your first novel, can I have a signed copy? ;)

Take care and God Bless,

Khatruman  14 May 2003 
Hi mimers,

Thank you so much for all your kind comments. Actually, writing the journey has really energized me; it is the obligations with school that are draining me, so that when I have time to put the fire into the journey, I am exhausted.

What does help energize me is hearing your comments on things I have said; they give me feedback that I am going in a good direction.

Everyday I hope the stretch of uninterrupted time comes so that I can write the second stage of the journey. It is, in itself, quite amazing.

Thank you again, and I would certainly sign any of my novels that one day will be published (always an advocate of positive thinking :)) 

skytwig  14 May 2003 
I check often for the second part, but understand the end-of-school-year turmoil. Plus, Mercury goes Direct on Friday, so communications will flow better after that.....

Take care..... :) 

Khatruman  15 May 2003 
Thanks skytwig,

It motivates me even more knowing that there are people looking for it. You comments were very enlightening and encouraging. Talk to you soon. 

skytwig  15 May 2003 
You're very Welcome, Khat!

I was thinking, too, when the final chapter of your Tale 'hits the stands' here at Aeclectic, we could start a new Game, kinda like a story game, where we pass the story line to someone else, with the cards selected by drawing them.....

I'll work on that..... Your 'tome' of Creative Tarot will prove fruitful in many ways! :laugh: (Already has..... ;) ) 

Alissa  16 May 2003 
Khat, I just happened upon this thread for the first time yesterday, and printed out what you wrote to read later. (I can't read that much text on screen, my head gets swimmy and I get a headache).

Wow! What a burst! Do you have the rest of Selene's journey spread/layout already written out, know what cards are going where once you get to them?

Or are you approaching this in a small series of readings?

One thing I just have to jump in and say is that I strongly see Selene, in Card Five : Tower, *molting* from that red sea creature skin you've established early on.

This is the shell, the wall, that is left behind. What remains is a woman less fearful, who does not need that tough exoskeleton of emotional protection, her strength is internalized in the process (just like you're getting at, in my mind). She stands ready now because she has had to reverse her mindset (hanged man), and internalize her sense of self-protection.

Lastly, this reminds me *most* of a coccoon (exoskeleton), hanging, until the butterfly emerges. But, this image does not work nearly as well as the sea creature metaphor (Moon imagery) you've artfully established, it just floats in my mind is all.

Is there more that I haven't seen yet??? I seem to miss a lot around here since I don't read nearly all the threads possible...! I jumped to the end to reply, today, without reading absolutely everything already posted, so my apologies for my question being repetitive, if they are. :) 

Khatruman  16 May 2003 
Thanks for the compliments. It is a wonderful experience in writing.

I did the entire journey layout, but I have yet to write up the second and third stages. These couple weeks have been way too hectic to find the necessary time to do it. How the journey progresses is truly amazing (just to keep you on your toes looking..:D)

Thank you for helping me keep the inspiration going. 

skytwig  17 May 2003 
Well, that did it! Now I am really on the edge of my laptop!

I will keep checking...... and will probably start posting just to put it up where you can see the little reminder..... :)

Looking forward to the next installment!!


The The Moon's Journey Stage One: From Fear to Fool thread was originally posted on 06 May 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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