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2 of Chalices(cups)..soul mate?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 17 Jun 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

RedEarth  17 Jun 2003 
I have the Glastonbury deck, and the picture for the 2 of chalices is of a couple facing each other, with an ehtereal umbilical cord leading upto a sac containing a small foetus above their heads.
Among other things, I wondered if this could also indicate a spiritual link made on a soul level, possibly in past lives between 2 people that resulted in a permanent creation of love (foetus), or something like that?? I just looked at it today and Soul Mate came to mind! (but then I have been having dreams with a previous partner in it who I considered to be my soul mate...)

ANy thoughts?
How do other decks portray this card?


EDITED TO SAY: DUH! I should have just looked up Thirteen's basics as it does mention soul mate for 2 of Cups!
But I would still like to hear any of your experiences with the card, if possible. 

sagitarian  17 Jun 2003 
When I first started learning tarot, someone "told" me that the Lovers card was the "soul mates" card. After getting to know my deck, I disagreed with this. I always felt that the two of cups is the "soul mates" card. Perhaps we should define soul mates.

Soul mates ~ You have many different types of soul mates. I believe that different soul mates relate to your different chakras. Spirits who complete you intellectually (crown chakra), spirits who complete your heart (heart chakra), spirits who can finish your sentences (throat chakra), etc.

I believe when the two of cups card comes up, more often then not, it means finding one of your soul mates and some kind of marriage ritual taking place (or engagement).

I believe the Lovers means (in general) that you have met some one that your emotions are intense. To be careful of this as you two are opposites in a dangerous way. The lovers card is really a very personalized card and can be different in every reading (for me anyways). 

Trogon  17 Jun 2003 
Howdy RedEarth,

Hmm... how do other decks portray this card? I can describe the 2 of Cups images from the decks I use most for readings (and have immediately to hand).

The Rider-Waite-Smith deck shows a man and woman who appear (to my mind) to be sharing an avowal of their love with their cups. To me this is reminiscent of a wedding cerimony or other public avowal of love. In this deck the "ethereal umbilical" is replaced by a staff with two snakes entwining it while above this is a lion's head with wings. For me, the meanings would include "soul mates".

In the Röhrig Tarot, the card depicts a woman in an embrace... however, there are three arms wrapped around her back. To me this adds a little something new to the equation. I basically think of the same meanings I might have with the RWS, but add to that a possibility of the person possibly having feelings, or being connected to, two people.

The 2 of Cups in the Goddess Tarot is very similar to the RWS image. Except that, while the woman holds her cup in one hand she and the man both support the second cup which is held aloft and appears before the moon in the sky. Again... RWS meanings are pretty much what occur to me.

The Spiral is also similar. The man and woman are dressed in Victorian era style and a yin/yang symbol floats in the air above them.

The Victoria Regina Tarot pictures a young couple strolling through a garden while 2 mason jars (representing cups in this deck) float overhead. The image is somewhat different than the RWS, but with the jars floating overhead, I still think of a profound love and those things associated with it.

"Now for something completely different."

The Haindl Tarot pictures a peacock with 2 cups floating in front of it. The word "Love" appears below the image. The LWB (yes, yes... I know... I should be burning the LWB not quoting it) says; "The peacock symbolizes rebirth and balance. It is a fantasy bird, emphasizing the importance of fantasy in love. Two cups show two people joining together in love." So again, there are similarities, at least in symbolism and some meaning.

The Dragon Tarot 2 of Cups is more similar to the Haindl than to the RWS image. In this card a silver cup sits on rocky ground amidst the waters, while a second silver cup floats in the air above it. A green dragon appears to be descending from the one in the air towards the one on the ground. I would interpret this image along the lines of a deep love, even a spiritual love and associated meanings.

So, overall, in these decks which I use the most, while some of the images are quite different one from another... for the most part, to me, the meanings remain similar. I would guess that, since the Röhrig Tarot and (I believe) the Haindl Tarot are based on the Thoth, that the 2 of Cups in the Thoth would have similar meanings. I do hope this has been of some help, I know it has helped me to compare this card between these different decks... Thanks for bringing it up. 

Thirteen  17 Jun 2003 
Originally posted by RedEarth I have the Glastonbury deck, and the picture for the 2 of chalices is of a couple facing each other, with an ehtereal umbilical cord leading upto a sac containing a small foetus above their heads.

What a strange image. The first thing that pops to mind is the two of them meeting at a party and thinking, at first sight, "that's the person I want to have babies with!" Which isn't too far out there, I guess. Especially in our youth, we are naturally drawn to mates who fulfill a raw mammalian desire to breed.

In any case, this is how'd I'd read THIS, particular 2/Cups. When you're at a party or club, and you see him, and he sees you, and you both think the same crazy thing. It's one of those meeting where there is no doubt that this is the guy/girl you're going home with. Whether he/she is your soul mate and it's going to be more than just a recognition of intense, sexual attraction...remains to be seen.

I think the big difference between 2/Cups and the Lovers, by the way, is that this card is about new emotion, fresh recognition. Your palms sweat, your heart races, your breath gets short. The Lovers, on the other hand, is where one of you says to the other, "Lets get married!" That's a moment when your gut instinct either shouts YES or NO!!! Not like this 2/Cups where you're feeling that first connection, that first click or recognition. 

The 2 of Chalices(cups)..soul mate? thread was originally posted on 17 Jun 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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