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all four knight in a CC spread

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 14 Jun 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

foolscap  14 Jun 2003 
I have been doing my cards recently and have had all four of the knights show up for me in repeat CC spreads. What do you guys make of this. I looked at some info on multiples in a reading and the usual interpretation is "serious matters". What is interesting is that almost a year ago exactly at this time I had a series of reading where I received all four Aces. I was then and am still going through a deeply painful heartbreak. During the last year while trying my best to heal I have made a lot of big changes (ie. lost 100lbs, went back to school etc) Although there has been a lot of activity I'm still having trouble putting the past behind me. Does the four knights mean there is at last a light at the end of the tunnel or does it mean more heartache ahead? Believe me I've had enough "serious matters"in the last year to last me a several incarnations Your insight would be greatly appreciated 

jmd  15 Jun 2003 
The four knights in a spread of ten cards is certainly quite something. It would be useful to know which positions they held...

Without this important aspect, however, it may still be said that such a preponderence of knights may indicate a need for action and not remaining in-place, looking at things in ways other than usual and trying your hands at different (but already learned) skills.

I'm sure others will give other advice - for myself, I would want to see the positions of the knights first, and maybe also know if there are other courts in the spread (which may then indicate the interaction with other people).

...and by the way, welcome to Aeclectic :) 

foolscap  15 Jun 2003 
I got the knight of wands in the past position, knight of swords crossing,knight of cups in near future and knight of pentacles in the others position. For final outcome I got the page of pentacles. That was the only other court card in that reading. What really got me wondering was that these knights have all shown up in a group over the past four weeks in different spreads. I sort of have the feeling that these are somehow tied to the series of readings last year when I kept getting all four Aces in 10 card spreads. That was strange because it had never happened before and it was several times that it happened. I looked in my tarot journal and found that the four knights began showing up exactly a year to the day that the four Aces had and for almost the same length of time.

As far as your insight that it may show a need for action you may have a point. However I have made a vast amount of change in the last year. What hasn't changed is the circumstances around me. It has been a long,very lonely up hill battle. What has kept me going however is knowing that I have had those four Aces working for me and that new things are taking shape. 

Keslynn  15 Jun 2003 
Hi foolscap,
Welcome to Aeclectic!

Without delving into the positional meanings exactly, I agree with jmd that the Knights mean action. However, I feel that it's a message that you need to "keep on truckin." You need to keep moving forward, no matter what the circumstances in order to reap the benefits of that Ace energy. Don't give up now! You've already done so much (congrats)!

Now for positional meanings:
Wands in past: you started out all gung ho and ready to get something done. You were excited about those aces and you wanted to do everything you could to harness those energies. You were passionate and energetic and wanting results NOW.
Swords crossing: Now you're starting to second guess yourself. You're analyzing the situation with your mind and asking yourself "What have I really done and what more do I need to do?" Perhaps you're irritable because you would have liked to have more done. This Knight's evergy is great for mental activities and talking to people, but don't let him make you doubt yourself. Use that sword for constructive things and not ripping yourself apart.
Cups in near future: Instead of thinking about your situation and the changes on such a cerebral level... FEEL it. Know that you're feeling better and that you've made progress. This perhaps could also herald a new relationship coming into your life. Just remember how much you have to offer.
Pentacles in others: There is a person or situation that will help to ground you. This will help you take all that erratic energy so you can space it out and use it to your greatest benefit. If you pace yourself, then you have less chance of burning out. This person can help you learn that lesson.

Hope that helped.

:) Kes 

Ruby Red Slippers  15 Jun 2003 
Hi foolscap,
Welcome to Aeclectic!

Just another take on a 4 of knights in one spread. Sometimes they denote “people” in our lives; either ones who have the same astrological sign, or young men, or people who embody the traits of the suit.

Knights sometimes mean a “change” of some sort. Such as wands can mean a change of direction, or a move of some sort, literally or figuratively. Swords can indicate a change of thought; philosophy or way we conduct our lives. Cups can mean a change in emotions or our love life, (ether love or ourselves or another). Pentacles can mean a change in our material world.

I think the wands in the past could mean the enthusiastic, radical decision you made to change your life. (Congratulations, this alone is worth a lot more than others can ever bring themselves to do:)

The swords crossing can mean that this is a time for renewal of all the commitments you made to yourself. Cut through the clouds in your mind. As Kaz has said, “keep on trucking”.

Cups in the near future can be a time of releasing the tension you feel now. Perhaps it is a time to spend time with your “feeling” about all of the changes that have happened this past year. It can be very important to sort through this before a new relationship comes into your life.

Pentacles can indicate a protector. Either you or another can offer this protection, but either way it also tells us to be vigilant as we move forward slowly.

The page of pentacles may be telling you to just rely on your instinctive good common sense.

Good luck & many blessings to you. There is lots of help here, and all are welcomed.

Ruby Red Slippers 

The all four knight in a CC spread thread was originally posted on 14 Jun 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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