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Cleansing the Deck / Developing Intuition / Reading for Self

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 05 Jun 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Deb  05 Jun 2003 
Hi everyone, hope you are all well!
I have read and heard many times that it isnt good to do too many readings for yourself. I only do a reading for myself every so often (maybe once every 3 months or so) to help me clarify my goals or if I am really confused about something, I may do a few readings in a row so I can get different perspectives from different layouts. I occasionally do a reading for my boyfriend if he asks but because I am still learning I basically just read the info that is in the accompanied book.

I was wondering how I can use my intuition more ( I have trouble with visualisation and meditation a lot of the time). I was also wondering the best way to cleanse my deck and what crystal(s) I may use to keep with the deck to help it keep cleansed and energised? I have previously used Rosemary oil, as it is a very good mind stimulant. (I rubbed a cotton ball with a few drops of the oil over my cards.)

Have fun

HudsonGray  05 Jun 2003 
Amythist or quartz crystals are supposed to be very good energisers for the deck. They won't affect the paper or the finish on the cards. Some people lay the deck out under the full moon for a bit.

Three months is a pretty long time to wait, on a general reading. I think the caution is mostly so you're not asking the same question of the deck every day or several times a week. I've done readings on different questions back to back & not had a problem (but then I don't ask about things I don't want to hear about yet either). Doing one every week on the same subject, might be a bit too soon, but every other week would give you some time to work on the item you're reading on, and thereby change the outcome. I think you can do them a little more closer together than what you're doing now. And if you have several questions--say one on the apartment/house, one of the family, one on the pets, etc. They can all be looked at back to back with several readings in a row.

If you watch The Outer Limits, they had an episode where a lady discovered that a guy in the coffee shop could actually 'read' the future. She went from getting a casual reading done to actually stalking him so she'd know what the day would be like--THAT'S what you're trying to avoid, a dependence on the cards without actually living your life on your own terms. (Good episode, the lady never 'got it' about what her actions were doing to her). 

Deb  05 Jun 2003 
It makes so much more sense when you say that you can work on one particular question over a series of days or weeks. I guess then it can help you pinpoint where the problem may be stemming from or what you need to do to help yourself get through it or acheive the goal. I will put an amythest with my deck I think as it is strongly linked to intuition and I know that I want to learn how to tap into mine more. Thanx heaps for you advice, it's greatly appreciated! 

sagitarian  05 Jun 2003 
The way that I developed my intuition vs reading from books is, I started keeping a tarot journal. I did a one card daily draw (just to give me some insight on the day) and I wrote down what I initially felt. If I picked up nothing at all, then I just wrote down who the person was, what position they were standing in, if they had anything in their hands or not, what was around them, and try to find out my own personal symbolisms within these things. If that didn't work, then I just wrote down what I liked and didn't like about the card, and went from there, hoping to find some kind of message within the symbolism of why I did/didn't like certain aspects. Then I would look up the card and write down the traditional interpretation, and compare the two. Usually I wrote down a third part that would incorporate both together, or sometimes, my own intuitive message just came across so clearly that I would ignore what the traditional message was and went with what I felt.

As far as cleansing your deck, whatever works for you. If you want crystals, then quartz crystals, amythist, or just about any crystal that you relate to best would work. For me, all I do is shuffle the cards before and after readings while thinking of my own aura energy cleansing the deck. 

NeXoRiouS  06 Jun 2003 
My readings have recently corroded as time passes by. Could it be because I never cleanse it? Everytime after usage, I keep it in a silk cloth and place it in my cupboard without rituals or meditations. Would that affect it's accuracy?

I also do a daily card and keep a journal. Sometimes the card just doesn't links to whatever happened. Guess I'm not observant enough. :) 

Trogon  06 Jun 2003 
Hi Deb, and welcome to the Forum,

As for clearing your deck after a reading... I simply shuffle a couple of times and that seems to do it for me.

If you feel that there are some kind of negative energies accumulating in your Tarot deck, you might try smudging with sage (the smoke will help to carry away negative enrgy). Also, hematite is very good for helping to dissipate such negativity. Clear quartz is always good for bringing energy and light back into your deck, as well as the area where you do your readings and studying. And yes, amethyst is also very good... in fact it is an excellent stone to have around when you do your readings as it can help with stimulating the subconscious and one's intuition.

[[i]edited to add:[/i]] While answering a similar question I went back and found an earlier post of mine in this thread; In it I also mention covering a deck with coarse rock salt... the salt absorbs the negative energies and is discarded.

As for doing readings for yourself on a regular basis; I, personally found that the biggest problem with this was a form of "burnout" for myself. In other words, just doing too many readings and, basically, wearing myself out with them. I had been doing daily readings (to see what the day would be like), along with other readings on various issues. I was getting to a point where the readings wouldn't make sense to me. I've taken a break for a while from doing readings for myself, but I am still doing readings for other people.

For me, there is a tremendous difference in the way energies flow for me when I'm doing a reading for myself, as opposed to reading for someone else. What I've learned is that, when I read for another person I feel that energy flows back and forth between myself and the person I'm reading for. We can both be energized by this sharing of our personal energies. When I read for myself, there is (obviously) none of this sharing - in these readings I'm only expending energy, in much the same way one does when doing physical labor. These readings for myself are excellent excercise, and help to strengthen and hone my abilities, though it can be over-done.

NeXoRiouS; What you've commented on could be a similar type of thing. This could be a similar situation for you. I'm not sure how long you've been working with the Tarot, but if you're still relatively new to it, wearing yourself out would be easier than it might be after you've had a lot more "excercise". Just a thought...

I hope my ramblings have been of some assistance. 

Yaan  06 Jun 2003 
Is it really true that it is not good to do too many readings for oneself? I do quite a lot of reading for myself as it is one of the easier way to know the cards and how to create a story between different cards. It will be quite difficult to just remember the materials said on books or find someone whom I can read for very often. Also sometimes I do readings over the same questions again to see if the situation or I have any progress on the issue...

Though it seems some cards keep appearing whenever I do a reading for myself or for others, is it because my cards have memorize some of the previous readings and I'm not cleaning them well enough? 

WolfSpirit  14 Jun 2003 
Originally posted by Yaan
Though it seems some cards keep appearing whenever I do a reading for myself or for others, is it because my cards have memorize some of the previous readings and I'm not cleaning them well enough?

If you get the same card over and over again, it could be an issue that is playing over a longer time. For example if you want to try something completely new but are still not taking the jump, you could get the Fool over and over again, until you make a decision.

In my opinion, cards are just tools and don't gather energy in them or memorize old readings - but some people like to cleanse their deck, this is personal, if it feels right you can do it.

If you do too many readings on the same question, you will get so many different outcomes you will just get confused. I do a daily draw - only for that day - and for other issues...once a week or once every two weeks, or if you feel some big change has happened in the meantime you could do another reading to see how the change affects you.
What you should avoid is asking the same thing over and over again, it will make the reading meaningless.
Hope this helps, and welcome to the forum by the way :) 

Major Tom  16 Jun 2003 
Originally posted by WolfSpirit
If you do too many readings on the same question, you will get so many different outcomes you will just get confused.

I learned the hard way. If you do too many readings on the same question, the cards will tell you exactly what you want to hear. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: 

HudsonGray  16 Jun 2003 
That's right. You've stopped listening to what they tried to tell you so now you only get what you want to hear about it all. NOT beneficial in the least!

Maybe you plateaued (burned out a bit) and need a little time away from it to refresh yourself. Maybe now's the time to try reading with a different deck, just to get new images in front of you. Maybe get the old '78 Degrees of Wisdom' book down and read through that again as a refresher. You could try a number of different things. 

The Cleansing the Deck / Developing Intuition / Reading for Self thread was originally posted on 05 Jun 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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