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Health Problems

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 04 Jun 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

gloria  04 Jun 2003 
I found Thirteen’s thread on Professions really interesting.
Now what about health problems? Which cards would signify illness or disease in the body?
And why?
I’m thinking also on the lines of maybe detecting a problem before the querent knowing. What would be the "warning" signs?

Any ideas?


Belladonna  04 Jun 2003 
I've found that both the 8 and 9 of pentacles, when REVERSED, seem to signify that things are out of alignment (with the 9 particularly skeletal problems, anything to do with bones or muscles) or that the body is not in its prime anymore, aging, illness asscociated with aging. I've had two clients who drew the 8 of pentacles reversed and both had prostate cancer.

Sometimes when the King or Queen of Pentacles come up reversed I think there may be a health problem associated with them, usually having something to do with overindulgence/addiction to food or drink or drugs.

I've seen the Queen of Cups reversed come up with women having trouble with menopause and other imbalances to do with the hormones such as thyroid problems. 

Minderwiz  04 Jun 2003 
I think we have to be very careful in using any divinatory system for diagnosis - that is best left to a professional medically qualified person.

However there may be indications that there are health problems and this might lead you to suggest a consultation with a doctor.

I'll remain holistic here, others may wish to mention individual cards. One approach is to look at the cards as a whole and try and assess the stress that a person is under. Stress tends to lead to dis-ease and may come out as illness.

A second approach is to use a spread that has some explicit reference to health in it. I have used a Tree of Life spread in which Yesod represents 'health' and some of the other Sephiroth piles relate to particular parts of the body.

If I suspected a health problem, I would steer discussion in that direction and look for some confirmation from the client , I would also tend to look for Astrological signs of confirmation - if two divinatory methods point to the same conclusion then I would be more prepared to say that there may be a problem and that perhaps a medical consultation might be called for.

However this would need to be very carefully handled - if the client has come because of concern about a health problem then it is easier to suggest the medical consultation. If this is a general reading then I think there needs to be considerable thought, and discussion before you offer the suggestion that there may be a health problem. 

Thirteen  04 Jun 2003 
We actually had a long thread on this before, but I'll go over again the answer I gave back then.

First: Minderwiz is absolutely right that it has to be carefully handled. But if you were going to examing Health via tarot cards, the fastest method is to go with a Zodiac spread. This requires learning what sign corresponds to what part of the body.

The Zodiac spread is a circle of 12 cards, starting with the card to the middle-left as #1 Thus:


#1 is Aries, #2 is Taurus, #3 Gemini, #4 Cancer, and so on.

You shuffle the deck with HEALTH in mind, lay out the cards, and get an indication of which parts of the body are healthy or in trouble.

Swords always indicate health problems, so they'd be a sure sign of illness in the spread. For example, Cancer is usually related to the Stomach, so if you had 9/Swords in Cancer, you might say that the person has been having stomach problems, likely an ulcer because they worry too much.

Other signs, however, could also clue you into particular health problems, like if you had, say, 4/cups for Capricorn, which is believe is the Zodiac sign of the Knees, you could say they have "water on the knees."

Of course, you could also tell what was healthy as well. Pentacles almost always indicate GOOD health, so a Pentacle for Leo, which I believe relates to Heart and Lungs, would indicate good health in that part. 

gloria  05 Jun 2003 
Thanks Minderwitz.
Hi Belladonna, thank you for being more specific, that was what I was after. I do realise though that people’s interpretations of the cards are indeed different. What works for one not necessarily so for another. I have a lot of respect for your views though, your being a professional reader who works on a one to one with the client rather than from a distance.
I have seen cards in readings that have indicated heart trouble/operation, also loss of baby through miscarriage, not really that difficult to interpret. I just wondered if there were “signs “ in a spread, not a health spread, that would be indicative of a health problem. On the same lines as a natal or horary chart.
All I can say to you Thirteen is hurry up with the book, I’ll put my order in now! I didn’t realise this topic had already been discussed. If you could point me in the direction of the thread I’d be grateful. I shall give the Zodiac spread a go, but not on myself!
Many thanks,

Thirteen  05 Jun 2003 
Originally posted by gloria
If you could point me in the direction of the thread I?d be grateful. I shall give the Zodiac spread a go, but not on myself!

There's quite a few, though strangely I can't find the one where I recall detailing the Zodiac spread (which, by the way, is a very useful all purpose spread as well).

Here's one really good thread on the subject:

Others can be found just by doing a search with the keyword "Health." 

Minderwiz  05 Jun 2003 

Yes that's a good way of doing it through Tarot and I've made a note of it for possible future use. Especially use of Pentacles as a sign of good health.

I would tend to identify Virgo with the Stomach and digestive system though, things like Iriitable Bowel Syndrome is a classic Virgo problem. I'd tend to identify Cancer with the breast or female breasts, also ribs, lungs and liver are traditionally associated with Cancer. I've also seen modern writers such as Marcia Starck incude any Watery membranes or sacs which form protection for parts of the body.

Capricorn is indeed traditionally knees but through its ruler Saturn has associations with the skeleton in general and also the teeth.

The problem though is that there is some fuzzy areas or even contradictions between traditional writers such as Culpeper or Saunders on which part of the body corresponds to which sign or planet. I think you therefore have to make a decision for yourself on what feels right and then be consistent. 

gloria  05 Jun 2003 
Many thanks for health thread Thirteen, shall be off there in a minute.
Thanks Minderwiz, I shall be looking up Marcia Starck at Google, sounds like more interesting stuff.
Shall also be keeping this particualr thread for future reference.

paulo32  07 Jun 2003 
Nice thread Gloria

Is not dificult to find books about Marcia Starck she publish titles like :Handbook of Natural Therapies: Exploring the Spiral of Healing

I have a writer on my country that have a tarot spread on health,and made relations for example with bones and the death card, but has you can´t read portuguese i can´t advise the book for you.


Kirali  07 Jun 2003 
Here's a thread about cards being sometimes certain indicators for health. Lot of helpful insights from MeeWah in that thread:

10 of swords redux

Actually I'd love to read any more insights about health and certain cards, since it just seemed to cover the swords suit. Or maybe all that cutting that swords do, means a surgical knife? hmmmmm 

Ruby Red Slippers  07 Jun 2003 

Sending good energy to your muses to finish the book..... :D

Ruby Red Slippers 

The Health Problems thread was originally posted on 04 Jun 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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