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Life moments & Cards

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 25 Jun 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Indigo_lady  25 Jun 2003 
Here we usually first see a card, then the surrounding cards and depending on our intuition, knowledge and the context we derive and interpretation for it

So I was happening what happens the other way around.

WE've been talking about who makes best husband, best wife, etc... and it got me thinking about what cards I associate with certain moments in life

Now, hold your horses, I don't mean it as an divinitation guide "now you see X, Y and Z card and it immediately means that you're gonna get married, move to Nepal or die"

I mean it more in the sense of what are the associations you immediately make when you hear certain words,

Like you know, when you tell someone study and they immediately think "book"... icecream --> chocolate... you get the idea

Anyways.. I came up with a series of moments in ones' life and what I would associate them with...

I would love to know what you guys think of when you hear this words.

Birth - XXI Universe, Fool
Children - Sun , Pages
Family - 3 Pentacles, 3 Cups
Friendship - 3 Wands
Home - 10 Pentacles
Education/ Instruction - 8 Wands, 7 Wands
Crazy Hormones /Teenage Years - Moon, Devil, Fool
First Sexual Experience - Temperance, Ace Cups
Graduation - 6 Wands
Higher Education - Magician, High Priestess
Travelling - Chariot , 8 Wands
Moving - 10 Wands
Love - 2 Cups, Lovers
Heartbreak - 3 Swords, 5 Cups
Lies / Deception - 3 Swords, Moon, Tower
Work - 8 Pentacles
Settling Down - 9 Pentacles, Chariot, Strength
Marriage - 3 Cups, 2 Cups, 10 Cups
Divorce - 8 Cups
Growing Old - Hierophant, Hermit, 10 Pentacles
"Return" - 10 Swords, 6 Cups
Acquiring Money - 2 pentacles, 3 Pentacles
Loosing Money - 5 Pentacles
Midlife Crisis - Fool Death
Parenting - 3 Pentacles, Empress, Emperor
Time for a life Change - Death, XX Judgement

Please feel free to add any other moment in life you might think about and share your own thoughts....

This was just something in the spur of the moment.. sat down and wrote what came first into my head


truthsayer  25 Jun 2003 
you did a really great job. i've never made these card associations myself. i'm going to make myself a copy for further study. i can't think of anything to add at that the moment. 

Indigo_lady  25 Jun 2003 
Thank you...

How do you make that little blushing face, by the way...

I just wrote what my instincts said...

But I would love to hear what others *instincts* / *first reaction* card is when they hear things like "going off to college" and so on


Cerulean  25 Jun 2003 
6 of swords--sanctuary, plans
7 of Swords--sneaky suspicions, fear of loss
8 of Swords--dazed and confused; bound or restricted
9 of Swords--nightmares, anxiety attack

5 of wands--swashbuckler, war games
8 of wands--aiming high, shooting at targets 

Shoshin  26 Jun 2003 
"First Sexual Experience - Temperance, Ace Cups"

Temperance, I wish! More like the Fool :) 

firemaiden  27 Jun 2003 
Marriage... four of wands, Justice :) 

Le_Corsair  27 Jun 2003 
Originally posted by Indigo_lady
Thank you...

How do you make that little blushing face, by the way...


Look under USER CP, then EDIT PROFILE, and toward the bottom there is a link to all of the smilies, I think the one for embarassed (I use the 7 dwarf name, Bashful) is :| This is a colon followed by upper case backslant.

:OL :SL :WL :CL 

Dark Eyes  27 Jun 2003 
drawing on your reserves of strength... 9 wands

theif / cheat in your midst... 7 swords

Nice thread indigo
Best wishes Dark eyes

Silverlotus  27 Jun 2003 
contentment (usually after hard work or hard times) - nine of pentacles

I'm sure there will be some disagreements with that. :)

teen angst - three of swords 

missmezzo  27 Jun 2003 
great thread! Here's some of my associations:

children - 6 of cups

family - empress, 10 of cups

education and graduation - hierophant, maybe?
(Samantha's tarot actually depicts this card as a gradute wearing his cap and gown)

marriage: 4 of wands

travelling - 6 of swords

lifes/deceptions - 7 of swords

time for a life chage - tower

new ones:

choices: 7 of cups, 2 of pentacles, 2 of swords

fulfillment/happiness: sun, 9 of cups 

missmezzo  27 Jun 2003 
ooh - here's one more I thought of:

health concerns:
10 of swords
4 of swords (rest & recuperation)
9 of swords (insomnia/sleep problems) 

Dark Eyes  27 Jun 2003 
A windfall / lottery win.... Ace Pentacles
Party or celebration ahead... Three of cups
Cooling down a family feud... Temperance 

renard  29 Jun 2003 
Strange but true. . . .

Air travel -- Hanged Man

That suspended quality of airplane travel, I guess.


Alex  29 Jun 2003 
Before marrige: The lovers

Marriage: The Chariot

Divorce: same as above, crashing on the Tower

Post-divorce: The Hermit

Before 2nd marriage: The lovers

2nd Marriage: The Fool 

Dark Eyes  30 Jun 2003 

I like your way of thinking Alex, and I must say... I agree !
Best wishes Dark Eyes ;) 

Indigo_lady  12 Jul 2003 
1st one - love
2nd one - money
3rd one - company


carrielynnsim  27 Jul 2003 
I copied everyones thoughts and I'm gonna study this... everyone sounds pretty right on.
Nice lists.

Elle  28 Jul 2003 


punkangelgcm437  28 Jul 2003 
Indigo...I thought u were supposed to marry 1st for money, 2nd for love. That way you can share your money with your love?? LOL j/k. Of course...I suppose I dont have anything to worry about right now...considering Im 15.

Teen emotions...what cards would best describe that?
*Death-teens are always changing and least I always am.
*10 Swords-to me, this just shows pain. And, I see it as heartbreak. And we all know I've been heartbroken.
*Maybe 3 Swords-both upright & reversed...disappointment & confusion.
*But in my case...the 6 Cups pops up alot...but thats just cuz I think too much about my ex.

I think I covered it well.. 

Trogon  29 Jul 2003 
Okay... hmmm... a few rambling thoughts...

Car accident - Chariot - reversed

Starting a garden or farm - 7 of Pentacles

Defensive tactics/martial arts training - 5 Wands
(I guess this was kind of mentioned already - but coming from a law enforcement background... I always thought of this.)

Party!!! - 4 Wands, 3 Cups (small party), Devil (wow! what a party!)

Day after the party - 4 or 5 of Cups...

Buying your first home - 10 Cups

Your first child - hmmm.... The Tower? :D

Funding your child's college education - 5 of Pentacles :D

Well... I suppose I've alienated enough of the people with children.... ;) 

carrielynnsim  29 Jul 2003 
You only speak the truth - o wise Trogon


Indigo_lady  31 Jul 2003 

here's everything we've got for the moment

(Remember, this is just a collection of all our opinions )

Birth - XXI Universe, Fool
Children - Sun , Pages, 6 cups
Family - 3 Pentacles, 3 Cups, Empress, 10 cups
Friendship - 3 Wands
Home - 10 Pentacles

Crazy Hormones /Teenage Years - Moon, Devil, Fool
Teen Anxiety – 3 Swords
Nightmares, anxiety attack - 9 of Swords
Dazed and confused; bound or restricted - 8 of Swords
First Sexual Experience - Temperance, Ace Cups, Fool

Party or Celebration – 3 cups, 4 Wands
“wow what a party” - Devil

Education/ Instruction - 8 Wands, 7 Wands
Higher Education - Magician, High Priestess
Graduation - 6 Wands

Plans - 6 of swords
Sneaky suspicions, fear of loss - 7 of Swords
Swashbuckler, war games, Martial Arts - 5 of wands
Work - 8 Pentacles
Aiming high, shooting at targets - 8 of wands

Traveling - Chariot , 8 Wands, 6 swords
Air Traveling – Hanged Man

Moving - 10 Wands
Starting a Garden or a Farm – 7 pentacles
Buying first house – 10 cups
Settling Down - 9 Pentacles, Chariot, Strength

Love - 2 Cups, Lovers
Heartbreak - 3 Swords, 5 Cups
Lies / Deception - 3 Swords, Moon, Tower

Health Concerns – 10 Swords
Rest and recuperation – 4 Swords
Car Accident – Chariot Rx

Before Marriage – Lovers
Marriage - 3 Cups, 2 Cups, 10 Cups, 4 wands, Justice, Chariot
Divorce - 8 Cups, Chariot crashing on the Tower
Post Divorce – Hermit (this is also between one relationship and another, the single period)
Before Second Marriage – Lovers
Second Marriage - Fool

Parenting - 3 Pentacles, Empress, Emperor
Cooling down a Family feud – Temperance

Drawing on your reserves for strength – 9 Wands
Contentment (usually after hard work or time) – 9 pentacles
Midlife Crisis - Fool Death
Time for a life Change - Death, XX Judgment, Tower
Choices – 7 cups, 2 pentacles, 2 swords
Fulfillment, Happiness – Sun, 9 cups

Acquiring Money - 2 pentacles, 3 Pentacles
Windfall, lottery win – Ace pentacles
Loosing Money - 5 Pentacles

Growing Old - Hierophant, Hermit, 10 Pentacles
"Return" - 10 Swords, 6 Cups

Please keep it up ! ;)

btw, the Fool was the one that appeared the most.. how ironic is that...



The Life moments & Cards thread was originally posted on 25 Jun 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.


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