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What is different mean between 9 cups and 10 cups?

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 17 Jun 2003, and now archived in the Forum Library.

longgong  17 Jun 2003 
Please let's me know.
I'm the beginner , in my opinion it the same meaning. 

HudsonGray  17 Jun 2003 
Different levels mostly, I think.

9 of Cups is the 'party hearty' card for a lot of people. It applies to individuals whereas the 10 is more for the family and future life. This is temporary. You're feeling good now, things are going great. But it's not indicating long term--the 9 is not the final end of the cycle as the 10 is. There's more to come and things COULD swing in the other direction for you. You've attained satisfaction & good times right now. It may not last, but enjoy it while it's here. Party on Dude!

10 of Cups is the end result, life is good with 'family', it's HOME, it's more along the line of something permanent, not temporary. You've established things around you that are long term, good, fulfilling and family oriented (emotions of the Heart come into play). Home is where the heart is.

THIS card is different from the 10 of Pentacles which also shows homelife, but with this one it's 'prosperity', the material goods that are being indicated. The family is there but the substance around them means more than what's in the heart (notice how none of the people look at each other in the Rider Waite deck). You have the home, the car, the 2.5 kids and the dog--you attained the end result & view it more in the way of possessions than in ways of the heart. Ie: you got your stuff! You won! 

Inana  18 Jun 2003 
Main difference to me is how many people is sharing the emotional fullfilment.
Nine of cups- Main theme here is satisfaction. The person is having a good time or achieving something he/she desires. Or simply feeling good and enjoying.
Ten of cups- Is the querent and their loved ones (friends, family) spending good times, living in a moment were they feel happy. People sharing their joy.
Never thought before about the duration aspects in those cards, Hudson. Thats interesting. 

Macavity  18 Jun 2003 
I quite like the notion of the nines and tens being attributes of the particular suite or element applied to the personal (for the nines) or more globally (for the tens). But I sense this might not work quite so well for every deck/suite combination? 'Twas ever thus... ;)


Sulis  18 Jun 2003 
I relate the nines to the Hermit, in the case of cups this would mean emotional completion or fulfilfment coming from within yourself.
The tens I relate to the Wheel of fortune, everything emotionally is going fine, you`ve reached the end of a particular phase or stage in say a relationship, it`s now ready to move on to the next stage.

Love and light

Crystalmynx xx 

Thirteen  19 Jun 2003 
You can sometimes think of 9's as the Material World and 10's as the Mental/Spiritual. Cups are about Happiness, joy, love (when positive). So:

9/Cups: is often called the "Wish" card--you get what you wish for. The image is usually that of an innkeeper welcoming you to a table of nine cups. It's like you walked into your favorite tavern, and a feast is waiting for you, and all your friends are there to toast you. It is, if you will, a MATERIAL outpouring of love, happiness, joy--focused on you.

Like when someone shows you they love you with physical affection, or by baking you a cake, or doing something really nice for you. This card says that lots of people will do lots of nice things for you, and make you feel happy and loved.

10/Cups is that feeling of "bliss"--It's that moment when you're sitting quietly with your family, and you know they love you, and you love them, and you feel SO HAPPY! More, you know that you make them feel happy, too. You are connected to all of them and they to you, united in spirit and mind. Complete. You couldn't be more content; everything is just the way it ought to be. Perfect bliss. 

The What is different mean between 9 cups and 10 cups? thread was originally posted on 17 Jun 2003 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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