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Card Combinations & Their Meanings

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 19 Mar 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

Jeanette  19 Mar 2004 
I got out my journal and found some notes I had copied from a book a while ago. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down which book I copied these notes from. However, it was all about card combinations and their meanings. I was wondering if anybody else saw these (or other personal observations) combinations as being powerful messages. The list is long, so I'll only post a few (unless anybody wants them all, just p.m. me). Some are fairly obvious, but some I don't get at all! For instance, some of the obvious ones are:
Ace Pentacles & 7 Pentacles - have patience and let the issue of the reading develop in a slow, proper manner.
8 Wands & Knight Swords - shows the need to get things together quickly.
King Swords & King Cups - both love to play the controlling ruler who withholds information.
2 Swords & 2 Pentacles - watching & waiting.
Moon & Sun - like an eclipse, the energy of these two planets struggle with each other as your experience of water and memory combines with your experience of fire and clarity.

And (to me) not so obvious:
5 Cups & Hierophant - the highest level of romantic love & friendship.
Page Swords & Ace Wands - you have a very powerful guardian angel who uses a club to wake you up and move you on to new experiences.
2 Pentacles & 3 Pentacles - to need to travel for completion of a project.

Any other thoughts on this? 

Lee  19 Mar 2004 
Personally, I feel that reading a book's meanings for specific combinations can be helpful just to get an idea of the kinds of possibilities a combination can offer, but in a reading, I think one really has to come up with meanings of combinations for oneself, based on the cards that come up and the context of the question and layout positions. Memorizing meanings for specific combinations sounds like an awful lot of work, since there are so many possible combinations.

Also, the interpretive methods used by the author to arrive at the meaning of a combination may not be compatabile with how you interpret the cards.

-- Lee 

Imagemaker  19 Mar 2004 
5 Cups & Hierophant - the highest level of romantic love & friendship.

I totally agree with Lee--another person's interpretations can be totally alien to my way of thinking. And this 5 Cups/Hierophant is an example. If I got that, depending on the question and other cards, I could see this pair as:

1. turning to tradition to help refocus one's attention away from momentary losses (major card taking precedence over minor event), or perhaps
2. being aware that the power of tradition/institution can be the cause of the grief of 5 Cups, as well as the benefits, and to beware of its actions.

I see nothing about romance or friendship in this combination. Now if it were the 2 of Cups and the World--then the interpretation could apply. 

Lionheart  19 Mar 2004 
I agree with Lee & Imagemaker,

I love to read anything I can get my hands on regarding Tarot Cards, I find this opens my mind and sometimes I get to see the cards in a different way, and again sometimes when reading other interpretations I can see it or I cant and sometimes I can see a card in a whole new light (not often but it has happened)

... " Oh yeah .. that makes sense now"

We are always learning and this is why I read what I can. 

Jeanette  19 Mar 2004 
Truth be told, I had ambivalent feelings about this list but copied it anyway out of curiosity and the thought that one day I would really take a long look at it and try and make the connections the author made. Some are apparent and some aren't (at least to me some aren't). Here's the whole thing ~

Card Combinations
Their Meanings

Ace of Pentacles and Seven of Pentacles: have patience and let the issue of the reading develop in a slow, proper manner.

Eight of Wands and Knight of Swords: shows the need to get things together quickly.

King of Swords and King of Cups: both love to play the controlling ruler who withholds information.

The Magician and the Devil: there is more than meets the eye in an atmosphere thick with peculiar occurrences.

Seven of Swords and King of Cups: shows entrepreneurship.

Six of Swords and Six of Wands: indicates a major breakthrough.

Two of Swords and Two of Pentacles: watching and waiting.

The Moon and the Sun: like an eclipse, the energy of these two planets struggle with each other as your experience of water and memory combines with your experience of fire and clarity.

Four of Wands and Hierophant: contentment on a very high level.

Nine of Cups and the Fool: happiness and emotional security that come as a surprise.

Three, Six and Nine of Pentacles: finally getting paid for work completed.

Eight of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles and the Magician: to practically apply the abilities over which you have gained mastery.

Five of Swords and Eight of Swords: feeling hung up and vulnerable about communicating with another person.

Ace of Wands and Three of Wands: says that you can handle what is happening.

Five of Cups and Hierophant: the highest level of romantic love and friendship.

Page of Swords and Ace of Wands: you have a very powerful guardian angel who uses a club to wake you up and move you on to new experiences.

Strength and Judgment: a strong decision based on correct and courageous behavior.

Ace of Pentacles and the Fool: things dropping out of nowhere.

High Priestess and Empress: connecting with the Goddess in yourself.

Two of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles: to need to travel for completion of a project.

Seven of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles: working diligently and patiently toward perfection of a talent or artwork and completely immersing yourself in this activity.

Five and Seven of Swords and Seven of Wands: fighting for your independence.

Two of Pentacles and Judgment: though nothing appears to be happening, major decisions are being made anyway.

Ace of Wands and King of Wands: exercising the right to be good or a good man who helps you get the ball rolling.

Five of Pentacles and Hierophant: leading a more spiritual life or adopting a charitable outlook.

Eight of Pentacles and Three of Cups: celebration over your ability, creativity, expertise and industry.

Ace of Cups and Wheel of Fortune: you are jubilant about a love affair and feel lucky and blessed to have found a wonderful person.

Two of Swords and Five of Cups: the tension that arises from not having a relationship, which only wastes your energy.

Justice, the Hanged Man and Judgment: tests and trials which help you define the purpose of your existence.

Death and the Moon: you are going through an overwhelmingly difficult time of change, purging and purification.

Page of Wands and King of Wands: you can expect total reliability through the male support system in your life.

Emperor and Hierophant: lots of heavy, influential male energy around you.

Seven of Pentacles and Seven of Wands: trying hard to be patient.

Eight of Pentacles and Nine of Wands: building up security.

Three of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles: others have recognized your skills and talents.

Ten of Cups and Knight of Cups: you sense that a certain relationship has the potential to grow into a deep, satisfying union but you are unsure of the other personís true intentions.

Eight of Cups and Hierophant: get back to spiritual devotion.

The Lovers and Seven of Swords: a romance ~ when, where and how you want it.

Nine of Swords and Strength: painful lessons that empower you.

Eight of Cups and Five of Wands: something captures you passionately, heart and soul.

Ace of Cups and Page of Cups: being gentle and nice.

King of Pentacles and Emperor: those who are concerned about your welfare and help you out unselfishly and practically.

Hanged Man and Star: being in the spotlight as a result of your beliefs.

Ace of Cups and Ace of Swords: open heart, open mind.

Two of Cups and Page of Swords: information coming to you that is loving and makes you happy.

Five of Cups and World: though you know youíre on the right path, you are overwhelmed by an emotional disappointment that leaves you unfulfilled.

Six of Pentacles and Three of Cups: sharing pleasure and your riches with others.

Hermit and Temperance: the need to spend time alone to work out the rough edges of your personality.

Lovers and Justice: working out a marriage agreement or breaking your vows or divorce; depending on the nature of the reading. 

Macavity  20 Mar 2004 
I've come across books like this and I suspect they can be useful - as examples? Something that intrigues me are the methods of cartomancy that DO go this route e.g. in the (Grimaud) Grande Eteilla type. Meanings for "card 27" in close proximity to "card 58" are indeed explicitely documented! I guess the only problem is that, having remembered these specific "meanings", the chance of any one coming up are fairly remote! :D

A more reasonable approach was in one book on the Marseille. It utilised only the traditional(?) "cross type" spreads with Major arcana only. Here it was possible to document 22 times 21 (400?) PAIR combinations in all possible states of reversal. Legitimate in my opinion - I'm not sure about remembering about 400 pages of text tho' :laugh:


Jeanette  20 Mar 2004 
Yes, to try and remember all of these combinations could be daunting. But it was an interesting approach and has made me be more aware of how one card can really play off another one, strengthen it's meaning or diminish the meaning. I guess this type of information would be most useful in a 2-card reading or interpreting the cross of the CC spread. 

Lee  20 Mar 2004 
You might consider the CC spread as a collection of two-card readings (the first and crossing card; the top and bottom card of the larger cross; the left and right of the larger cross; the bottom two cards of the staff; and the top two cards of the staff). You might also lay out two cards for each position (except the small cross) and read them as combinations.

-- Lee 

Jeanette  20 Mar 2004 
Lee, that is a very novel approach to the CC! It definitely will give me a new way of interpreting it - I just want to know why is it that I can't ever come up with something clever like that??? 

Lee  20 Mar 2004 
Well, I'm not that clever either. :) I first read about laying out two cards per position in Cynthia Giles' book "Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore." Breaking the CC up into two-card combinations is an idea discussed in the books "Spiritual Tarot" by Thompson et al., and Joan Bunning's "Learning the Tarot."

-- Lee 

allibee  20 Mar 2004 
Hi Jeanette

You might be interested in this thread I started a while back on pairs of cards:

Best wishes


Jeanette  20 Mar 2004 
Lee, I still wish I personally had thought of breaking up the CC into 2-card sections! And Allibee, I printed out that thread! Thanks everybody! :) 

casia  23 Mar 2004 
Jeanette, your post has been very useful, thanks. I can see the bigger picture of how to relate pairs or 3 cards better. Thanks again.... 

Imagemaker  24 Mar 2004 
It's also fascinating to use two decks and pair a card from each to see what comes to mind. I see this as an intuition training exercise, an imagination expander that encourages me to play without having the weight of a reading. 

The Card Combinations & Their Meanings thread was originally posted on 19 Mar 2004 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.


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