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Tapping Akashic Records with Tarot

Thread originally posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 10 Aug 2004, and now archived in the Forum Library.

NeXoRiouS  10 Aug 2004 
Previously I saw someone mentioning about Akashic records thus aroused my curiousity to find out what is it. Recently I searched the net and found out that it's the book of life.

Then I wonder, since tarot is tool for us to tap our energies, where does this energy go to? The divine? Our higher self? Do we retrieve the answers from Akashic or something else?

Since Akashic is the universe's super computer system, isn't it greatest library to go to? 

Alissa  10 Aug 2004 
Some people do use Tarot to access the akashic records. I have often felt like I tapped into the Universe's metapattern during an especially good, and/or informative reading, but that's only my personal feeling as a reader, and as a Hindu, that makes me feel that way.

To me, akasha and ether, as the fifth suit, are synonymous. So I definitely link the concepts together, even when looking at a deck.

I also believe there are many other ways to gain access to this same metaphysical place, including meditation and spiritual journeying, but sometimes Tarot can get me there quicker. That doesn't mean it's better though. A limited amount of information can be portrayed in cards, but much more can be conveyed to a meditating and open mind. 

NeXoRiouS  10 Aug 2004 
A picture speaks a thousand words. That's the beauty of tarot.

Wonder who uses tarot to access the akashic records here.

There are definitely alot ways for accessing this metaphysical place. Afterall tarot is a tool that often give ambiguous answers instead of direct and affirmative answers. I guess it would be interesting to use tarot as the answers that bounce back to us will instead become a question. 

firemaiden  18 Aug 2004 
If you want to tap the Akashic records you'll need a library card. Perhaps the tarot can help you get one... 

Rusty Neon  18 Aug 2004 
Originally posted by firemaiden
If you want to tap the Akashic records you'll need a library card. Perhaps the tarot can help you get one...

Tarot can give you library cards to access 78 different libraries. 

NeXoRiouS  19 Aug 2004 
Ah.... so different forms of divination are different library cards? 

Moongold  22 Aug 2004 
The akashic records are not catalogued in the usual way and the Tarot helps you get focused information. :D The Tarot in effect is your library card. 

Imagemaker  22 Aug 2004 
so different forms of divination are different library cards?

This makes so much sense to me! Runes, I Ching, tarot, crystal balls . . . to me they all, like Alissa said, open a door to the Bigger (Timeless, Egoless) Picture, or Akashic Records. 

kerri28  22 Aug 2004 
I actually think that all divination systems are like a "multirider" ticket to take you to a number of destinations. Tarot can take you to many different places it just depends on which bus you hope onto.LOL 

The Tapping Akashic Records with Tarot thread was originally posted on 10 Aug 2004 in the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived in the Forum Library. Read the active threads in Using Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads.

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