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Cold vs. Hot Laminates

I am utilizing the Xyron ( cold laminate process as well. It is a sheet of laminate with adhesive on it. It is applied to both sides of the paper using a rolling process. That way you don't have to worry about sealed edges and you get a fairly thin laminate surface. (Think really nice clear tape applied perfectly) They are still thicker than standard Tarot/Oracle cards, but significantly thinner than the 3 mil heat laminate pouches.

To solve the scissor dilemma , after laminating, I have a die cutter and a custom die that I had made by ellison ( to the specific size of cards I want . I have set up my files in Adobe InDesign to four cards per letter size sheet and have pins to perfectly align the cuts. I punch two 1/8th inch holes that are defined in the files and use the pins on the die face to align it in place. Then using the cutter I am able to cut several sheets at a time and the laminate looks great.

The whole thing is pretty slick though cost wise I am totally upside down. I will ultimately have to get a loan or an investor and utilize a commercial card printer to get it to a managable cost per unit if I want it to be profitable. But for now I am starting by offering limited edition artist sets (probably starting in March) and personal coaching and group classes on how to use the system, ultimately to help start the marketing moving forward.

With the print house I use to publish the 80 page book (LWB), the cardstock, ink, laminating & cutting, plus the packaging I will be using for the book and deck, I am into it around 11-13 dollars a deck or so. That doesn't even begin to recoup the time needed to print and assemble the decks, much less the years of writing, illustrating and designing...but then that part was all for love

Sorry to be long winded but I am happy to answer any questions you might have regarding any of this this.

Many Blissings to all,
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