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MAAT Study Group 8 of Wands

Playing a bit of catch up here...Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Card of the week Last quarter moon in Libra/8 of Wands

"The last quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of an acute awareness of ideals and high standards and implementation of these standards into daily life. Disappointment can occur if these standards are not met."

Eight of Wands

The image for the 8 of Wands is a young woman far from her homeland writing a letter. The painting behind her is 18th century classic painting called 'the letter'. This card represents the importance of communication, it represents all forms of communications and messages. In the modern era of instant communication this includes messages via email, cell phones, text messaging, fax, as well as messages from unconventional forms like dreams and non-verbal psychic communication. Whatever means the communication implies an important message. Many messages we receive contain important information while others contain false and misleading information with the intention to manipulate us into doing something someone else wants us to do. The Libra Moon prompts us to look within to help us decipher truth from propaganda, right from wrong action. Take the time to think before acting to read between the lines, to hear what is really being said. To act out of love rather than acting out of provocation.

This card may also represent the need to communicate, the need to send a message. Remember the old saying about making your words sweet in case you have to eat them later...

This card represents the hearts desire to share thoughts with loved ones, pledges of love, messages and correspondences of all types.

Traditionally the card of fast action and messages. This card can also include psychic messages and the skills required to communicate on all levels. You can expect an important communication when this card comes up.

For deeper understanding of the Libra moon check out the meanings of the Other Libra moon phase cards for consideration and comparing:
New-( Sept 21-Oct 22) 2 of Swords- the balance of live and death, traditionally a truce or stalemate

First Quarter- 9 of Coins-(June 21-July 22) The 3 fates/ Mother, Maid and Crone- The celebration of the turning of the wheel, the love between women, women working together on a cherished project.

Full - Princess of Cups-(March.21-April.22) The Bride. Virginal but committed she is on her way to unity with her hearts desire.

Justice- Full Moon Cycle of Libra-(March.21-April.22) Laws of all types, man-made as well as natural laws.
The greatest of all natural law is LOVE. This full moon cycle always contains the holidays of Easter and Passover. as well as Eostar (the Vernal Equinox). This is the month when the increasing light overtakes darkness.

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