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Step 3- Justice- DruidCraft


I don't know if these are emotions, but this is what I feel as I look at Justice. I see her sitting there on the bench, eyes and arms held steady. Everything about her is listening intently to what is being spoken...searching for the truth. The owl is listening with what feels like doubt, like scepticism. But on the right, the spider listens with compassion, showing with her web how all affects and belongs together


Over and over again these same people come to me with the same trials and tribulations. They want me to say their way is the only right way..or at least that it's the guy's fault. Sometimes it makes me very sad..
And I want soo bad for them to understand that they are here in front of me because of their OWN actions. That it is their previous actions that have shaped their condition, not the other guys'.
I want them to use my sword to cut away the stuff that makes them keep having to come back!
I listen very intently, and often call on my counterpart, The High Priestess, to help with my decisions. It's such a responsibility. I don't want to cut too deep..or to create chaos. Being Justice is like being the fulcrum on the scales. I must be totally neutral, leaning neither one way or the other. I want them to use the blue sky above me to see what it will be like to be honest with themselves.

Step 3-3

I've stood before Justice's bench many times before. It seems like we LIVE with Justice once our children are grown!
I watched a loved one die of lung cancer..from smoking for over 20 years. Same as me. Everyday day I watched this funny man who loved to dance wither away as his body consumed itself. Ironically..I did this in between cigarette breaks.
I did finally quit, but not for more than a year later. That was more than 10 yrs ago, but the want sometimes flashes. However Justice prevails.. Hh
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