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Red face ok..heres mine

Hi all,

This is what I use:

3 10

5......1/2......6........ 9
4 8

1/2 ...who you are and where you are in your life right now
3 ... your consious what your are thinking superficial
4 ... your subconsious..what is brewing deep inside
5 ... you past (what is affecting the issue)
6 ... your immediate future..(weeks)
7 ... your distant future (months)
8 .. how the people arond you will react and be affected by the upcoming changes
9 .. your guidance..PAY ATTENTION TO THIS CARD
10 .. your final outcome the overall theme setter

This spread always works well for long discussion readings (for me that's only about 45 min. tops..)

Blessings and thanks for the ideas

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