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I tweaked mine a couple of ways beyond the norm, before dropping it completely for the time being.

I don't use significators. Blech.

For some readings, I added 4 additional cards, as clarifiers, along the bottom of the spread, then the 4 up the side, to total 14 cards used.

Also, I often read cards 3 and 5 as karmic path cards -- what you came into this life to do, and what you can expect to attain if you achieve it.

I almost always read the "up the side" cards -- usually 7-10, but sometimes 11-14 -- as :

-- What others think about the situation
-- What you think about the situation
-- What the Cards think about the situation
-- Final word, or potential outcome

My purpose in switching the standard meanings for these 4 cards was to emphasize a progression from outer viewpoints (Others, Family) to inner viewpoints (Self, Cards).

But I never found a way to properly nail down what card 2 REALLY meant to me, so eventually I've kinda abandoned the spread. There are so so SO many others that I find more helpful.
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