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Part one of a reply to step nine

I'm trying to find a letter combination glitch that causes the AT server to block my messages to I'm posting my reply a piece at a time. Dave
We are asked to accomplish two tasks:
** Review our descriptions of our chosen card and ask three or more open ended questions, plus respond to those questions. Based on the question or the answer, whichever evokes an image, relate that image to the question.
** What do I need to look at in my life right now as suggested by metaphors, questions, responses, memories? What brings the greatest emotion?

The Fey Tarot; WORLD card. A giant snail sails through space carrying a small walled village upon it back or shell. A large pinkish-red dragon is perched upon a tower, its tail hanging to the ground. A small green Fey flies just above the dragon as if wanting to attack it.
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