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Part two of a reply for step Nine.

This is the second part of my reply.

In step TWO we had to put ourselves into the card's image. I started off that description saying, I am a large, pinkish-red dragon. I say large because I'm as big as the circular grey-stoned tower I'm sitting upon. This first simple statement evokes a lot of concern in me even though I haven't yet gotten into the full description.
** MY QUESTION: What do I think I'm doing here in this situation?
** MY ANSWER: I just don't fully understand this. This little world is too confining for me, there isn't enough room here for me. That little green Fey isn't worth thinking about other than being a nuisance.
** FEELINGS: Concern. Wanting to think about this.
** I RELATE THIS TO: My present lifestyle. I'm quite buy with raising the three grandkids. I've just finished up my classes for the local middle schools -- chess, chess and robots. I just tonight completed the edits on my astrology book. I've been busy painting the entire house and doing some construction work as well. I finished up a small project with the Boy Scouts, Our social life has been quite full, about four or five events a week. I feel like that dragon, too big for his world, not sure why he is in this time and place, needing to get to a more comfortable and fitting "dragon" place.
** MEMORY: This brings back the evening when I had just accepted a position to manage a defense plant making large machinery for the US Navy. It was way beyond anything I had done before. Talk about feeling inadequate! Was I totally out of my mind? Worry, self-doubt, excitement, the thrill of being fully challenged, a tornado whirl of feelings about how to cope with the range of skills and experience to be demanded of me. This is a rough parallel to what I was going through several weeks ago.

Let's see if this goes thru. Dave
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