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Star card in Tarot of Dreams

I was not " Getting " this step for the life of me so when all else fails I will just write stream of conscience

The star represents hope she is major arcana

Where has there been hope in your life?
When I was in a 28 day treatment program I was told alcoholism is a disease and i can live with out it my life has never been the same again

Where have I felt alone where you felt you had to “do it alone?"
When I as in boot camp in the Marines I seen many folk quit on them selves I knew I had to find my own inner power ( like the strength card) to get through

Where have I felt I had the world by my finger tips? This Friday when I received my 5 year coin for sobriety. I realized where I was and where I can go also when I went to "the secret" work shop based on the book I realized I can do many ,many things on my own I was not simply running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

The card is emotional and spiritual so i am not sure how to separate them for this question so I will ask it different.

What did I feel like after I realized i did in fact have hope when I thought I was in a hopeless situation

In my life now I just celebrated 5 years sober last week. Before this my life was a wreck and i thought i was going to die in a drug over dose or drink my self to death. after 5 years I am about to by a condo with my brother in the same place I was homeless ( new Brunswick NJ) I now have a car and driver's license and have been driving a year and tonight will be the first time i am going back to where i used at ( jersey city) to make a meeting.
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