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I wonder coredil, if you can help me to identify my two decks. They don't seem to quite fit any of your listings, but are close.

I'm thinking that DECK 05 is the closest fit for the following:

Copyright: GRIMAUD 1980
All cards have a copyright
French titles
Background color: white
Normal cardstock and lamination
Violet box with Le Monde on the front and Le Mat on the back
Cards: 63 mm x 120 mm
Deck thickness: 27 mm

The LWB says Copyright J. -M Simon 1977.
REF. 394 403

The two of Coins shows the words "1748 B P GRIMAUD ~ 1930"


My second deck is similar to DECK 02, but not quite the same:

Copyright: B P GRIMAUD
Copyright on major Arcane (except XVI La maison dieu, XVII La lune & XVIII Le soleil),
The pips have no copyright
French titles
Very thick cardstock
Background color: off white
Green box with a white Sun on the front and back
Cards: 65 mm x 123 mm
Deck thickness: 40 mm
No REF. on the box.

The LWB is a pale blue, only in French and says J. -M Simon 1969

Both decks have the same backs which is the same as DECK 02 in your scan but without the white frame!

Any ideas?

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