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Hello Moonbow,

I would say the first deck you describe is quite similar to deck 05 and to deck 06, the main difference being that deck 06 was an advertising deck for Readers Digest (hence the other cardback and no mention on the two of deniers)
The dimensions of the cards though are different.
The only deck I have with 63 x 120 is deck 12, a late edition with german and spanish titles.
Deck 05 came also with a LWB by J.M.Simon 1977

One consideration: measuring cards can be tricky depending on what ruler one uses.
But if the cards really are 63 x 120, then I would say it is another variation of this deck

About the second one:
I also have a copy that matches quite exactly your description.
Same Box, same LWB (though I tend to say light green for the color of the LWB, but the color is quite light)
I now am not sure why I did not include this one in the list.
Probably because I got it after I decided to stop this thread.

But indeed this older version is a variation on its own too.
Also it is not a very common one, so congratulations

In the meantime I could get some other decks:
I now have an uncomplete Arnoult-Grimaud (deck 17), unfortunately all the Majors are missing.
And as I mentioned 5 post earlier, I also could find a 1930 (?) edition with Tax Stamp, the pale color and the helicoidal pattern on the back.
I also could find a copy of the Facsimile edition of the 1930 edition by Dusserre.

What I one day will try is to date all these decks and make a kind of chronological list.
Also informations/scans of the boxes can be interesting though sometimes misleading.
For example I got the Arnoult-Grimaud (Tarot Italien) in a Early box of the 1930 edition of "Ancien Tarot de Marseille"
But I still do not have enough informations.
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