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Thank you coredil.

I've remeasured the first deck (with a different and more detailed ruler) and it is definitely 63 x 120. It came from a friend in Switzerland so I don't know if that is information which is relevent.

Some more information about the second of my decks...

The blue is lighter than in the other deck and the red is deeper (less orange-y). The skin tone, which is also used for the Bateleur's table, some stright swords etc, is much deeper too. I love this deck!

I agree the LWB could be green, and is more likely, (mine is a little yellowed with age).

I am always happy to see an addition to this thread and a chronological list would be wonderful, and suits my Capricorn mind very well too. Many thanks for this great resource and for helping me identify mine more accurately.

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