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The Balancing cards

It occurred to me yesterday morning before I even got out of bed that the next logical step in the Study of MAAT Tarot would be to post the balancing card for the card of the week/or month. I couldn't settle on what to call this card at first, whether it should be called the card's opposite or polar card. Then the term "balancing" came through... how very Ma'at.

With the onset of the Spring Equinox we have come to the halfway point in the year from when the deck began at the Autumnal Equinox(the Tower). What began as the month of the Emperor(full moon cycle of Aries) symbolizing our need for self focus due to the constraints of our mortality has now come into balance in the Justice card. The death of the green(man) has found justice and balance in his return.

Balancing Cards
Emperor(Sept.22- Oct 22.)-Justice(March 21-April 19)

Tower (Autumnal Equinox Sept.22)-Fool (Vernal Equinox March 21)
lighting strikes the tower-time of increasing darkness something unexpected forces us to rethink introspection turns into positive growth/we enter into the season of rest when the daylight hours decrease vs. falling off a cliff due to one's own ignorance, increasing light awarness comes from the journey outward.We return to the outside world as the day light hours increase overtaking the nighttime hours

Prince of Swords(Autumnal Equinox)-Prince of Cups(Vernal Equinox)
The villian/warrior vs. The hero/grail knight

Balancing moons of the same sign
2 of Swords(new moon in Libra)-Princess of Cups(full moon in Libra)
the balance of life and death- the wolf that serves to thin the herd. vs. the Bride on the way to her wedding/ symbols of Easter/Ostara and the rebirth of Earth's fertility. The new wife eager to produce her new husband's children.

3 of Swords-( first quarter moon in Capricorn)-4 of Cups(last quarter moon in Capricorn
Heartbreak from loss and heart break from the need to control others spiritually vs. the refusal of an offer/ staying true to yourself

King of Swords(full moon in Aries)-2 of Cups(new moon in Aries)
The maimed King/the Fisher King separated from the grail vs.marriage/partership joining with the grail

4 of Swords(last quarter moon in Cancer)-3 of Cups(first quarter moon in Cancer)
The Ice-man window to the past vs. the 3 fates progression of life, maid/mother and crone

Balancing moons of the same phase
2 of Swords(new moon in Libra)-2 of Cups (new moon in Aries)
balance of life and death, the wolf who cuts disease out of the herd- thinning, removing or separating vs.joining together/ creating partnerships, the joining of two lives to create something new.

3 of Swords(first quarter moon in Capricorn)-3 of Cups (first quarter moon in Cancer)
heartbreak and life's pain and the celebration of life's cycles

King of Swords(Full moon in Aries)-Princess of Cups( full moon in Libra)
the maimed King/thefisher king vs. the Bride carrying the grail

4 of Swords-( last quarter moon in Cancer)-4 of Cups(last quarter moon in Capricorn)
The Ice Man window into the Bronze who was undiscovered for 5,000 years age vs. Lancelot du lac who was discovered asleep by Morgana le Fey and the Four queens.

Your comments, thoughts and additional information welcome,
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