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More on balancing cards

Sravana writes "I don't see these two as opposing, in the general sense. Because of their placement on the wheel, yes - but unless I see the emperor as ruling beyond the law (think the current president and his lack of respect for national and international law), I don't really see it in the usual interpretations of Emperor and Justice."

Hi Julie from TX, thanks for the dialog!
...Maybe not opposing as much as balancing The Emperor representing human laws or the law interpreted by humans and Justice as the universal laws with a bigger scope and more information.

Sravana writes:
"If I think about this one really hard, I can see how the Tower and the Fool could be balance cards. Though I would think of the Fool rather being balanced by Temperance, and the Tower by the same.

Now there's an interesting thought! So they do balance...
Very easy to see this one - though when I see the Prince of Cups, he tends to look like someone who's completely emotionally armored. "

...and the Prince of Swords is emotionally in your face showing no restaint whatsoever.

Talk soon when you have time,
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