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The Robin's deck he sure is a good-looking guy, eh? And I love the twinkle in his eyes. Here's a man with loads of charm, wit and a supreme sense of humor. Couple that with being a man who's willing to share his expertise on ALL things magickal and that's someone I wouldn't mind spending time with.

In some decks I've seen, the Magician seems unapproachable. Not so in Robin's deck. Full of mystery...yes. But mysteries that can be attainable.

I like that Robin's key word for this card is "creativity." This is not stagnant information that the Magician is willing to teach, but information that bursts with life in all its possibilities. He has a handle on the four elements, the conscious and the unconscious mind and understands the "now" as well as the past and future.
Wow! Very powerful!! Makes me want to jump off my chair and DO SOMETHING positive and life-changing RIGHT NOW!
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