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Study to discover 'Points of Reference'

I have always been curious about how specific tarot might be. Take time; minutes, days, months or location; town/city names, address, longitude/latitude, etc. I'm sure that there is more to add to that.

Ever have one of those 'when will I meet my true love and what is his name?' sort of questions?

I'm wanting to look into to this deeper, but to do so with just myself would be silly, for my thoughts would only 'produce' so much, where as other minds would see other things, and from a different perspective as well. Plus the study could take forever!
So I'm purposing a study group that will search out the many ways that Tarot could possibly express things such as Dates, Addresses, Names. Maybe not quite that specific to start, but begin with some experimentation & exploration, who knows what can be discovered.

I have picked up on a specific time in a reading only once that I can recall. And that was by 'accident.' The question asked had nothing to do at all about when or where, but from all the cards together (and some intuition) I pegged who, what, and when. BUT, this was a past event. My thoughts on that is that it is easier to pick up on what has been more so that what will be, after all, there is free will, BUT.....heehee, always a but with me. With that, I realize that there are not many absolutes with how tarot can convey these things and we will probably never find a constant formula, but it could be fun to try.

More on the subject-
I once had a book, I did not like it so I gave it away. In this book it had references to the suits and which meant weeks, which meant days and so forth. It also had things like- two twos meant four weeks...or something like that. Because this sort of defined permanence of meaning was a little confusing and to 'strict' for my style, I payed little attention. Now I wish I had the book so I could reference what this author felt about timing, not to look at it for answers, but as some sort of starting point or for comparison to what might unfold though study.

Anyone want to investigate this with me?
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