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I have a "time" book

Luna, I have a book, "Time Tarot" by Alarnah Tobin-Gray and Lyle Wentworth, first published in Australia in 2002 by Simon & Shuster.

The book makes reference to the Time Tarot deck and Rider-Waite deck and gives the match-up list between the two. The Time Tarot includes five additional cards; Power, Gypsy, Meditation, Infinity, and Amethyst Rose. These cards don't seem to have any impact on the "time" of events or developments.

All of the other cards relate to periods of time; seasonal, monthly and groups of days. This general approach seems similar to other such systems.

A number of examples are given at the back of the book. If you like, I'll try to follow this thread and contribute inputs based on the book. Dave
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