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getting some of the 'obvious' out of the way....

Franniee and Dadsnook, sweet

I'm hoping more will get involved. I think if we could do a few draws for a few people, for some sort of short term issue, we can pick apart the reading and make our 'guesses'. But more on that later.

Dadsnook has mentioned some of the 'obvious' that I planned on getting to in this post.

In regards to time
The Seasons
We all have our slight variations of the suits, elements, associations and so forth
For me, I see Winter in Pentacles; Spring in Wands; Summer in Cups & Fall in Swords.

Then we have the 'Months'
To me these are astrology based. Using the Majors and their sign associations. Take it deeper and the planets and their ruler-ship could be used here as well.

What about Days?
Sunday is [duh] Sun-day, Monday is Moon-day, Tuesday is Mars/Aires, Wednesday is Mercury, Gemini & Virgo, Thursday is Jupiter/Sagittarius, Friday is Venus, Taurus & Libra and Saturday is Saturn/Capricorn.

This can be used to 'formulate' timing, but also the reading can have a less 'absolute' expressions of time, this is what I want to really pick apart.

Anyone else with obvious associations? (dinner calls or I'd take more time)
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