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Originally Posted by lunalafey
I see Winter in Pentacles; Spring in Wands; Summer in Cups & Fall in Swords.
YUP I agree - and within the seasons - the knights are the beginning, queens middle and kings the end.

pents & swords together are late fall/earlywinter
pents & Wands late spring/early summer
wands & cups late spring/summer

then if there is a 3 and 8 of wands, for example, I would figure that to be in the next 3-8 months - but it could be days as well - that's where I get messed up.

Also with the suits I was taught that Ace is Jan, 2's feb and so on 10's october - I would think the knight would be november and the king december - but really I've never used this method before. I usually just look at the suits and common suited cards and make a stab at that....
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