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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FIFTEEN

As we undertake step FIFTEEN in Mary Greer's book, 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card, we should note that forty one participants have joined up. Many of these have recently joined our study group. As they move through their early steps many of those who are further along have taken the time to review their posts and to encourage them along the path. This is deeply appreciated by myself as well as by those who are playing catch up.

Again, we are proceeding at the rate of one step every eight days or so. I would expect that we might take a brief break during the summer vacation period (northern hemisphere) and then move on to starting all over at the ADEPT level. The ADEPT level requires more work but by that time we should be as prepared and as enthused for that challenge as we can be. Meanwhile, all of those who have recently started will have time to catch up with the main group.


Dialogs. Mary offers an extensive review of how we conduct, as well imagine conducting, conversations with others. Sometimes its a one-way channel, other times we respond to ourselves in the voice and manner of the other person. I see this as "role playing", something we might do before we ask the boss for a raise, before we seek a favor from a friend, even before asking a spouse about something we like and they don't like.

Mary notes that the "personification" of tarot card figures (Major Arcana) can lead to a better understanding of the "whole" situation surrounding the issue of concern. She uses the Hanged Man as an example of how a dialog with a querent might proceed. Our task in this step is to conduct a dialog with our chosen card -- what are the figures doing?, -- what do they want? -- what can they teach you? She goes on to expand the dialog; Ask the objects about how they are used? -- how they can help you? -- what they represent in your life?

Obviously, even at this Apprentice level, we are being prepared to be able to use all the tools required be comfortable with our cards in a reading. I can see that this whole process should leave us in a position where we will not have "readers block" relative to what a card means. Being an "assured" reader will help us, our clients, and the public's view of tarot readers. Have fun. Dave
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