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Step 15

Using RWS 5 of Swords I asked questions to the 3 men and their swords. Also included parts of their responses that caught my eye in a free flowing form. Hope this is ok.

The biggest figure I called Red…

Q: what are you doing Red?
A: I am defending my family’s honor.
Q: and in what manner would you do this?
A: by force, in words, or lack of words.
Q: how does this make you feel?
A: powerful.
Q: did you feel empowered before this conflict?
A: yes, but they (the other two smaller figures) did not believe me, so had to prove worth.
Q: were you effective?
A: at first, I thought so, now, not so sure.
Q: what will you do next?
A: enjoy what little peace I have, for it’s sure to grow.

Real life: I think this is myself as I instigated the conflict. Tried to be direct in expressing myself, but still unsure of how to go about it, so fudged a bit on the follow through. I wanted her to understand my hurt, but refrained from stating what I thought SHE did wrong. In the past I have been quick to tell others what I thought they had done wrong, or failed to do. Now I refuse to state anything of the sort, it seems to cause MORE conflict, resolving nothing. More importantly, I lose my sense of peace.

The actual lines said by Red…
“Just set things straight…trying…strange coincidence…nobody’s gonna stop it…disrespect…there comes a time when enough is enough…I’m gonna blow…I was never heard…never got it…they heard me good-now…you’ve got to make yourself respected-sometime…catch ‘em when they least expect it…wham!…right is right.”

The middle figure I called Yellowman…

Q: what do you see?
A: a vanishing world.
Q: how so?
A: I thought I knew my world, but it was an illusion.
Q: where will you go from here?
A: to the water, to watch the current as it rushes along.
Q: how does that make you feel?
A: it gives me solace to watch it go by.

Real life: Don’t think will ever say just what I think of her, I do not wish to tell people what it is they are failing to do. Been there, done that…I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore. Am more interested in trusting my own intuition in all of this, “testing the waters” out, as it were.

Actual lines said by Yellowman…
“You’re too late…listen, I was just trying to get his attention…never really knew him, after all…by the water…you’ll never know unless you give it a try.”

The smallest figure I called “Murphy”…

Q: are you ok?
A: what do you care, stay away.
Q: won’t you let me help you?
A: I can do it myself.
Q: how is your mouth?
A: hurts, still bleeding.
Q: what happened?
A: he swiped me, never saw it coming, cheap shot.
Q: will you forgive?
A: perhaps, but won’t forget

Real life: Lots of hurt, feel defeated, looking to the intuition/emotions for quenching, respite, direction.

Actual lines said by the smallest figure I called “Murphy”…
“Get away from me!…Keep your distance!…How do you know my name?…lay your armor down…that’s how he won…didn’t believe…he fought them clear away…That’s when I dropped my sword…just shocked…help me get to the water…gathering some water by the river.”

All swords belonging to Red, Yellowman, Murphy, and the additional swords won by Red in a previous conflict with the Barkley twins…

Q: what is your purpose?
A: to tell the truth
Q: how does this help matters?
A: it’s a good line of defense
Q: is truth appreciated by your owners (masters)?
A: hardly, that’s why we’re here
Q: do you speak often?
A: only when asked.
Q: anything of value that you have learned?
A: you ask too many question, that’s not good.
Q: how so?
A: one needs to have faith first, to win, and questions have doubts, will lose.
Q: who do you think won then?
A: at first, no one, but much later, all.

Real life: A part of me feels as if I have no control over this circumstance and how it unfolded. I know this card is not a major arcana, but that’s how I feel about it. So I continue to place my faith in its unfolding process, as well as my own intuition, wishing only to respond when needed and avoid reacting.

The actual lines from all of the swords…
“ …only speaks truth…we were taken from our masters by force…mocked, humiliated, insulted…skillfully…brought to display…he had lied about the win…relinquished…cowardice…he lashed out, no honor…in surprise attack…especially to one you had called friend…since his childhood…heart reached such heights…exchanged…no faith…taken away instead in careless words…do you doubt me…an anger so deep & still, awoke…no longer a direction to turn away…defend."

I had many pages of dialog, so tried to grab only those things that caught my eye, and thought important.
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