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Dave overhears the Fool talking to a Jack-O-Lantern

The FOOL from the Fey Tarot wears a tunic of green in the front, blue in the back, all covered with rings and keys. Upon his head he has a large but plain crown of gold with a key-hole in the middle. His face is astonished as he picks up and gazes upon, of all things, a glowing Jack-O-Lantern (a pumpkin with a face carved in it, a lighted candle inside). At this precise moment of discovery and picking up this anomaly on his journey, we overhear him.

"What can this wondrous thing be? Did someone leave it hear?" The Jack-O-Lantern was quiet; it just glowed. "How warm you are to touch, how pleasant your light! Do you have a name?" The Jack-O-Lantern was quiet; it just glowed.

The Fool looked at this grand thing in his hands. Did it belong to someone? Was it his for the finding? What would he do with it? It was just so great, but so confusing. He considered leaving it beside the path. He actually put it down and got up to leave, but something held him there. He couldn't walk away. He had walked away from something warm and wonderful before -- was it just yesterday. He couldn't remember, something was very foggy in his head. All he could remember clearly was walking on a path all this long day, the "something else" that he couldn't quite grasp was something he had but had no longer. But, he had this. This, whatever it was.

"What are you." An almost desperate whisper. A whisper echoed back, "I am a uniqueness." "What," the Fool replied. The Jack-O-Lantern was quiet; it just glowed. "What did you just say." Quietness. Had this thing whispered back to him? What was a 'Uniqueness?' The Fool knew that it meant something different. But it wasn't a name. He had found it. Did it mean that there were no more to find? What was this thing?

He stuck a key into an eye and wiggled it. He tried the nose. The Key was too small. He stuck a bigger one in the nose hole. "That's the wrong place" came a whisper -- or was it a thought? Well, which place was the the right place? "I need to know which place is the right place" he yelled at the pumpkin that was more than just a pumpkin. Why was it more than a pumpkin? Where was the Key to go? Was the pumpkin a 'uniqueness' because it was more than a pumpkin?

The Fool never did find where to put the Key that night. But he did find a key and it unlocked an answer. A uniqueness is when something is more than it is. A uniqueness is a surprise to others. It can be a surprise to itself. This is what became clearer to the Fool in the hours that followed his discovery, I'm sure. In this sense, he did find the Key and what it opened. I'm sure that he left his discovery there. After all, it was unique but it was not necessary or even useful. Even a Fool should discover that. But, what would bring him to be a uniqueness? What discovery lay ahead of him. This was the start of his greatest self-gift, curiosity.

This is what I imagine when I contemplate this Fool card. Delight, frustration, questioning, discovery, realization, curiosity. The Fool starts fresh from a sense of nothingness. The only thing that can lead him on, and help become something, anything, is curiosity. This is what I imagine is the essence of the Fool's journey, curious footsteps, one after another, a pause here and there, but always a curious delight with every step.
Dave --edited to add a wood carving photo of the Fey Fool.
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