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Well said and I think the dark truth has been ignored and swept under the rug.

The reason the female IS so dangerous is because Life comes from her. And not only can her body harbor and grow life after life comes from her, her body can feed her offspring. All life is born from woman. And all eggs start as female and it is the genes that tell our bodies to stay female or develope into a male. The reality of woman is contradictory to the male creation mythos and this is what the patriarchal church found dangerous. So now our eyes are averted from gazing at female nipples even though their construction is not that different from male nipples, except for their usefulness.

All the hatred comes from fear, fear of losing control/power.Fear that woman has too much power. But a woman's brain is wired for relationship and to sustain relationship. The problem with these old patriarchs was that they really had "womb envy". The penis envy thing is really a myth. The womb is where all the magic is...its where everybody wants to be. ;-)
and this IS how it is supposed to be.
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