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Originally Posted by franniee
also I was thinking of this this morning on my way to work....4 of wands is May to me - dancing around the may pole
I don't have a RW deck, so I'm just guessing that is the deck you are talking about?

We had only one taker, who wishes to be nameless, for the long term 'prediction'. So I guess we can take a look at that for starters.
The question posed "when a suitable part time job will open up"
I pulled four cards with no positional meaning & no reversed cards in the deck.


1-King of Swords 2- XII Hanged Man
3-the Lovers 4- 4 of Swords

Have fun with this throw, any deck or as many decks and you like. Or throw your own.

Maybe someone will come up with something else, or maybe someone who has an 'appointment' that we can use.
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